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Monday, February 20, 2017

Am I Crazy??

Am I crazy!  I am sure my neighbors will think so!  This is my new cold frame!  8 foot long and 2 foot wide!

This is the cover for it.  I didn't realize it would be so big!  This is what you call "organic therapy" for me!  It is sitting in the garage until we get it put on.

We attended Cali's first grade grandparent's day.  The years are flying by and our youngest grandchild is growing up.  Shhhhhh!  There will soon be a great-granddaughter!!  Can't wait!

Sue is doing the decorations for the baby shower.  Here she is working hard creating.  They will be awesome!

I transplanted my Christmas cactus into a larger pot.  Looking forward to next Christmas when it blooms again! (hopefully)

Coco has settled into her new home quite well.  I thought it was time for some Coco pictures!

Coco  is always hoping for something to eat!  I am just about out of the green beans from the freezer for her breakfast!  Thanks for visiting and take time to soak up this sunshine while it lasts!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  I made two of these table runners and almost didn't even get one of them out in time for Valentine's Day!!!

And a beautiful light pink rose from my special Valentine!  I bet you wish you had a special Valentine!  Or maybe you do!

Here we are years ago before we had even met!  We met after we both graduated from high school.

I received this envelope in the mail.  Isn't this the cutest!  I love receiving something in the mailbox but this was so nice I had to share it.

The envelope contained these items.  A beautiful pink heart! (Bet you didn't know I love pink and I really like hearts)  And some tags she had made to put with home made gifts that I will make.  Love both items!

This talented lady is Connie over at Crafty Home Cottage on my side bar.  Visit her blog and see all the many wonderful things she makes!

Hubby finished his den.  We downsized so it was hard fitting in all his mementoes that we like.

Some things from when we were full-timing for a couple years.

Another wall with his memories and our many photo albums.  Does anyone but me miss having real pictures instead of everything digital?!

The historical buildings he made of Pt. Huron, Michigan found a place above the windows.

 Even the old black phone found a spot!  I think this is a long enough tour for one visit!  I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Courtyard Ideas

We have a little alcove in our courtyard.  We think we will put an arbor with a seat in the middle of it.  After that I don't know what to do!  Help!  Does anyone have any ideas?  It does not get direct sunlight.   Coco blends in with the mulch!

What a mess.  It was cold, we were overwhelmed and tired and things just got put anywhere!  The courtyard is only about 6 ft. wide after the Alcove and does not get a lot of sun.  It does get some in different spots at different times of the day.  We have a large cement patio and the covered porch at the end.  I am thinking put the raised beds on legs on the cement or near the edge of patio on the mulch and the other side put plants or pots, etc.  I think some kind of pavers to make a path down the middle towards the potting bench.  Hanging baskets from the porch.  Can you picture all that?!  LOL  What suggestions do you have?????

The covered porch with the potting table.  The potting table will probably stay there. I will put a couple pots of veggies on the potting table so Coco does not eat them.

Another part of the patio with the sliding glass doors.  Too much cement and not enough dirt but I had no choice in the matter!  The Alcove is across from the sliding glass doors.

Hmmmm!  What do you think this is?  It is part of my new cold frame and will be 2 ft. wide and 8 ft. long and on legs so that I don't have to bend over.  What luxury!

Here is the rest of that cold frame!

My carpenter went back home to MD!  I would keep him here busy for a long time if I had my way!  LOL  So we ordered this metal spice rack to go on the end of the bar area.  I know my spice bottles do not match but I am okay with that for now!

These raspberries were potted up from our previous yard and stored in Mike's garden while we were living in that tiny apartment.  They are still living and he brought them over yesterday.  I think I will try planting them in the ground and pray they do well.

This is the flannel lap quilt that I started some time ago.  Pinned the back and batting to it the other day so it can be quilted.  Maybe soon I will get back to normal, whatever that is!!  Okay!  I am waiting for lots of ideas from everyone that reads this on how to make my courtyard functional and beautiful!  Thanks for your help!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Crafts / Hot Pink Bathroom

I love my hot pink bathroom!!!!

Shower area!

The wall of the shower area with the pictures of flowers on the wall and a full length mirror.

Did I tell you I love my hot pink bathroom!!!!!

Off the bathroom is the walk in closet.  Now you can only wear one pair of slacks at a time and I do not need all that space for clothes.  This will be a good storage area for my material but I don't know if it will ever be completely organized!

My new desk and shelf above it to file papers.  It is at the end of my craft counter.

The 8 foot craft counter.  No excuse now not to get something done!

My wooden spool collection on the end wall with bits of lace and ribbon wrapped around some of them.

In the middle of my crafting space is this sign.  I think it says it all!!  Sorry for the reflection in one corner.

My talented card making friend suggested using one of these curtain rods for something.  I had an AHA moment and remembered I had just thrown one of these in the trash barrel.  I retrieved it and it makes a great place to hang my ribbons and laces.

LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Laundry Room / Bedroom

I doubt if anyone has a laundry room quite like mine!

The doily at the window Bob's Aunt Eleanor made.  The doilies on the rack my Mom made.

The colorful doily on the bottom is another one that Aunt Eleanor made.

This one on the dryer my Mom made for the back of her couch.  I do love my doilies!!

The quilt rack in the hallway that Dan made got some quilts hung on it!

I love my hearts but have not found a place to put them so they are hung on the bulletin board behind the bedroom door for now.  I don't know why the wall looks blue as it is a beige.  

One window treatment in the bedroom is an old tablecloth my Mom crocheted

This is a friendship quilt a dear friend Julie Hayes who has passed away made for me when we left Pt. Huron, MI to go full timing so that friends could sign it.  It is very special.

The other window treatment in the bedroom.  Another old tablecloth my Mom crocheted.

Another little section of the bedroom.  The fruit dishes were my Grandma McKee's.  Almost time to leave for church.  I thank you for visiting and wish you a lovely day!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Some progress, Lots of MESSES!

Grab a chair and a cup of tea!  Our son, Dan from MD made and brought this beautiful oak bookcase to us!  I love it!

Picture got hung over the fireplace.

The den with Bob's desk.  Messy yet.  TV goes in the bottom right hand corner.

Antique phone and sewing machine hung between garage door and coat closet door.

The rug is blue.  That is our S&H green stamp coffee table that we got years and years ago!  Sentimental.  The rug is blue.

This is for my friend Pat to see!  It looks like two toned blue but the pile needs to be swept all one way and it is one color blue.  I like it.

Bakers rack will hold plants and tea pots.  It will be minus the tools left on it and the junk in front!

Dan also made this shelf to set the TV on to watch from theM table while we eat or play Pandora music while I work in the kitchen.  Dog pen will probably not stay there but right now it is Coco's place of security when we go away.  Not sure where the plant and antique butter churn will go.

More antiques go on the shelf above the piano that Dan made plus one on the other side of the doorway in kitchen area.  My antique Zither will either go on the wall beside the piano or on the other side of the sliding glass doors.  

This is the quilt rack that Dan made for me some time ago.  It is hung in the hall way and I have quilts hung on it now.

A picture of Diana's Sweet Shop from Pt. Huron, MI hung in the
guest bathroom.

Master bedroom.  Lots more to do in here!

This will be my sewing and craft space with shelves above and a feminine desk beside it for my computer.  It is in the master bedroom.

I have a large master bedroom closet.  My clothes will go on one side and around the corner.  There is a little place back in there that holds a white chest of drawers with doilies, etc.   On the right hand side will be craft supplies on the first upper shelf and I think plastic drawer containers for material along that right hand wall.  Dan put up other shelves for us in there for storage also.  This gives you an idea of what we have been up to.  We appreciate our kids help so much and especially Dan who came for a few days from MD to help us move, make so many things for us including the beautiful bookcase and help get things organized.   We have great kids and will continue to work away at our senior citizen pace!  Thanks for visiting!