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Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 9th 2018

Our front porch chair this year!  This is how my friend can tell where my house is!

There are more uses for canes than just walking.  Comes in handy for pushing my tomato plants around to get more sun!

My new planter is good for flowers I think but probably not the best for veggies!  Some are doing okay.

My strawberry plants are large and green but my berries small and some are a little brown like this and not good.  I cut off all the runners and put some mulch around them to hold the berries off the soil as it was sticking to the berries.  Does anyone know why a few of them got brown like this and what to do for it?  I just planted them last year and cut the flowers off all summer.

Can you see these snow peas?  They are doing well growing up the strings in my protective raised bed.  I planted more but they have not come up yet.  Love them in my salads.

   My second planting of beans are blossoming.  My first planting is not.  I have beaten the sunscald though by covering them with muslin.  I think they will start to blossom soon!

Is this pot of basil too full?  Should I thin it out?

This is the pot of Heirloom Yellow pole beans.  They are doing well.  I have a couple more planted in the edge of the protective bed and they are growing but the leaves are a little yellow?  Wondering if too much sun or too much water or both??

Three zucchini in this pot.  Looks like four but I took the one out.  Is three too many.  Should I take another out?  Opinions please!

I like swiss chard when the leaves are small in my salads.  Better get eating this I guess!

All of my carrot seed someone gave me did not come up but some did!  What is that other plant that came up?  Could that be a nasturtium????  Or what is it????

This is the plant I chose to replace the Asiatic Lily that Coco ate one of them to the ground.  There were three together.  The lily now lives in my grandson and grand-daughter-in-law's yard!

A few of my small strawberries.  They taste really good though!!  That brings you up to date on some of my courtyard.  Thank you for visiting and double thank you if you leave a comment!  Off to nap now!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Courtyard Garden May 24,2018

Most of my courtyard garden survived the winter.  This is the path to the arbor.  Now it has to survive the summer with Coco!

The path through the courtyard from one end to the other is filling in nicely.

There were three of these Asiatic Lilies that came back but see that little nubbin in the front of one of them?  Yep!  Coco ate it to the ground so we dug it up and planted something else there because once she had eaten one she would be back for the other two.

This is a new planter I am trying out this year that I bought from Aldi's.

This raised bed on legs of strawberries survived the winter quite well.  I do think it is a good thing that we wrapped plastic around the bottom before winter to keep the roots from freezing.

I tied some string to this frame that held up the protective cover and the sugar peas are doing well growing up it.  Those are green onions in the front of them. 

Provider Beans and Parsley.

My beans were doing so well and then they get this.  They shrivel up and die.  I had the same problem last year but this is in a different bed.  Can anyone tell me what the problem is and what to do?  I tried Neem but it didn't help.  Poor Coco!  I won't be able to grow beans for her!  If I can't grow green beans maybe I will try corn next year!  I have seen it grown in those plastic totes!

These are the yard long beans i started in the house.  They weren't doing well so I set them out and they did worse!  I don't know if they will make it or not but planted another one behind it and one on the side.  That is a Hollyhock beside it on the ground.  Came back from last year and hoping it will bloom this year!

My Mother's Day hanging asparagus and the potting bench showing is full of pots with things planted in them.

This pretty pot held a Clematis we bought and planted.  It had the stick stapled or nailed in so I planted a couple climbing yellow beans.  It is older seed but Heirloom seed so I am hoping it will grow so that I can try and save the seeds.  Maybe I will be more successful growing yellow beans instead of green beans do you 
think?  It sits on top of the potting bench with the other pots safe from Coco!

These pots are set on the ground in front of the potting bench.  I don't know if they will have to be moved higher from Coco.  I know she doesn't like lettuce!

"Wonderful Gardener" painted this chair to match my other things so I could get my pepper plant up a little higher from Coco.  Another Pepper plant on the right and flowers on the left.

Two of my caged tomato plants!  There are two more on the front porch.  I have two red cherry tomatoes that Chris sent me the seeds for.  One Sungold I bought and one Rutger I bought.

A pot of lettuce I have been eating from.  I think it is Red Sails Lettuce and I bought the seed from MIgardener.

My beautiful Iris that I bought last year.  Hoping it will multiply so that I have a nice little patch there.

The climbing rose came back and also the knock out one we planted but the one under the arbor did not make it.  I don't think it got enough water in the winter or light.

My lemon balm came back under the arbor.  Because this is not ideal growing conditions I am hoping to keep it under control!

I have enticed a few birds into my yard.  The right one is for goldfinches and they have been there a few times.  The one on the left a few sparrows have visited and a cardinal has visited and checked out our yard! We have houses behind us and a long path coming into the courtyard so wasn't sure if any would find us.  I have a hummingbird feeder not up.  I wonder if they could find me.

The Clematis we recently planted.  Bachelor buttons planted from seed in the box.  Raspberry bushes on the right.

My favorite place to sit under the porch to view my little bit of Paradise!!

Our great granddaughter Nora, must be making something quite spicey for lunch!  Wish I could sit like that!!

Poor Coco.  Nora has not learned how to pet dogs yet and clunked her on the head before I could stop her.  Now she is not only jealous of the attention we give Nora but now afraid of her and hiding behind me on the left!

A small harvest but it is a start!

My beautiful two-colored rose that "wonderful gardener" brought me.  I just love the two colors together.  I am tired of posting and you are probably tired of reading so will be off to take my nap!  Have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 3, 2018

These are the small cherry type tomatoes grown from the seeds that Chris sent me.  Still living!  Now if I can get them hardened off without killing them!

More gluten free muffins made from a gluten free mix.  I added blueberries and nuts this time.

It is the time of year when us gardeners can't resist buying new plants!  This is a lily that says it will bloom all summer!

Went through my cupboards and got rid of things that had wheat in them.  All this except 3 Amy's organic gluten free soups were given away.   Still reading labels and learning.

Gluten free biscuits that were not made from a mix.  The texture is somewhat different than your regular biscuits.

I have been wanting a snake plant for quite awhile.  They can grow in shady areas and not much care.  I think they help clean the air in the house too.

Not perfect but I finished a case for Gracie's Ipod.  I didn't have a pattern and it gave me grey hairs so hoping it fits!

Can you see those two things on the left and the green on the right?  Beans and cukes starting to pop through!

Sugar peas, few radishes that don't look good and a bit of spinach.

Green onions doing well.

Parsley I bought and planted.  Have a lovely week and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16th 2018


Isn't this a fine kettle of fish!!!!!  April 16th and it is cold and snowy!  I covered my strawberries last night and they will be covered for a couple more nights!

My poor Morning Glory seeds that I started.  Reaching for light!  The tomatoes I posted last week are doing fine as I move them from window to window but the yard long beans not doing as well.  They need more light and can't move them very easily as I planted them in a larger pot.  Hopefully spring will decide to come and stay soon!

Made up a batch of barbecue chicken.  Like to have easy things made ahead to warm.

And another batch of gluten free pancakes for myself!

Sweet Great Granddaughter Nora has a birthday this week.  I bought this doll and made up a little doll blanket.  My Mom sewed flannel quilt squares together and I have kept them all this time.  So used some for the top of the blanket.  I guess you could say the top was made by Nora's Great-great Grandma McKee!

Just waiting to be wrapped!

Another visit from Nora!  I am glad that we live close enough that we can be a part of her life.  Also thankful our daughter takes time to bring her over often!  We are blessed!

Playing peek-a-boo under our new glider that goes outside.  What a job putting it together but "wonderful gardener" got it done!  Of course I helped!  Hehe

Much easier for Nora then me!  Stay warm and have a great week!  Thank you if you leave a comment to let me know you visited.