Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weekly Report

Does anyone else have a cookbook that looks as battered as this one?!  I received it 57 years ago and I would not part with it!

Our David Austin climbing rose bush arrived and we managed to get it planted last night.  I sure hope it grows well!  I think the roses will be a light pink.

I love this color pink and would have preferred my climbing rose bush to be more this shade but we were lucky to get what we got!

The sweet pepper plant seems to be doing well except for a couple little spots on the leaves.  I did spray it with neem.

This is the yard long bean plant that Chris Fisher gave me the seed for two or three years ago.  I am so happy it is still living.  It is in a 5 gallon pail and what you see around it is cardboard as I am trying to keep Coco from pulling it out and eating the leaves.  I will be heartbroken if she does!!!!!!!

In this five gallon pail is a little snap pole bean plant that I just transplanted today.  Again the cardboard in back of it and a couple pots of basil is in front of it to try to keep you know who from destroying it!

A Morning Glory plant growing up the obelisk Carol Lambe gave me years ago.  It has a little discoloration on the leaves but the next time I use Neem I will squirt some on and see if it helps.  If it continues to get the bad spots before I spray the Neem I will have to do something sooner.  "Wonderful Gardener" was not too keen on keeping the Obelisk as it looks kind of bad and needs painting but I was not ready to part with it.  Besides it gives the rustic look to my yard  and when the Morning Glory covers it and blooms I think it will be pretty.  Can't wait!

The sugar peas are bravely trying to climb my string!

We found a small water fountain and thought it fit in with our yard.  I love to hear the sound of water running when out there.

What do you think?  Would this pot be large enough to grow some potatoes in next year??  Well, this is it for this week!  Please leave a comment and have a super-duper day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lot's to Share

Grab a cup of tea and pull up a chair!  Lots going on in the courtyard.  Here is what I planted around the sundial!

A little path going to the arbor and we put in the flowers on each side.  Hoping Coco doesn't run through them and ruin a plant.

Plants on the ladder to the left of the arbor with the rose bush they put in the corner and the lemon thyme I planted by the edge of the arbor.  I thought this wasn't the ideal growing condition so took a chance and put the lemon thyme in the ground hoping it won't take over!

Flowers potted up on the chairs in the arbor.  Not sure if eventually something will take the place of the bird house but for now it is left there!  "Wonderful Gardener" and I don't always think alike!  For the right side of the arbor we have ordered a David Austin Climbing Rose Bush.

On the right side of the arbor is a plant in a wheelbarrow that my friend gave me a few years ago  Her husband made it and I love it  In the corner is a bleeding heart that takes shade.  It said on the tag Bleeding Heart 'King of Hearts' (Dicentra Hybrid).  We had a row of them behind our screened in porch when we lived in Michigan.  They were in the shade of the porch and an old apple tree and did well.  Bloomed all summer with little care!  I hope it does as well in my little courtyard in Indiana!

The plants are doing well in the Farm Fresh barrels.  My pepper plant was getting little black specks on the back of the leaves and the leaves starting to curl.  I sprayed some Neem Oil on it today and hope that takes care of the problem.  

This is on the left side starting down
towards the potting table.  In the long box is cooking thyme, oregano and sage.

Continuing down the path on the left side is lemon thyme in the biggest long box and basil coming up.  In front of that I planted lettuce, spinach and kale.

The last containers on the left is Rosemary, in the middle, kale planted on one side and turnips on the other side in the larger box and lettuce is coming up in the smaller rectangle box.

Down the right side of the path I have planted perennials.

On the potting bench is a pot of  chives up high so Coco doesn't eat them and a couple pots of  Sugar Peas that I am trying to grow up strings!

My long bed is flourishing now!

Can you see the peas growing around the edge.  I planted zucchini seeds in the middle today.  The peas will be eaten as pea sprouts in my salads.

In the other green pot around the edge is turnips growing.  I am not sure what I will plant in the middle yet.

Lettuce growing around a geranium in the other Farm Fresh barrel.  I tried to save the geranium from last year and it doesn't look all that great but maybe it will improve as the summer wears on.

The strawberry bed is still doing great!

I planted a patio tomato plant on one side of the front porch.  I am hoping it will get more sun there and of course, Coco can't eat it!

And I put a sungold tomato plant in a pot on the other side of the porch.

Lavender planted on each side of the sidewalk.

This is a Roma tomato plant in a bed on legs in the courtyard.  (up high so Coco can't eat this one either!)

My one yard long bean plant in a pail that I am growing from seed from Chris Fisher.  Of course the cardboard is surrounding it so Coco doesn't eat the leaves.  I sure hope I don't kill it myself!

Sue and Craig brought us dinner from The Olive Garden for Mother's Day.

They also got these beautiful two hanging asparagus plants we hung on the shepards hook.

Mike and Melissa and girls brought me a beautiful hanging basket of Begonias and the pretty blue pot to transfer it in.  In doing so it flopped.  I tried to prop one branch up and it broke off.  Woe is me.  I best leave it alone and pray it flourishes  It is a Rieger Begonia 'Solenia' and the tag said full sun.  I thought Begonias liked shade but in googling this particular kind it does like part sun to full sun so it was put on the front sidewalk.

We were happy to have Travis and Amanda stop by with our great-granddaughter!  I was selfish and held her most of the time she was here!  She is just the cutest little thing!!!!!!

Usually it is Cali that is loving on Coco but Sunday I caught this picture of Gracie giving her a little attention.  Well I imagine your tea is long gone so thanks for reading.  Please leave a comment as I love visiting with you! 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Inside Nursery

Really Mr. Weatherman!  Did you have to do this to me!  I am getting mighty tired of lugging all my plants in and out of the house every morning and night!  He had the nerve to say tonight that we would have a frost!  This old oilcloth tablecloth sure comes in handy for setting them on the floor!

And these yet!

And my two tomato plants!  That blob in the dish behind are yard long bean seeds that I planted in an egg shell!  The seeds were two or three years old and I see one is popping through.  Chris Fisher shared them with me.  I am so excited and hope I can get it transplanted into a larger pot without killing it!

My sweet pepper plant is doing so well.  We haul this big basket in the house almost every night and then out again in the morning!  Did I mention we both have bad backs!!  LOL

Covered my strawberry bed!  Not taking any chances!

Pots got set under the long protected bed to try to protect them.

And the pots on top of the potting bench got set underneath it!

Hollyhock plant got covered just in case!

Herbs got covered.

How does one keep straight which plants to keep moist and which ones to let dry out before watering!!!!!

Behind this Cocoa Hazelnut spread (which I love) is a chocolate mint plant.  Do you think it will make my tea taste like chocolate?!

And when I am not hauling plants in and out of the house and tending to my garden I can always knit dishcloths!  I love gardening and I love reading any comments you leave.  Have a happy week!!!!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Order Warmer Weather

I bought lots of  plants today so looks like I have my work cut out for me!  Still more plants on my list to buy!   I also ordered warmer weather but I am afraid they put it on back order!!  Not a happy camper with this cold, windy weather.

I wonder if Coco approves of my new plants!  She hasn't taste tested them yet!

I don't have a large enough courtyard to grow Hollyhocks but if this one is as pretty as the picture it will be worth the space!!   I walked by these plants but couldn't resist so went back!  Here goes!

I planted a couple of yard long beans in these egg shells yesterday.  They were two or three year old seeds but I am hoping!  You never know till you try!

I guess this radish needed to grow a little larger!  I am still enjoying the pea shoots so much that I planted more peas today in the zucchini pot.   I just put them around the edge of the pot so think I will eat them before the zucchini needs the room.  Gotta make every inch count in my mini garden!

Drying our few coffee grounds and saving egg shells to put in the bottom of the holes when I plant my two tomato plants.  Also read these are good for other plants.

What is this mess?!!!  I am drying the coffee grounds on a brown paper bag.  You may find all kinds of odd things in my house as it is gardening season!  This is the last picture for today.  I would love to have you visit and leave a comment!   Would you order warmer weather too?

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