Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Blog Trouble Part 1

We bought a half bushel of peaches to freeze.  It was a lot of work but we love frozen peaches and they will be so tasty this winter.  This blog is in four parts because "Blogger" has some demons in it and I have to post each picture separately.  I was planning to take a break anyway so won't be posting for awhile.  I harvested about 34 pounds of produce this year from my little courtyard garden.  We really enjoyed eating the strawberries especially.  Thank you for each and every one that read and left a comment for me.  Nancy

Blog Trouble Part 2

This is my flute that I was playing before I developed oral lichen planus.  Gracie started band this year so now she is playing it.  I hope she loves band like her mother and I did! 

Blog Trouble Part 3

I am wondering if this is a good moth or a bad moth.  Can anyone help me out?

Blog Trouble Part 4


I have been sewing away.  The horses is the back of the quilt and the squares are the front.  Still have to add the back and batting.  That is a little bookmark I made laying on the squares of the quilt.

Progress in the Courtyard!

  It was so nice to look out my bedroom window this morning and see the Clematis blooming instead of a pile of snow.  It is a rainy day agai...