Monday, January 27, 2014

Pie, Rose, Game, Littles & Cold!

Raspberry pie using the raspberries "wonderful gardener" picked last summer".  I guess if he is willing to pick them I need to make the pie!!!

I told "wonderful gardener" that I liked to be woo-ed!  He brought me this pretty pink rose and said it was to woo me!!  So I guess I can consider myself woo-ed!!!!  LOL

Let one of my students play this game today at the end of the lesson.  Match the letters to the notes after I spread them out and put the snowmen together!!  I set the timer!

The "littles" were over yesterday and wanted to go out on the deck and shovel snow.  More power to them!!!  I gave them a shovel and a broom.  This is Gracie working away!

And this is four year old Cali with the broom!

I am under the quilt taking my "rest" trying to stay warm.  What you don't see is another little quilt under that one, an afghan over my lower legs and feet and a shawl draped over me!  Coco is my little heater and we have the thermostat set at 73!!!!  Where is spring anyway?????????

Monday, January 20, 2014

Baking, Cooking, Scrubbing, Coco

What does one do when they can't go outdoors because of the weather???  Work in the kitchen of course!  Here is my wholewheat bread rising in the bowl that I bought at a garage sale a long time ago in Michigan for 25 or 50 cents I believe!  A bargain for sure!

And here are oats ready to pop in the oven for my homade granola.

The thermometer did look hopeful but tonight we could get up to 12 inches of Lake effect snow!!!

Here is "wonderful gardener" scrubbing the den carpet!  Gotta keep him in shape for gardening!

And here is "wonderful gardener" resting.  Just one problem!!!  Coco beat him to his chair so he is sitting in my little one.  Hmmmmm.  Who is in control at our house!

Ready to teach one of my piano students!  At the end of her lesson we play a game.  Today I have flash cards all around the kitchen table with notes on them.  If she can read the note correctly she gets to eat or keep the M&M.  If not, too bad!  I get to eat it!  THINK!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Veggies, Meat Grinder, Jewelry & Seed Catalog!

 I bought 10 pounds of potatoes and made up some twice baked potatoes!  Yum!  Had some for a meal and stuck some in the freezer.  Wish I could say I grew them!

This is a tiny butternut squash I did grow.  It was tinier than it looks here I think.  I baked it with a boughten one.  I have not been very successful in growing squash!

This is my Mom's meat grinder that I inherited.  I am so glad to have it as use it to grind up left over chicken, beef or steak to make up sandwiches.

I think I must be the best dressed piano teacher around!  One of my students has been making and giving me jewelry.  Thank you Jocelyn!  I have the sweetest girls taking piano lessons!

I received my Fedco Seed Catalog today.  Three guesses what I will be doing!!  First two don't count!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Someone posted this on facebook!  It about sums up our state right now!!!

This is our front porch and sidewalk.  There are bushes under the snow in front of the railing somewhere!

A path on the deck that "wonderful gardener" shoveled three times so "wonderful furbaby" could go out potty.  It is taller than she is!

The "littles" and their mommy came over one day.  I spread a quilt on the living room floor and we had a picnic  and a treasure hunt in the house.  We had H20 JUICE to drink so that the carpet would not get stained.  I didn't take a picture of us but here is some new artwork for my refrigerator by them!

 Finished knitting a new dish cloth for ourselves!

I got a new book!  What else is a gardener going to do with this much snow except dream and read about gardening!  Have you been doing the same???????

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