Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lunch, Quilt, Bed & Dogs

This past week we had lunch with our Kindergarten girl, Cali!

Finished sewing the lap quilt top together.  Now to add the batting and back and quilt it!

A close up view of the pattern.

It is after Thanksgiving and time to decorate for Christmas!  I put the Christmas quilt and pillow cases I had made on the bed!

I am furbaby-sitting Sophia for a few days.  Here I am trying to take a nap with both Sophia and Coco on me!  They are both very spoiled furbabies!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lunch, Trees & Christmas

We had lunch with Gracie at her school.  Her little friend wears glasses.  Now I understand why Gracie wants to wear those fashion glasses all the time!!!!!!!

Papa had lunch too!

Our chandelier pear tree was so pretty just a few days ago.  The leaves had all fallen off the fruit trees but not this one.

Brrrrr!  The next day after taking that picture it looked like this!  What a difference a day can make.

I have started on making things for my Christmas projects!  This is Peppermint Coffee.

Made my yearly Buckeyes!  They are not so good for the diet but so yummy!  Well, the peanut butter gives protein and they say dark chocolate is good for you so that must count for something!  Wishing everyone a nice Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Crafts, Trip & Coco

I made two more sets of pillow cases, one for our bed to go with the Christmas quilt I had made previously and one to have for an extra gift in case one is needed.  I am tired of making pillow cases so this is it for now!!!

Needed some more "Just a little note" cards so made up these again.

I love this color of yarn and bought three of them.  I hope to get started soon knitting myself a scarf.  Finished up one more dish cloth.

We took an overnight trip to Shipshewana, IN.  An Amish area.  Met up with some friends we had not seen for awhile for lunch and looked in a few stores.  I can't seem to resist music things so these were added!

From Shipshewana we went over to Napanee and saw the play, "Mary Poppins" in the Round Barn Theater.

Coco visited her little friend, Sophia, while we were gone.  I know she gets very, very good care there but there is no place like home in Mom's bed on her own little quilt!  It is good to be home even for a dog I guess!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Soup, Coco, Rose & Gracie

One day I  used my energy and made some yummy soup!

Also some more granola!

Coco has the life!!  Kinda looks like her daddy does also!

"Wonderful Gardener" is also wonderful husband and brings me a rose once in awhile.  I just love this color!!

Oh my goodness!!  How many of you could do this????  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Crisp, Grands, Pillow Cases, Messy & Coco

I made an apple crisp from some of the half bushel of apples that were left after the apple sauce we froze.  It was yummy!

This was one of our little goblins, Cali, for Halloween!  If I remember correctly I think she was Elsa!

Our other goblin, Gracie, was Wonder Women with the fashion glasses and all!!  I had bought enough little candy bars and packages of M&M's for 100.  We had about 36 little goblins.  It was a rainy night.

Our little climbing rose bush had the leaves eaten off this summer.  The leaves have grown back and it is bravely blooming in November!

I have been busy working on Christmas pillow cases.  Here are five sets completed.

Do you think Santa's workshop is as messy as mine?

Coco makes a nice spot to place my mouse pad.  She doesn't seem to mind as long as she can be up there with me.  Glad you could visit!

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