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Monday, March 2, 2015

Baking, Company, Sweater & Honey

Sweets sure sound good when it is cold out!  Well, they sound good anytime to me!  I made pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips in them.  Healthy don't you think!  They have pumpkin in them so let's agree on this one!

The peach pie I made from canned peaches is healthy too.  Had fruit in it!!!!!!

Now in case that was not enough sweets I bought 2 quarts of local honey from the man around the corner!

It is nice to share sweets with a friend over a cup of tea.  Dianne came over with her darling furbaby and she is holding her along with Coco.  Notice Coco's paw in the plate.  She has her priorities right!

Coco got groomed and it was bitter cold out.  I felt sorry for her and bought a doggie sweater.  I am not sure she is too enthused about it though!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ho Hum!! Lettuce, Pie, Quilt & More Snow!

The lettuce that I had picked out at the store was so expensive!!!  I left it there and decided to stretch the greens I had this week.  I walked through the snow, cleared the snow and ice off the cold frame and snitched a few spinach and lettuce leaves.  Think there is a beet green leaf or two in there also.  They are not very big but mixing them with the lettuces grown under the grow-lights in the basement I might be able to get by for a week!

I made "wonderful gardener" a blueberry pie for Valentine's Day!  Isn't it the duty of every cook to sample what they make?????

Frosting a valentine cookie together was one of the activities for Grandparent's Day at Gracie's school.  We are holding up our cookies.  It is hard to see them against the white plate.  We frosted with white frosting and then added sprinkles.

I finished up the second lap quilt made out of music materials.  First one went to Sue and this one went to Melissa.

Here is a close up of some of the materials I used.

Ho Hum!  Another round of snow.  I can't see the thermometer on the carrot box again.  That way I won't know how cold it is out I guess!!!  That way I can dream on about flowers and veggies!  I think I do arm chair gardening best of all!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Weather! Ugh!!

I am eating lettuce grown under my Grow Light Box in the basement!!!

Almost too late to get a picture of this!  Made from raspberries grown in our yard.

This picture pretty well sums of the 19 inches of snow we must have gotten from the storm.  A path for Coco had to be shoveled as she is not "potty trained" yet!  We lost our electricity for about three hours.

Today was a little more encouraging. The snow has melted some. No sunshine but at least I could see the very top of the thermometer on the carrot box!

No garden or flower pictures to post so I have to post pictures of my favorite "little person".........or so she thinks!!!!!

A hard life deciding which chair she should nap in!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Indoor Gardening, Cold Frame, Amaryllis & Quilt

This is how my lettuces are growing under the grow lights.  The tray on the right is the first one I planted.  I have been harvesting some of the two trays on the right and using.

The weather was a little milder today so I opened up the cold frame for a bit.  This is what I saw!!

Yummy potato soup in in the crockpot for our meal tonight!  Probably not so healthy but oh so good!!!

I have been working on a lap quilt made up of music materials.  I am so upset with myself as I goofed on the borders so it is not as large as it should be!!

Here is a close up of some of the materials I used in it.

This is the music material I used on the back.

This is a close up of the material on the back.  No craft comes easy for me!!!!!!

I have never had an Amaryllis plant before but was given one for Christmas.  There was another bud on it but graceful me knocked it off!  I wondered if the flowers are suppose to droop like this??

"Wonderful Gardener" gave me this beautiful red rose.  This does win some brownie points for him for all the time he spends on doing his historical videos of Pt. Huron, Michigan.  Between the rose and the Amaryllis the house looks quite cheerful!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Not Much! Merry Christmas!

This lettuce and a little spinach picked from my cold frame!  Garden catalogs starting to arrive!

This is a few leaves of spinach from the Grow Light Kit I am using.  I learned from the book, "Indoor Kitchen Gardening" by Elizabeth Millard that microgreens are the first stage of a plant growth.  So maybe these would be called microgreens!!!

This is probably the most unusual Christmas decoration!  I use to have a sled I could tie this swag on but in one of my decluttering moods I must have gotten rid of it.  Do you ever get rid of things and then wish you had them!  So my creative juices came up with this garden fork!   Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful week celebrating the reason for the season!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kale, Breads, Ladder & Greens

Cut a little more Kale.  Next year I need to do a better job of growing Kale for the winter!

Remember the Grow Light Kit I got for my birthday back in November?  On the left is the first lettuce I planted (Black Seeded Simpson and Prizehead).  On the right is spinach.  The middle one is a Mesclun Mix planted later.  I have one more empty tray yet to plant!

Here is five loaves of zucchini bread made of zucchini from my garden to give away for Christmas.

Not from my garden but time to bake bread again!  "Wonderful Gardener" does not eat home made bread so where does it go!!! Hmmmm. Can't blame Coco for this one!!!

My friend's husband made her some ladders to hang things on.  "Wonderful Gardener" is a man of many talents and I wanted one!  Of course "Wonderful Gardener" tries to keep "Wonderful Wife" happy so he made this one!  My Mom's embroidered and crocheted treasures are hanging on it.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kale, Crafts, Sleeping Bags

My big harvest!!!! LOL  I was able to pick some of the small winter Kale.  Wish I had planted more kale now.  It is good in my smoothies.

I did not grow this broccoli.  It is hard to get past the thought of washing off all those little worms!  This was a good price so bought a couple heads.  Froze a little and eating some.

This book was on sale for $3.37!  Need I say more!  Another garden book added to my library even if I did not need it!  Couldn't resist!

Gracie and Cali were over yesterday.  Here they are working hard on their crafts.

Here they are with their finished products.  A Gingerbread house and a Snowman. They are super good at crafts!  Better than their Nana!!!

I finally finished the sleeping bags for the two Barbie dolls that live at my house.  I don't know if the "littles" will enjoy them or not but they are finally done and ready for them to have fun with!!!!