Wednesday, September 28, 2016

House, Flowers, Others

A  lot of the siding is on the house now.  The little part in the front under the windows will be brick.  This is just not progressing fast enough to suit me!!!!

These flowers in the back of the apartment complex were looking so pretty one day with the sun shining through! Just had to take a picture!

Our friends from Pt. Huron, Michigan stopped by yesterday.  It was wonderful to see them again and visit.

I set up the card table in the kitchen and Bob hauled my heavy machine out for me.  Now when I get some energy and time I can sew some seams together.  I miss being productive.

It was dreary and chilly this morning and Coco has the right idea!  I think I will take that spot in a few minutes!  Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thankful for Progress

The roof is all on now!  We drove down on Saturday but forgot our camera!  Next will be drywalling the inside and putting the siding on.  Can't wait to get in!!

The fireplace will be nice!

My new boots to walk Coco when it is raining and to work in the courtyard when it is wet!

Coco is listening to Bob making noises in the kitchen and wondering if he might be dropping something accidentally on the floor she can eat!

What is this world coming to!!  I bought Bob an apple pie.  He said it is good too.  I could count on my one hand all the times I have bought a pie in my life!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

House and Flowers

We were surprised at the progress made on our house!

Sue brought me beautiful flowers and some  candy.  I am trying to only eat one candy a day!  Not always succeeding!   They are so yummy!

This is September.  I still have some color left on my plants on the patio!

There are a few other people here that like plants also!  Aren't these beautiful!!

My favorite is this upper balcony one!!  Even a hummingbird feeder hanging.  She has the woods right behind her so I am surprised she gets enough light.  I wonder if she goes out there and pretends she is in a treehouse!  How neat is that!  I would like to meet her!  Thanks for reading!!

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