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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Misc. and etc.

Saw my first robins February 11th!  There were four of them sitting in the Chandelier Pear tree by the deck!  Spring will soon be here!

The thermometer was registering 30 degrees that day.  The sun was shining on it.  We have had a few really cold days but it is suppose to warm up the end of next week.  Better days ahead!

Coco went to visit the groomer.  It is not her favorite thing to do, and I don't think she is very enthused about how clean and nice she looks.

Mom put this silly sweater on me.  It is more bother than what it is worth and her enthusiasm for putting it on me didn't last long!  If it is cold out I do my business and don't dawdle!   I do look kind of cute in it though....... don't you think!

I made zucchini bread again!   Will be making more of this as have more grated zucchini in the freezer from the garden.   "Wonderful Gardener"  doesn't seem to get tired of it.  Not yet anyway!

I like muffins for breakfast with some peanut spread on them so made these up today.  

My "helper" has a pinched nerve so isn't doing much these days.  Boy, I sure do miss his help too!  
Happy Valentines Day tomorrow to everyone!
We were engaged 56 years ago today.  Time sure flies by!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I made chicken pot pie.  Yum.  One of my favorite meals!

Cranberry bread, one of Bob's favorites!  I had enough cranberries in the freezer to make this batch.  That's all now until next Christmas!!

Baked bread one day.  It has some wholewheat flour and some white flour in it.

I am using up yarn and replenishing my dish cloth supply.

Don't you just love this banner a blogger friend sent me to use for Valentine's Day!  I don't get things made like this and just love it.  She is very creative and talented!  Do you decorate for Valentine's Day??

These Christmas runners were cut out before Christmas so I am trying to get them finished up.  I have to do the batting, backing, binding, and machine quilt them yet.  Never too early to start getting ready for next Christmas!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What I am doing!!

I have been trying to machine quilt a lap quilt!

I wanted a change so put the sheer curtains up instead of the country valance.  Hung my little hearts on them.

This is the arrangement in the living room that Bob made of ships that I enjoy looking at.  They are post cards.

I finished knitting this neck scarf.  It is too bulky for me but nice and warm for walking in the cold!

I have been enjoying listening to music from Pandora.

I have new artwork to cheer up my refrigerator made by my little artists Gracie and Cali!

Enjoying a beautiful peach colored rose that brightens up my kitchen from Bob!  So what have you been up too???

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Another Nativity Set!  We use to collect nativity sets but ran out of room to put them.  Couldn't resist buying another one!  "Wonderful Gardener" liked this one and it was on sale!  What can I say!!!!  It is from Frankenmuth, Michigan, a German tourist town.

Here is another set we bought years ago in Mexico.

Found the old sled so it sits by the front door to cheer things up a bit!

Sophia has come to visit again while her mommy goes to visit the grandchildren.  Sophia's mama's birthday is Christmas Day.  Happy birthday to Dianne!!!

Here is Jesus birthday cake!  Two candles for Gracie and Cali to blow out.   Remembering the Reason for the Season!  Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cookies, Bread, Christmas & Seed Catalogs

Christmas roll out cookies baked!  Are you wondering why they are all bells???  It is because I am lazy and it is easier to make them all one kind.  They all get frosted with red frosting too!  They taste the same as if I would have gone to more work!

Four loaves of Cranberry Bread baked.  Here are two of them.  "Wonderful Gardener" loves Cranberry Bread so almost every Christmas I try to make him some.  Coco even ate one of the cranberries.

We use to collect Nativity Scenes until we ran out of room to put them.  Isn't that the way with all collections!  This one is from Aruba. 

This Christmas tree I made years ago!!

I won't concentrate on gardening until after Christmas but two seed catalogs have already arrived.  It was so nice today that I went out and weeded a bit.  Wish I would have had energy to do more!  Thankful I could do a bit!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lunch, Quilt, Bed & Dogs

This past week we had lunch with our Kindergarten girl, Cali!

Finished sewing the lap quilt top together.  Now to add the batting and back and quilt it!

A close up view of the pattern.

It is after Thanksgiving and time to decorate for Christmas!  I put the Christmas quilt and pillow cases I had made on the bed!

I am furbaby-sitting Sophia for a few days.  Here I am trying to take a nap with both Sophia and Coco on me!  They are both very spoiled furbabies!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lunch, Trees & Christmas

We had lunch with Gracie at her school.  Her little friend wears glasses.  Now I understand why Gracie wants to wear those fashion glasses all the time!!!!!!!

Papa had lunch too!

Our chandelier pear tree was so pretty just a few days ago.  The leaves had all fallen off the fruit trees but not this one.

Brrrrr!  The next day after taking that picture it looked like this!  What a difference a day can make.

I have started on making things for my Christmas projects!  This is Peppermint Coffee.

Made my yearly Buckeyes!  They are not so good for the diet but so yummy!  Well, the peanut butter gives protein and they say dark chocolate is good for you so that must count for something!  Wishing everyone a nice Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for!!!!!!!!!!!!!