Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blueberry Bush, Seed Potatoes, Cabbage plants, Seeds & Book

No, it is not Christmas!  I have two little blueberry bushes.  I have not had luck with growing blueberrys.  There are blossoms and berries on them now and I don't want to share with the birds!  I had some red netting for one and need to get more netting for the other one.  I read that red stones placed among your strawberries will help keep the birds away so why not use red netting to keep the birds away from the blueberry bushes!

I thought I would try growing a few potatoes so bought a few today to plant.  I think they look pretty sad! These are North Dakota Certified, Russet Burbank, resistance to common scab disease and bakes and mashes well.  Takes 80 plus days to grow them. I have no idea what I am doing!

I also bought four cabbages.  Another experiment.  I am hoping to grow four of them in one of my new half barrels with a geranium in the middle.  I read that geraniums help repel white cabbage butterflies.  The half barrel is about 22 1/2 inches across in diameter and about 16 1/4 inches deep.  Do you think they will all fit? They are Stonehead and mature in 50-70 days.

I want to grow more greens for salads!  Thought I would try these two types, Prizehead lettuce and Pak Choi.  I need a larger garden!!!!!!!

And last but not least I got another book from the library to read when it is too cold raining, dark or I am too tired for more gardening!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pincushion Flowers, Purple Salvia, Celery, Tomato & Marigolds

My new pincushion flower plant bought this week!

This is the pink pincushion that I have had for two or three years next to the blue one that I just bought.  As long as I keep it deadheaded it blooms and blooms for me.

This is purple salvia that I have had.  It seems like it is blooming early this year.  We have a frost advisory tonight so hope it is okay.  It doesn't show up very well next to the blue flax linum so I may need to move it!!  Got a little weeding done in another area.

I bought marigolds and a cherry tomato plant today.  If I wait for my cherry tomato plant I have started to get large enough it may be Christmas!  I have to figure out a way to set up some kind of grow lights next year.  Buying plants gets expensive.  Will add this to my wonderful gardeners list some day.  Don't want to overwhelm him you know!!!!

This is my celery plant I started from an end of my boughten organic celery stalk.
I planted it back on March 19th.  It seems like it has not grown as much as some other pictures I see!  I think it looks better in this picture than for real.  Maybe theirs do too! lol  My instructions didn't say to soak it in water before planting as some instructions do so I think I will try one soaking in water first before putting into soil and see if it grows faster next time!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Harvest Monday, Another area mulched, Planting Onions, 4 rows onions, Tomato Cages, Lovage

I am envious of the produce everyone else shows for their Harvest Monday pictures!  But I am thankful for the little I grow too!!

One more area mulched!  What veggie or veggies would you suggest I plant in that wooden planter????

Guess what!  I am planting onions.  It said plant them every three inches so I am using the tape measure!  You can laugh now if you want!

4 rows of onions planted!  New at planting onions so am hoping they grow!

I bought four of these blue tomato cages.  That is my sad cherry tomato plant I started from seed.  Is this what you call faith!!!  lol  The wind blew it over.  I probably killed it!  I thought it needed to be planted deeper so added more potting soil.  It is back in the sunny window.  I haven't given up on it yet but I may.

My Lovage is doing well.  I use a little in my salads and also in my soups.  I don't make stews.  I dry it to use in the winter.  What other things might I use it for?????

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cinnamon rolls, Sugar Peas, Cinder blocks & Expanding Veggie Bed

Cinnamon rolls ready to pop into the oven!  This is the recipe I got from my Mom. She made the best rolls!  Gotta keep my Gardener happy you know!  This is his pay for today!

The Sugar Peas are growing and starting to attach to the string.  Not fast enough tho.  It is seeming to take forever!  Does anyone else feel that way about their veggies growing too slow???

We bought more cinder blocks today to make my compost bin higher.  Hoping for some black gold!

I need more room to grow veggies so this bed is in the process of being enlarged.  I had hoped to get my onion bulbs planted today but we ran out of time and energy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting mulch, Expanded bed, Grape Arbor, Blue Flax Lanim, Cookies & Tea & Granola

We went three times and loaded up our two big tubs and our two little tubs in the car with mulch!  We are feeling our age tonight!

We finished mulching our expanded flower bed.

The Grape Arbor got mulched too.


This is the Blue Flax Linum my friend gave me a little while ago.  It lived and I love the little blue flowers!!  So cheery.

That same friend came over yesterday and we had cookies and tea!  Love talking to her about gardening and our furbabies.

Last but not least I made three batches of granola today.  I have it for breakfast and put cut up dried apple slices, raisens and healthy chocolate chips in it! lol

Monday, April 16, 2012

Asparagus, Lettuce, Spider Plant, Library Books

Today we had gusty winds.  We were still able to get some weeding done.  This asparagus from my garden will be eaten tonight!  YUM!

Spinach, lettuce and turnip greens from the garden will be made into a salad for tonight.  I planted a little more radishes and lettuces today.

This is my spider plant.  I got a starter from my friend Carol.  I think it is having baby's.  That is my wonderful gardener in the background!

I picked up a couple books from the library today.  One is a gardening book on interlibrary loan.  "Organic Gardening The Natural No-Dig Way" by Charles Dowding.  The other book I can read when I am not gardening!  We have a wonderful library!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Help! Sweet Potato, Flowers, Cilantro, Rain Gauge & Bread

I want to grow a sweet potato for eating.  I put it in the water like this.  It has those white strands coming out of it in the water.  I thought it was suppose to get greenery coming out of the top!  HELP!  Anyone!  What do I do now.  Did I do something wrong???????

Here is another picture of it!

I finished transplanting plants into the expanded flower bed today.  When I get some more mulch on the transplanted part it should be easy care this summer!

I planted Cilantro in this little pot yesterday.  How do you use the Cilantro that you grow?

It rained last night.  I didn't have my rain gauge out yet but put it out today.  We are suppose to get more rain this week-end.  Hoping my rain barrel gets filled!

I baked two loaves of bread and made cookies yesterday.  I forgot to take a picture so got this loaf out of the freezer and took the picture today!  lol

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Little of This and That!

Not much gardening accomplished today!  Allergy shots day.  We got a frost last night so a good thing we covered things!  A beautiful day today tho.  Another one of my animals joined the gardening scene.

Starting to get the wood chip mulch put around the raspberries and perennials.

Things are growing a little but not fast enough.  I am impatient!! Turnips and peas and a little spinach.

My celery from the inch of organic celery stalk has grown some!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sheep and Bee Skep

I put my sheep out to pasture today!  I didn't realize when I took the picture that my little brown Coco sheep was in the picture too!  It is too cold for this fair weather gardener to work outdoors today.  I did go to a garden meeting at the library tho and also requested another gardening book, "Organic Gardening: The Natural No-Dig Way" by Charles Dowding.  Does anyone use the mulch for their gardens from the city recycling from trees.  Do you have any concerns about there being poison ivy in it?

This is my Bee Skep altho I don't have bees living in it or get any honey!  I buy my honey from a man around the corner who has bees.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bunnies, Flower pots, Calendula & Bird Houses

The Easter Bunny left me this centerpiece in a tree at Sue's house!!  I like these kind of bunnies that don't get in my garden!

I can't wait to fill these pots with annuals!  The next three nights there might be a frost so will be putting winter dresses back on things!  No fun!

I transplanted five little calendula plants into my expanded flower bed.  I am hoping they will grow and then reseed again for next year.

My handy gardener put up new bird houses for me today!  I love my handy gardener!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dressed for winter, Yard Art & Borage

We thought there might be a frost the other night!  Our yard looked like it was dressed for Halloween!  Wonder what our neighbors thought.  This is Mike's (our son) grapevine.

This is the peach tree limb (the larger one) and one of the Asian Pear trees.

Tried to cover the strawberry plants!

Starting to get the yard art out.  Little squirrel is guarding the fence so Coco won't jump over to eat the veggies!

I found five Borage plants that reseeded from last years so replanted them here.  They have pretty blue flowers.   I hope you have a Blessed Easter.  We will be attending church and spending time with some of our kids.

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