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Monday, August 25, 2014

I am a Fair Weather Gardener!

This says it all folks!!!  I have to admit I am a fair weather gardener!  Too hot and I don't like to garden!  Too cold and I don't like to garden!  We have been having some pretty hot and humid days!  This is on our deck but the heat index felt like 100!

Here are some of the veggies I have been harvesting.

And a picture of more yummy goodies!

I have gotten quite a few green peppers off from my one pepper plant!

This is melon that I cut up and froze for my smoothies.  Couldn't resist the 99 cent price at Aldi's!  I don't have the room to grow melon.

And we got to help celebrate Melissa's birthday!

Friday we met my friend, Betty in Shipshewana, IN.  They have beautiful flowers and a lot of Amish live around there.

A lot of my perennials are done blooming but the rudbeckia are still  looking pretty.  Are there any others out there that will admit to being fair weather gardeners or should I feel guilty????

Monday, August 18, 2014

Berries, Veggies, Bread & Seeds

We are starting to get a few strawberries again!  How wonderful!!!

Starting to get raspberries once again.  The second wonderful!!  Large yellow tomato, green onion, lettuce and two cucumbers.  Happy for it all!  Just right for us two young folks and Coco!

More plus a green pepper!

Another green pepper!

Cucumber, my first yellow squash and a cucumber that got away from me!  Hate when that happens.

The cabbage is all harvested now.  Have some in the refrigerator for making cole slaw or freezing for soups.

I had not baked bread for quite awhile so was a happy camper to get this baked!

Has anyone grown Red Winter Kale before?  Purchased some seed and thought I would try it!  That's it for today!!!!!  Enjoy your harvests!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Veggies, Zuke Bread and Dill Vinegar

I have been harvesting a zucchini pretty steady now.  Also lots of sungold and some cherry tomatoes.  Seems like the harvest is slow this year but maybe it is just impatient me!

Margaret made chocolate zucchini bread so I thought I would try it.  Tasted good but turned out crumbly.  Hers didn't!  My cucumbers are finally starting to produce!  I picked a yellow tomato but it wasn't quite ripe.  How can I tell when yellow tomatoes are ripe??  Another zucchini and a green pepper!

The beauty of the Hibiscus flower amazes me.  We had a hard winter and I thought maybe it had died.  I wish the flowers would bloom longer as they are so pretty. Pink is my favorite color to wear!

I planted just a few more beet seeds.  Hoping they will grow so I will have the beet greens and freeze up the beets both to go in my smoothies!  Awhile back I made some chive vinegar.  I did not get to it soon enough to make a lot so thought I would try making some dill vinegar.  Are you enjoying and harvesting a lot from your gardens??

Friday, August 1, 2014

Potatoes, Flowers & Preserving!

My potatoes did not do well this year.  I guess where I planted them the soil was too hard!

Made up a batch of zucchini bread!  It is delicious!  Used my friend's recipe.  Should get some ambition and make some more!  Are you busy preserving from your garden this summer?

This is my third time to plant cucumbers!  I finally saw a couple little cucumbers today!  Maybe I will get some yet!

My friend Ann, was kind enough to give me some cucumbers from their wonderful garden!!  Here are two batches of freezer dills in the process.

I don't believe I have seen this many flowers before on just one sunflower stem!!!  Have you??

I took the top off this yard art today and was going to move it and what a strange sight popped out!  We are making our yard easier for these two "young people" to care for and are taking this area out.  So far we have had seven bushes and the grape vine taken out.  Will make for much less weeding around.  I plan to keep the veggie garden, flowers and raspberries!!   Back to this strange sight!  Remember the asparagus patch Coco kept getting into.  She was getting caught in the wire of the fence we put around it to keep her out (which didn't) so we took the wire down and it became "Coco's Asparagus Patch!"  One asparagus root escaped her as you can see growing back along the white fence.  When I took the cover off the yard art today and this popped out I bet it must be another asparagus!  This patch just doesn't give up!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Come take a walk with me!!!

Since reading the book "Great Garden Companions" by Sally Jean Cunningham I decided to companion plant flowers with my veggies to keep the bugs out.  I guess I now have more flowers than veggies!!  Here is a video of my back yard today!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Raspberries, Zukes, Chives, Beet Greens & Kale

Bah Humbug!!  Hot, humid and skeeters are bad but thankful for what I get!  Raspberries, zucchini, and chives.  Couple beet greens and kale for my smoothies!

What do you think?  This was a nice clump of Pinks.  Was green and bloomed nicely this spring.  About the third year for them in my garden. Never looked like this before! Are they dead?  Will they come back?  Should I dig them out and throw away???????  Wisdom needed!

Coco is wandering around in my flower bed.  Would you say she is thinking there must be some food here somewhere!!!

Harvesting a cherry tomato or sungold once in awhile!

One cabbage, two zukes and raspberries!  Enjoying them all!

Finally starting to get a few green beans!  Three more cherry and sungold tomatoes and more raspberries!!  Hooray!

More green beans make me happy and a couple sungolds!  Well, that's it for this time!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Garden Pictures

Here are some pictures of my July garden for those that didn't see them on our Facebook page.  Our daughter-in-law Elizabeth, son Dan and granddaughter Abigail came to visit from MD.  Elizabeth takes much better pictures than I do so I wanted to share them on my blog. This is one of my Asian pear trees.  Hope you enjoy!

This is Abigail.  She helped me deadhead the Marigolds and did a great job.  I could use her every week!

Guess who wants to come into the garden to snitch some veggies!

My great helpers - Abigail and Coco!

This is one of my favorites that Elizabeth took.

Again a picture of Abigail and I.

We have three of these birdhouses on poles.  The new ones are all painted and ready to be put up to replace these old ones now.


This is another one of my favorites!

One of the pots on our deck.

We enjoy the sound of the water running in our new fountain very much.  Thanks for looking!!!!