Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tea Party, Harvest & Music

I could not resist this little voice on the other end of the phone today when she said "Nana, remember the tea party we are going to have with the dolls?"  So meet the dolls Megan and Madison!!

One more picture of the girls and just one of their dolls.  This one happens to be Madison!  The little blue and white tea set I purchased years ago when we visited Caprilands Herb Gardens in Connecticut.  I let the girls use real tea cups for the first time here!  They did well with them.

Well, this is my harvest of potatoes from my 4x4 foot bed except the few I ate!  Coco enjoyed a few of the tiny ones too!

I was thrilled to find this very first cucumber of the season.  It almost went undetected!

I pulled onions out that were growing in the three pots in the driveway and laid them on the cement a couple days to dry.  They were brought in the garage at night.  They are small but I will use them anyway!  The reason they are in pots in the driveway outside the fence is so that Coco does not eat them in case you have not already guessed!!  Coco would like to be a vegetarian!  

A little of this and a little of that!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to harvest a few fresh veggies all winter!

I finally had enough zucchini to shred for the freezer for zucchini bread!  Hoping to get a little more done.

Before the girls left for home we had a little music time.  This is Cali playing her song for me.

This is Gracie playing her song.  I love my piano and I am hoping the girls will develop a love for playing the piano like I have!  This is something that I can do that does not take a lot of energy.  I have been on my  Lyme antibiotics for 7 days now and no better!  My husband thinks I don't have much patience.

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little more from the Garden!

I am harvesting a zucchini now and then!  Hoping I get enough to freeze some.

Yummy  green beans!  Need to plant some more!

The biggest harvest of raspberries is over now until fall.  Will be picking just a very few each day now.

Dug up a cabbage.  We sure have been enjoying fresh cole slaw!

Another zucchini and my first yellow squash!

More beans, zucchini and I dug up some potatoes that I have been enjoying.

Sue dug up my beets.  My  sweet neighbor made pickled beets for me!  She gave me 7 pints and she kept 3.  What a blessing!!  I knew I would not have the energy to can them as I have extreme fatigue. I have been diagnosed with Lyme, Mycoplasma and Bartonella.  If any of you ladies have Lyme or have had it could you let me know.

This is the Monarda by the pergola.  I have seen two or three hummingbirds on it but not as many as I would like!  The neighbor across the street has quite a few hummingbird feeders.  They would probably prefer to go there!

I never tire of looking out at the flowers.  This is a view that I took.  

This is a little different view that Sue took with her camera!  Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

More lettuce from the garden!  I am afraid that this lettuce will run out before the next planting is large enough to use!

More raspberries too.  It seems we have more smaller ones this year.  I don't know why that would be as we have had quite a bit of rain and I thought raspberries liked water.

I snitched a few potatoes from under the plant.  I think these look a little larger than they actually are!

Sue pulled out my beets and planted a few beans.  Don't know what I would do without her help!  I don't have enough energy to make pickled beets this year so the neighbor lady took them and is going to can them.

We bought 20 lbs of blueberries for the freezer.  I have two tiny bushes but they don't seem to grow or do well.  My soil is not acid enough.

I have an unwanted visitor in my garden!  He is cute but not cute in my garden!  Can't seem to get him out.  Coco runs around barking and having fits but he knows he is safe if he runs in my garden as it has a fence around it to keep Coco out!

My Garden Angel hanging on the kitchen wall that I have had for years.

We celebrated Gracie's 8th birthday today!  She had a water party and fun was had!  Melissa made the cake.  There must be some mistake!  She can't be 8 already!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scenes from my yard!

Hip Hip Hooray!  Raspberry season has just started.  Picked a few today!

I was so happy to see these on my dill!  But.......

I went out today and all I had was this stub and they were gone!  What happened????????????

Lots of bees have been busy doing what bees do!!  Hopefully pollinating my plants!!  Bunnies in my yard and garden so not too happy about that!

Found this large weed in my raspberry patch!  I have not had enough energy to give my garden all the tender loving care that I like to give it this year.

I had such a hard time getting plants to live in this little strawberry pot so I planted a little ground cover this year and it has really taken off!!!

I do have other colors in my yard besides yellow!  I love this Rose Campeon.  

And then there is this peach color lily back of the house.

And this Monarda by the Pergola which I hope will attract the Hummingbirds!

My first big Cleome blooming!

Yellow squash!

Beans, Zucchini and Cucumbers growing in barrels along the fence.

Beans growing in a tote!

Tomatoes in the garden doing well.

Tomatoes in the pails not looking so pretty!!

But one has these little green tomatoes on it and the other one has blossoms.  Maybe there is still hope!  That's it for this blog!  Have a safe July 4th!!!!!

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