Monday, February 16, 2015

Ho Hum!! Lettuce, Pie, Quilt & More Snow!

The lettuce that I had picked out at the store was so expensive!!!  I left it there and decided to stretch the greens I had this week.  I walked through the snow, cleared the snow and ice off the cold frame and snitched a few spinach and lettuce leaves.  Think there is a beet green leaf or two in there also.  They are not very big but mixing them with the lettuces grown under the grow-lights in the basement I might be able to get by for a week!

I made "wonderful gardener" a blueberry pie for Valentine's Day!  Isn't it the duty of every cook to sample what they make?????

Frosting a valentine cookie together was one of the activities for Grandparent's Day at Gracie's school.  We are holding up our cookies.  It is hard to see them against the white plate.  We frosted with white frosting and then added sprinkles.

I finished up the second lap quilt made out of music materials.  First one went to Sue and this one went to Melissa.

Here is a close up of some of the materials I used.

Ho Hum!  Another round of snow.  I can't see the thermometer on the carrot box again.  That way I won't know how cold it is out I guess!!!  That way I can dream on about flowers and veggies!  I think I do arm chair gardening best of all!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Weather! Ugh!!

I am eating lettuce grown under my Grow Light Box in the basement!!!

Almost too late to get a picture of this!  Made from raspberries grown in our yard.

This picture pretty well sums of the 19 inches of snow we must have gotten from the storm.  A path for Coco had to be shoveled as she is not "potty trained" yet!  We lost our electricity for about three hours.

Today was a little more encouraging. The snow has melted some. No sunshine but at least I could see the very top of the thermometer on the carrot box!

No garden or flower pictures to post so I have to post pictures of my favorite "little person".........or so she thinks!!!!!

A hard life deciding which chair she should nap in!!!!

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