Monday, September 24, 2012

Once again Monday Harvest and Other Things

Welcome once again to Harvest Monday!  I keep thinking that I will not get any more veggies to harvest but picked these last Sunday!

I cut some chives up and put them on a pan to dry.  I have never done this before but I think they turned out well!

I also potted up a few chives and brought into the house to try to overwinter.  I have never done this before either!  I still have a few left outside which I can cut until the weather gets cold and the snow flies and I am too lazy to go outdoors!

Last Monday I pulled a few more carrots, one teeny tomato, dill and a Pak Choy leaf not pictured.

Also a bowl of raspberries were picked last Monday.  Yum!  They taste so good in the mornings on our cereal!  Will miss them!

This was Tuesdays!  I had to ask you wonderful gardeners what kind of beans these were as had not planted them.  Well, I guess they must have been mixed in with some other seed so I did plant them!  I learned they are Italian Flat beans.  I also tried to harvest a few zinnia seeds!

Got quite a bit on Wednesday.  The tomato was funny shaped and my fall redish harvest is pathetic!  Picked a few more Italian flat beans and yellow beans and cut some Bee Balm to dry to flavor my tea this winter.

We took the plunge and bought some apples.  Don't know if that was wise or not as don't know when we will be able to get the applesauce made and some dried in the dehydrator.  The price was enough to give one a heart attack!!!!!

Pulled more carrots on Thursday and the last zuchini.  We have pulled out our cucumber vines and a Patty Pan squash vine.  The Patty Pan did not do well at all for me this year.  Sue picked a few more raspberries on Friday!

Saturday and Sunday and more veggies!  I am so surprised that I am still getting a few things but thankful for them!  Not as many raspberries tho.

I had an angiogram on Friday.  They did it through an artery in my wrist so had to keep it elevated above my heart for awhile.  Still don't know what is wrong with me! I have had seven or eight ocular migraines since then so have been pretty wiped out and have not been able to comment on all my gardener friend blogs!  This is my "brown pill" giving me lots of sympathy!  Have a great harvest day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HELP! What kind of beans are these??

Here is a question for all my fellow gardening friends!  These were growing in with my yellow beans.  I don't know where they came from.  They are not like my pole or bush beans, kind of flat altho one had a small bean in it when I broke it open.  They taste like beans.  What are they? How do I cook them? How do I freeze them? Should I have left them on the vine longer??  Thank you all so much for your help!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday Harvest posting on Sunday!!!

I will be gone most of the day tomorrow so thought I would get this posted today.  Last Monday was nice with just a little of everything!

I baked the three butternut squash I had picked.  Even got a small amount from the one that had the hole in it.  Froze this up into single servings for me for this winter.  Hope to buy a few more to freeze up as mine are done producing and I pulled out the vines.

Tuesday I harvested much the same as Monday except the tomato was rather a poor one and a cuke got away on me again!  Nice to have some tho!

We had to fence in the grape vines or rather we had to fence out our dog!  Coco started eating the grapes and dogs are not suppose to have grapes.  My friend that moved had given us those nice lattace dividers and this was the perfect spot.  Just put a low piece of lattice across the front and this keeps her safe.  What I don't do for my furbaby!!


I have started harvesting a few yellow beans from the old seed I planted late.  Not sure how many I will get as have seen a big ole grasshopper on them.  Something is eating the leaves and the beans so assume that is what it is.  Ugh!  The carrots this time were not as large as some I have pulled but they are still carrots!  So happy to be getting more raspberries!

Did it again!  Went out and picked more parsley to dry!

I didn't pick anything on Thursday but was glad to get more beans on Friday!  Sometimes when I am picking I think the beans are yellow and when I get them in the house they have a tinge of light green!  Does anyone else do that?  I think the zuchini and yellow squash are almost done and the patty pan squash have not done well this year!

Also got a few more raspberrys on Friday.  I couldn't resist setting the bowl in front of the "littles" pictures to snap it!!!  They were taken at Christmas time.  Can you believe it is the middle of September and Christmas will soon be here once again!  Does time fly for you like it does for me?????

I froze up most of the yellow beans.  The way prices are skyrocketing they will be tasty this winter with our meals!!!!  Thankful for all of God's blessings!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Harvest Monday and Friends!

Last Sunday I picked a couple of yellow squash and gave them away.  On Monday this is what I harvested plus a few raspberries not in the picture.  Probably won't get this much again as the garden is winding down for the fall and winter.

On Thursday this is what I picked.  Two cukes, one patty pan, four green beans and a couple carrots.

Not sure when these were picked but one day last week! Hope I got the correct harvest posted on the correct days! lol

These are our friends, Pat and Jim, from TN.  They don't even like to garden but we were having a little fun!  They were kind enough to bring my electronic keyboard and some other things in their trailer from when we sold our park model in AZ and didn't have room to bring in our little car!  Wonderful people!  They are the parents of Joelle who writes the growitathome blog.  Pat and I started out years ago as penpals and then we became good friends.

Don't these look yummy!  Relish, Port Jelly and Bread and Butter Pickles.  Joelle (growitathome) canned them and sent them along for me with her parents.  Aren't I the lucky one!  Especially appreciated because all I have gotten canned so far this year are six pints of pickled beets!  Thank you Joelle!  Hope you all are still having a wonderful gardening season!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Harvest, Flowers, Hummingbird & Dish Cloths

This is what I found on Monday in the garden.  There weren't many parsnips and one good one I chopped trying to get it out.  It is okay.  Old seed and planted in not very good soil plus I have decided I don't like parsnips.  Guess I won't use my space to plant them next year!

I am pleased with the Clematis vine we just planted this year.  I am thinking maybe I need to put a string up the center to give it more to hang on to???

I did it again!  Had a 50 percent off coupon and bought this Obedient Plant!  Why do I do that!!!!  We can't keep up to what we have now!

Tuesday I did pretty well except the cucumber is a little too large for my liking!

Wednesday I noticed that the butternut squash had a hole in it so brought it in.  The next picture will show the hole!  Disappointed.

This the hole altho actually I didn't think it looked this large.  I think a squash bug did it as found a bug on it.  Is that correct?  Do they eat pole beans too??  Looks like they are on the beans also but a little smaller.

Thursday's harvest was a nice little bit for us.  Picked one more butternut squash and it looked okay.

I don't remember which day I pulled the carrot and we are still getting a few raspberries along the way for the "wonderful gardener's" oatmeal!  The "wonderful gardener" has a bad knee right now and hasn't been much help!  I put the tape measure by the carrot so that you could see how large it is.  I probably need to pull them all soon.

I think we are coming to the end of harvest season.  There are three cukes in there, few beans, one tomato and one cherry tomato.

This hummingbird sat on the cucumber trellis for quite awhile.  I was thrilled to get this picture even tho I left my kitchen door open so that I wouldn't make any noise and helped cool the air outdoors!  I took several pictures, getting closer each time until he flew away.  This was my closest picture.

I finished knitting two more dish cloths.  I made a boo-boo on the yellow one but it will still work!

Saturday I picked one yellow squash, one cuke, one tomato, 2 teeny tomatoes, a few greens and a few beans.  I found a little dill that had come up late so added some of that to my salad!  Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day!  Our kids are coming over to labor for us as the doctors and tests still have not figured out what is wrong with me and the "wonderful gardener" has the bad knee.  We are finding out that getting older is not the golden age they say it is! lol We are so thankful for their help and know we are so blessed!

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