Monday, December 22, 2014

Not Much! Merry Christmas!

This lettuce and a little spinach picked from my cold frame!  Garden catalogs starting to arrive!

This is a few leaves of spinach from the Grow Light Kit I am using.  I learned from the book, "Indoor Kitchen Gardening" by Elizabeth Millard that microgreens are the first stage of a plant growth.  So maybe these would be called microgreens!!!

This is probably the most unusual Christmas decoration!  I use to have a sled I could tie this swag on but in one of my decluttering moods I must have gotten rid of it.  Do you ever get rid of things and then wish you had them!  So my creative juices came up with this garden fork!   Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful week celebrating the reason for the season!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kale, Breads, Ladder & Greens

Cut a little more Kale.  Next year I need to do a better job of growing Kale for the winter!

Remember the Grow Light Kit I got for my birthday back in November?  On the left is the first lettuce I planted (Black Seeded Simpson and Prizehead).  On the right is spinach.  The middle one is a Mesclun Mix planted later.  I have one more empty tray yet to plant!

Here is five loaves of zucchini bread made of zucchini from my garden to give away for Christmas.

Not from my garden but time to bake bread again!  "Wonderful Gardener" does not eat home made bread so where does it go!!! Hmmmm. Can't blame Coco for this one!!!

My friend's husband made her some ladders to hang things on.  "Wonderful Gardener" is a man of many talents and I wanted one!  Of course "Wonderful Gardener" tries to keep "Wonderful Wife" happy so he made this one!  My Mom's embroidered and crocheted treasures are hanging on it.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kale, Crafts, Sleeping Bags

My big harvest!!!! LOL  I was able to pick some of the small winter Kale.  Wish I had planted more kale now.  It is good in my smoothies.

I did not grow this broccoli.  It is hard to get past the thought of washing off all those little worms!  This was a good price so bought a couple heads.  Froze a little and eating some.

This book was on sale for $3.37!  Need I say more!  Another garden book added to my library even if I did not need it!  Couldn't resist!

Gracie and Cali were over yesterday.  Here they are working hard on their crafts.

Here they are with their finished products.  A Gingerbread house and a Snowman. They are super good at crafts!  Better than their Nana!!!

I finally finished the sleeping bags for the two Barbie dolls that live at my house.  I don't know if the "littles" will enjoy them or not but they are finally done and ready for them to have fun with!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Carrots, Straw, Bread & Sweeties

It was time to get my dilly carrots canned!  I grew some carrots but not these.  These are from Aldi's.  The bottom fell out of one jar while in the canner.  Grrrrrr!

Strawberry beds covered with straw!  A friend was kind enough to bring me some straw and "wonderful gardener" was kind enough to put it on.  Gardens ready now!  Bring on winter!!!

It was time to bake my bread and make my granola once again.  Who keeps eating it all up!!!!  Hmmmmmmm

My little garden helper misses going out and picking her veggies and raspberries!  She wonders where the nice weather went!

Gracie was in a ballet recital.  Of course Nana and Papa had to go.  Love going to their activities!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Greens, Onions, Rose & Grow Light Garden

Here is the last of the lettuce and spinach that I will be harvesting from the cold frame this year!  I still have some kale growing.  It is small but that is the way I like it.  If I don't forget to cover it for the cold nights I think I will continue to harvest from that small patch for awhile!

I went out to harvest the last of the green onions!  The soil was frozen!  That is what happens when one procrastinates!!!!!  It was in the 20's in the daytime here today.  Brrrrrrrrr!!!!  Colder than normal this time of year!

I had a birthday this month and got another year younger!!  "Wonderful Gardener" brought me this beautiful rose to enjoy.  No flowers outdoors but this rose in the house is so pretty to enjoy.

I received this wonderful Grow Light Garden for one of my gifts!  I have not planted seeds in the past in the house very much but looking forward to learning how to use this.  Hoping to grow some lettuce for my salads this winter.  Please, pretty please, if you have  any advice or information you can give me it will be appreciated..  It did not come with a whole lot of info!

Here is a close up picture of it.  Stay warm every one.  It will soon be gardening season again!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Greens, Carrots & Coco

We were on vacation and there was no one to put my cold frame cover down.  Thought I maybe had lost things but the greens are still good.  Just wishing I would have planted more and some a little sooner as don't think they will grow much now.  Really surprised to see a couple strawberries yet.  The small one was soft but the the larger one was good.  Pleasant surprise!

Pulled out some of my carrots.

Pulled out the remainder of the carrots and one green onion.

These are my carrot boxes on the deck.  Coco is checking to make sure that I didn't miss any carrots!  She did find one I missed and boy, was that tasty!!!

She needed a little closer look I guess.  My soil is getting a good rototilling!

May as well give up!  Mean ole Mom!

Let me in!!!!  Shhhhhh!  See that black dirt under my nose!  No one will ever guess that I have been in the carrot box!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Misc. post for Oct. 27th!

There is not much to brag about from the garden this post!  I think the raspberries have petered out!  We will be using them out of the freezer now plus eating the yummy raspberry freezer jam!

A miscellaneous harvest from the garden one day.  Small kale on the left and parsley on the right.  Couple lettuce leaves.

I love the color of the little blueberry bushes this time of year!

Please, open that door!  The "princess" is waiting for her mother to let her out!

Chicken pot pie ready to pop in the oven.  I am trying to be healthier so made the crust out of coconut oil.

I sewed up this Barbie doll sleeping bag and pillow.  What talent!!! LOL

Monday, October 20, 2014

Still hanging in there and Cali's Birthday!

A little bit of the garden still hanging in there!!  Greens and small tomatoes!

Two strawberries and more raspberries!  I'll take it!!  More greens and a few of my carrots that didn't do well this year!

Beggars can't be choosers now can they!  Don't want to lose a single berry!  Has anyone noticed the price of raspberries in the stores lately??  Whew!

Cali is turning five this month!  How can that be!  She had a "Frozen" birthday party.  What fun she had.

Here is a picture of her "Frozen" cake!

And here is a picture of them eating their pizza.  Cali is in the middle and Gracie on the right.  Cali went to nursery school with the little girl on the left last year.  I am afraid my "littles" are growing up!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct. 19th Harvest, Book, Coco, Dehydrating & Reading

Still got a couple things from the garden this week to harvest!  That is lemon verbena on the right to dry.

Bread baked again and a few more raspberries gathered!  

A couple more strawberries!  I don't like to waste anything!

After our applesauce was canned we bought another half bushel of Delicious apples and have been dehydrating them.  My "wonderful gardener" has been helping me and what a big help he is!!

Do you read the Jan Karon books??  I checked this out from the library and read it.  It is her latest one.

The "littles" love to feed Coco.  Here they are giving her cut up carrots!  Is she spoiled or not.  She only has to be in the kennel when she is too excited or someone comes that doesn't care for dogs.  Mike and Melissa have a student living with them from Kuwait who is attending Valparaiso  University  that is afraid of dogs so she was put in her kennel.  I am hoping after being around Coco enough that he will get over that fear.  

Gracie is reading to Cali.  She is in second grade now and I am so proud at how well she can read!!!!

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