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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Oct. 3rd

I did get the apple donuts made up for "Wonderful Gardener"!  In fact I made two batches!  As you can see they are not donuts but more like apple muffins rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  He is really enjoying them!

It is so nice to still be picking a few strawberries for our morning oatmeal!  Won't be long now and the winter weather will be here!  Ugh!

We keep finding these tiny greenish balls all over our house.  They seem to appear out of nowhere!  Are they spider eggs or does anyone know what they are???????

We got our lumpy applesauce all done so dehydrated a few apple slices out of some left over apples.

Made up three batches of freezer coleslaw.  Here are just three of the containers.  Not sure if I will do another batch or not.

Does anyone else do this?  These are bread bags rolled onto an empty cardboard paper towel holder.  I use them to double bag my bread I buy for the freezer and also to put my cooked hamburg in.  Then I put the cooked hamburg in the bread bag inside a ziploc bag and pop into the freezer.  That way it keeps my ziploc bag nice and clean to reuse and I then throw the used bread bag away after freezing the hamburg.  I call myself thrifty!  Some other people may call me something else!  LOL

I made up my all natural lotion bars yesterday.  I am waiting for them to finish hardening so that I can pop them out of the container.  They are all natural made out of shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax.  Just rub them on your skin.  Not much going on in my garden right now.  Hope you have a wonderful rest of week!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Too Hot!

In my enthusiasm one day we bought a bushel and a half of apples.  Guess you know what that means!

We canned 21 pints of thick lumpy applesauce.  It is more work the way we do it as we don't put it through a sieve but we love it done this way.  Also put some in the freezer and made up three 8x8 pans of gluten free apple crisp and put in the freezer ready to pop in the oven!  Have a few apples left.  Maybe I will make "wonderful gardener" some apple donuts that he likes!  I don't know where to store my canned goods in this house so for now they are sitting on the cupboard!

"Wonderful Gardener" brought me this beautiful rose!  Do you think I should make the apple donuts for him??!!

Yummy cut up on our oatmeal!  We are still harvesting a few strawberries from our raised bed.  Looking forward to lots for next spring!

The Morning Glories seem to be enjoying the 90 plus degree weather!  Me not so much!!!!!

I found the directions for making this cute gift card holder on Pinterest to place a gift card in.  I should have taken a picture of the inside!

Our darling sweet great granddaughter Nora came for a visit today.  She didn't look too excited about having a conversation with us!  Happy you could visit!  Enjoy Autumn!  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Time flies but I don't

We got to meet our newest granddaughter last night!  This is Cici and our grandson Ryan!  We are so lucky to have two new granddaughters and a great granddaughter join our family lately!  Cici and Ryan brought us two beautiful paper-cut pictures from China.  

Here is a better view of the pictures.  The one on the left stands for happiness and the one on the right stands for long life.  Aren't they pretty!

I am picking a few strawberries often from my little 4x4 raised bed I planted in the spring.  I am finding I really like them sliced on my morning oatmeal!  As does my husband!

This is what's left of a pea I planted!

I think this black worm with the stripes is the culprit that ate my peas!  What is this critter anyways and how did it get there??!!??
I  have a raised bed on legs and used organic soil!

I planted more kale in another raised bed so if nothing eats it I will maybe be able to harvest some!

And this is my poor shredded Rose bush.  The insects are sure trying to discourage me from gardening!

This is the path going down the courtyard garden so there is a little beauty the insects have left for me to enjoy!

I did not harvest a lot from my yard long bean plant in the five gallon pot but was thrilled to be able to dry one of the beans and save these six to try again next year!

I made up some of my instant oatmeal.  It is easy to make and saves a lot of money!

I ran off or maybe hubby did it for me these pretty recipe cards.  The waste on the top had a cute picture so I cut it off and made gift tags!

After a few times ripping this out and starting again I finally got this fold over pot holder crocheted.  Not I just have to try to stitch up the middle! I have a couple old ones of this type and love them.

I bought a gluten free pizza crust mix from Aldi's and made it up.  Put on my own toppings and it turned out pretty good!  Score another one for my gluten free journey!

Did any of you listen to the free podcasts of the Basic Living Summit?  A lot of it did not apply to me with my courtyard attempts at gardening but I did pick up a few tidbits.  One of the speakers inspired me to go out and cut more herbs to dry!  Time flies and I don't but this is the good along with the bad happening here lately!  Hope you enjoyed your visit!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Last of August

Now this cucumber starts to grow after not having success with them all summer!

I don't usually have much success trying to grow radishes in the fall time but thought I would try once again!  If you are successful what is your secret????

Picking a few strawberries but they are kind of sour.  What is the problem??  Guess I need to go to google!

We took a trip to Pt. Huron, MI where we use to live for a family reunion and stopped to see my brother.

I think this is a grasshopper.  I would say it is not a good bug to be in my garden!!

These are lemon cucumbers. I wasn't sure when to pick them.  Because of limited space I don't think I will grow them next year.  Have to pick and choose.

We received this Cactus Candy from a friend.  We think it tastes like the "chuckles" candy.

I made these yucky gluten free biscuits.  Having to eat gluten free is not fun but there are much worse things in life so I need to be thankful!

This is our adorable great-granddaughter Nora with her first piano!!   I played piano duets with a friend today and so enjoyed it.  I hope she grows up to love the piano as much as I and her Grandma does!  Seems strange to call our daughter Grandma!!

I bought one pot of Rudbeckia and we got it planted today.  It should spread and help fill in.

Mums were on sale so bought two pots, one yellow and one burgundy.   This one is still in the original container but got them both planted in the pots today.

Picked a few raspberries.  Might have gotten more if Coco had not knocked this clump of unripe ones off.

Now tell me, who could stay mad at this sweet innocent face!  

I found this nice basket at the thrift store although I was looking for something else I didn't find!  My yarn for my knitting and crochet projects are resting in it now!  Time to relax!  Have a wonderful rest of the night!  See you next time!  Nancy

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 16th

I have some very organized friends that love to organize.  That is not one of my skills!!  I love putting things in jars and found these pretty labels on the Strangers and Pilgrims blog.  "Wonderful Gardener" made them up for me and now I have the jars on the floor of my pantry looking so nice and easy to find.

Here you can see a close up of one.

Two more beautiful peppers from my one pepper plant.  There are two more small ones and that is it for this year.  

My friend and I are getting together to play piano duets.  We are having so much fun doing this!

I dug out a little raspberry runner from around my bushes and planted it in this pail.  Hoping it will grow!

Our friends went out of town and said we could pick from their garden.  This is what we were blessed to come home with!

Here is "Wonderful Gardener" helping me make tomato juice from some of those tomatoes sputtering all the time saying he would just buy his tomato juice and there must be an easier way to do this!!

Our granddaughter from VA is in town for the week so we are enjoying her.  I had bought quite a bit of organic white flour before I found out I had to go gluten free so ask her if she would make up chocolate chip cookies for her Papa.  They turned out really well except for the last pan I forgot and left in the oven a little too long!!  Oops!  They weren't burnt but just a little too brown!

We are enjoying our great granddaughter Nora!

What a sweetheart little Nora is!!

Our Gracie is growing up so fast!  She can't wait to be old enough to babysit!!  Would you please leave a comment so I will know that you have visited and have a great rest of the week!