Monday, October 28, 2019

A Dreary Day Oct. 28,2019

Dreary here today in SW Indiana.  Yesterday was brisk and sunny.  The day before rainy.  A little bit of each!  No frost yet and I hope it holds off for awhile!  Don't you just hate to pull out flowers that are still blooming!   

I just love picking fresh greens from my garden every day for my salad!

Being adventurous and trying recipes from my new cookbook!

I tried the recipe from the Gluten Free Namaste flour site.  This is how it came out of the oven.  It is moist in the center but tastes good toasted.  Next time I will cover with tin foil at the end and bake longer.

I am trying to learn to wrap presents pretty like Annabelle does in the Bluebirds are Nesting blog.  This was a small hostess gift.

 Getting back to knitting dish cloths again!   All for now! Till next time have a safe and fun halloween!  Thanks for visiting!  Nancy  

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Brrrr Oct. 22

I am still picking a few raspberries and strawberries but it has gotten cold here so that will soon stop.  It has been wonderful enjoying them fresh from the garden.  No frost yet.  Hope it holds off awhile longer.

I bought a pie crust and made hubby a raspberry pie from berries gifted to me.

More of our breakfast egg, sausage, cheese "lumps" made up and frozen ready to warm for breakfast!  We really like these.

Finally got fall decorations up!  The next two pictures are of the mantle.  Nothing new added this year to it.

Guess I need to get busy and take more pictures!  Where does every one store their things they take down to put the seasonal decorations up?  Stay warm and cozy and thanks for visiting!  Nancy

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Oct. 6th 2019 Happenings

Feeding my gluten free sourdough.  About once a month I get it out of the refrigerator and feed it with gluten free flour and water and make muffins and pancakes.  Then I put it back in the refrigerator till the next time.  A box of six gluten free donuts can cost $5 so this helps out with the cost of eating gluten free.

The Lord is still blessing us with a few strawberries and raspberries!  When there are too many to eat I slice and freeze them and then put in a bag.  They can be eaten frozen for a snack, put in smoothies or on cereal.

My poor lettuce got beaten down in a hard rainstorm!  That is not a snake in the corner but the cord to my camera!

Sungold tomatoes still producing on the front porch.  We had some days in the 80's but in the 60's now so probably won't be ripening for much longer.  I guess fall has arrived!

Isn't this the most beautiful rose!  It was just a little different color pink and has opened up even larger than in this picture.  I had a tooth extracted but hubby got this a day or two before just because he is glad we can grow old together.  I second that!

I have a small raspberry patch but put a couple in five gallon pots to try.  I also planted strawberry plants around it that I started from runners.  Don't know if they will live through the winter but thought I would try.  Next spring I want to get a blackberry or black raspberry plant to try in a pot.  Gardeners are always planning for next year!  Thanks for visiting and enjoy your week!  Nancy 

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