Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wind, Cuke, Squash, Bird nest, Sad flowers

We had a storm last night and the wind knocked a few things over.  Our electricity went off from 11p.m. until 7a.m.  Whew!  Sure glad it came back on!  A couple of the cleome got knocked down.

Some of the potato plants were knocked over also.

I first cucumber!!!!!

I planted a few more in another bed at a later date.  Hoping to extend the harvest for a longer period.

Two Butternut squash growing!  I hope they make it.  Love them.

Quite a few tomatoes growing on this plant.  Sure hope they don't get blossom end rot!

No blue eggs in this nest anymore!  Not even any of the shells around.  So sad!

Aren't these a mess!  I didn't keep up to deadheading.  Remind me next year not to plant big pots of petunias!  What annuals do you like to put in pots that are easy care?

It has been too hot even for the cactus!!!!!  lol  Us gardeners just have to hang in there!


Anonymous said...

WoW what a storm. I am glad your power is back on. My biggest worry is our freezer FULL of food when the power goes off. You first cucumber looks so green and healthy and your butternut squash look like they are doing very well. Smiles. Emily

Cheryl said...

That was a quite a storm. So glad your power is back on. We have had a few cukes from our garden. We sure enjoy them. We love butternut squash.

Have a wonderful evening.


Akannie said...

I'm having blossom end rot...dosed the plants this morning with crushed boiled eggshell and epsom salts...(it's a calcium absorption problem).

Try a small petunia like flower called Million Bells--it's self-dead heading!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Emily, I worry about losing my freezer stuff too. Not only the money but all the hard work and it tastes so yummy! So far we have been fortunate. Thanks for visiting! Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Cheryl, I was doubly glad the power came back on! lol I picked that cuke today! Thanks for stopping by! Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Akannie, Thanks for your suggestions! I wrote down about the Million Bells. Now if only I can remember that for next year! When I planted my tomatoes I put in egg shells and epson salts in the hole and sprinkled powdered milk around the top. The last couple tomatoes have been okay but if it happens more I will have to try your suggestion. Glad for your suggestions! Nancy

Wendy L. Macdonald said...

I really like your cactus plant arrangement. Plus I am jealous of your cucumber! Mine didn't grow this
~ Wendy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Wendy, I do love cucumbers in my salad and this is the first one this year! Sorry about yours! Some of the cactus has died. We got it years ago in AZ at the Botanical gardens when we were full-timing. Glad you could visit! Nancy

Susan said...

Hi Nancy, just saw your comment on my lil ole blog-thanks! Yes we have a veggie garden in the front yard; sadly, blogger has dropped all my pix of all our hard work from last year(!) but I have round two going on right now-we are in the Pacific Northwest, and summer has been non-exisitant until this last week here! Hopefully my veggies will do better now that the temps are nice and warm.
We put the raised beds in front b/c its west and gets the most summer sun( our house is a two story and blocks a lot of sun in the afternoon). Anyway, your harvest is great, and gardening is a journey-enjoy it!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for taking time to visit! Sorry you lost your pictures of your front yard garden. Our back yard is on the west side of our house where the garden is. Loved your chandelier bird feeder! Come again! Nancy

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