Thursday, September 19, 2019

Misc. Sept. 19th 2019

Here we are again still plodding along.  Me with my chronic fatigue and hubby spent a few days in the hospital with a blocked small intestine.  Home and doing good now!  Thank the Lord.  Here is one of Coco's favorite spots to lay now.  Under the bedskirt on the bed.  She is 13 and 1/2 half years old and goes about the speed we do.  LOL

I read that it is time to plant my fall/winter garden in the cold frame.  We have had lots of warm days in the 80's but they seem to be doing okay even though the temperature in the cold frame reaches over a 100 degrees.  I do cover with a cloth quite often to help shade them.  Hoping for things to eat at least until December!

This is an 8 ball zucchini.  First year I have grown one.  Don't think I will order seeds again but may try to use up what I have.  I planted regular zucchini too but no luck this year.

Finally getting a few raspberries every day!  Makes me happy.  My friend brought me some she picked for the freezer.  That makes me happy too!

More lettuce I planted in another bed hoping to eat soon.

Trying to figure out how to make a kleenex box cover!  Wish me luck!

I had so many of these last year but have only seen one this year.  It is on my parsley.  Thanks for visiting!  I need to try to go out and plant a few carrot seeds now.  Hope you are enjoying these nice days!  Nancy

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sept. 4th update

My roasted broccoli.  It is roasted alright and went into the trash can.  Better luck next time!

My Raspberry bushes were spilling over into the path!  They have been cut and pulled back and a couple wires put on stakes to hold them back.

I planted celery seed in this pot.  Do I cut them now and dry them or how do I use them?

Christmas cards are so pretty and I hate to just throw them away.  I used this punch to cut out gift tags to be used at Christmas time from a bunch of mine.

I thought this pepper plant was done so I sat it by the door to be thrown out.  It didn't get tossed right away and then I saw some peppers growing so have kept it.  Who knew!

I missed using my hand lotion bars.  I really like them so used my energy one morning to make more.  Guess I kinda forgot how to do it!  Next time I won't fill them so full.  They will be easier to handle and I will probably have enough to fill the forth container.  Till next time enjoy each day!  Nancy  

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