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Monday, August 7, 2017

Bits and Pieces

My green sweet pepper had almost turned red and so I picked it!!  It had one little bad spot on the bottom so it is a good thing that I did!

I had three yucky tomato worms this year.  I had not seen a live one before in my gardening experiences.

Even with the plant falling over and the tomato hornworms I picked quite a few tomatoes.  We pulled it out today.  It seems that the gardening season is ending a month early here this year.

My cucumbers had lots of blossoms but some of them just shriveled up like this one and I don't know if the ones left will ever develop enough to eat.  Could it be the reason is that they did not get pollinated?  This has not been the best first year gardening in my little courtyard!

Here is one that hasn't shriveled up yet.  Do you think it has time to grow into something large enough to eat?

A picture of one of the other tomato hornworms.  See all those yucky white things hanging from him!!  Are they eggs or little worms?  This part of gardening is not for me!!

Since we were having company I picked some flowers off the front bushes and three lavender flowers that were left and stuck in one of my tea pots for a centerpiece.

We were delighted to have our friends, Darlene and Rich from Michigan, stop by for a visit.  Also Marcia from there who I neglected to get a picture of.

A green pepper and a red pepper from the same bush!  Isn't that amazing when you stop to think about it!

Coco helped herself to a couple of my zucchinis!  Grrrrr!

I made wonderful gardener a raspberry pie.  I was good and did not eat any of it since I am not suppose to have gluten.

Some of my tomatoes.  Aren't they a pretty red against the blue placemat!

Bought some cucumbers and made up a batch of freezer dills.

Started another quilt!  Never mind all the other projects I need to finish!  Thanks for taking the time to visit!  I am off now to feed Coco her dog food and her carrots!  Come again!