Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Harvest, Peas, Questions, Graduation

My harvest is much the same but a little more of it.  I am enjoying it soooo much!!

Pulled up some more radishes!  When it gets hot I can't seem to grow them so will enjoy while I can!

Cut some oregano to dry.  Will be cutting more if it ever stops being rainy!

My couple patches of lettuce are so nice now.  I was so impatient for them to grow but finally..........!

My peas are growing.  But so are the weeds! I am so far behind!

The comfrey is blooming and I am planning to try making some comfrey fertilizer tea.

All is not well!!!  I planted my tomatoes out and the next day some of the leaves on this plant and a couple on another plant looked like this.  What is my problem?  Not hardened off properly, too hot, too cold, or I planted them with epson salts and crushed egg shells.  Could the epson salts have been too strong for those two plants???? All the leaves were not like this.  Will they be okay?????

Another problem!  All these Iris bloomed last year.  This year only a few in the front bloomed.  Does that mean they need transplanting and thinning?  Help!

We planted this pretty bush in the rose bush circle a few years ago.  Now it has almost gotten too large but I think it is so pretty!

I planted this last year.  This year it is so pretty and I just love it.  Wish I had another one!

I have the deck filled with pots this year.  I kind of like the looks but will see if I like maintaining them!

Brag time!!  Gracie graduated kindergarten!  Here are a couple pictures of her and then a little video of her program.  It looks like learning was so much fun!  She had a wonderful teacher.  We all think she is growing up too fast!  Does anyone else feel that way about their grandchildren?!? Enjoy and have a wonderful Memorial Day remembering the people who have protected our country in the past and the ones who are protecting it now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gracie's Dance Recital

Our granddaughter, Gracie, had her dance recital this week.  She is five and will be six in July. The little girl closest in the picture is her.  The recital was really good!

This was another part of the program.  They did motions to Praise Songs.

Her Mommy and Daddy got her flowers!

Gracie and I.  I think I am guilty of being proud of all my grandchildren!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week's Harvest, Flowers & Cups

When we got home from our vacation I salvaged this asparagus and was able to use some of it!  Still picking a little and I was able to harvest a few other things than usual this week.

See this funny piece!  I laid it on the ground while cutting some more and turned my head.  Coco swiped it and started eating!  How many of your dogs like asparagus????

I harvested radishes!  1/2 oz plus two more!  One fell out of the bowl and I didn't see it.  The other one fell on the floor and Coco grabbed it and ate it quick.  How many of your dogs eat radishes?????  

I harvested this spinach.  Well, it may have had a little swiss chard in it!  I forgot I planted swiss chard in one area and thought I planted spinach.  Dizzy Lizzy here!  This weighed 7 and 5/8 oz.  I did pick more greens this week but to tell the truth I have decided it is too much work and time consuming to weigh everything!  Or am I just lazy???

I think my lovage needs to be divided!  I will have to do that next spring I guess.  I cut some and hung it to dry to use in my soups.

It kills me to have to do this but it is the first year for my strawberries plants and they tell me I have to cut the blossoms off this year to make stronger plants!!!

These Iris are a joy to look out the window at.  The picture shows just a little more white than they actually have but they do have a little in the middle.

I bought these lovely Boston Ferns on sale to hang on the front porch.  I do hope I can keep them looking lovely!

When we arrived home our daughter, Sue, had this beautiful plant  for Mother's Day sitting on the front steps to greet me! What a nice welcome home!  She had also mowed our front lawn!

Remember the cup/pots from last week?  I planted 'Ezawe' Sedum in these two.  This cross stitched thyme saying was done a few years ago.   I hope you and your gardens stay safe from all these crazy storms!  Happy Gardening!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cup Pots, Flowers, Abigail, Emily & East Kids and Grands

We are still not home so I don't know if I have a harvest or not!  I think it was pretty cold there last night so hope nothing got frozen!  Elizabeth gave me these pretty little cup pots.  Aren't they darling!  I am going to plant something in them.

Dan bought four of these beautiful pots of flowers for his front yard.  They looked so cheerful and pretty!  He is in his T-shirt and I have a sweat shirt and winter jacket on!

While in MD we got to have lunch at school with our first grader, Abigail!

Then we went over to VA and had lunch with our granddaughter, Emily.  Fun times!

On Saturday our MD family came over and we celebrated in VA for our granddaughter Ashley's 13th birthday.  A very important birthday!

Mother's Day was a special day and I was able to celebrate it with our son Scott standing in the back and the three grandchildren.  Sounds like all I did on this vacation was party, doesn't it!

Sue babysat the youngest member of our family, Coco.  She got me a flower for Mother's Day.  Wasn't that sweet!  Of course she bit the flower off!  I hope all of you Mom's had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Asparagus, Spinach, Pear Blossoms & Abigail

I had two small pickings of asparagus and now we have gone on vacation!  Not the smart thing to do this time of year!  My "wonderful gardener" does not eat asparagus so I got to enjoy it all for myself.  I am hoping I will still have some to harvest when I get back home.

My spinach was starting to go to seed so I picked this and froze it before we left.  

Our Chandelier Pear tree is blooming so that must mean that warmer weather has arrived???

I have two  Dwarf Asian pear trees and this is one of them in bloom.  They aren't very large yet and I wonder if I will get any pears this year.

We went out east to visit a couple of our sons and their families.  This is our granddaughter Abigail on her new bike who is in the 1st grade.  She is a whiz!

Progress in the Courtyard!

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