Tuesday, December 20, 2016

House walk through

The day has finally arrived!  We did our house walk through!  We close on the 30th of Dec. and the movers will be coming January 2.  Yippee!!  We are thankful that God has opened the doors for us to do this.

Condo living will be different but we have our own house with a little courtyard between the houses.

The temperature was zero degrees when we left yesterday morning so I am sure with that kind of weather we will enjoy the fireplace!

The master bath.  Two sinks and another sink in the guest bath!  Where were all these sinks when we were bringing up four kids with one bathroom!

I am going to love that refrigerator after this apartment living!  I have had a small kitchen for years.  I turned around and everything was right there.  I may get lost in this one!

We were happy to have our son Scott and our granddaughter Emily come for a few days visit from VA.  This was taken at lunch time at Chili's.  I do love their potato soup and salad!

I have not crocheted much.  Made these scarves and doll scarves to match for Gracie and Cali.

Couldn't resist buying this Christmas Cactus.  I have been wanting one!

Sorry!  I just had to post a picture of Coco.  She looks so cuddly and comfy there!  I hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas!  Thank you for all the past comments you have posted!

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