Monday, August 26, 2013

My Crops, Rose, Pie, Dills & Elderberry

Monday I picked all this!  I am surprised at the amount that I am still getting.  We got just a wee bit of rain and now it is hot and humid and suppose to remain that way for a few days.

Tuesday I harvested a little of this and a little of that.  That was the rest of the carrots from one of the carrot boxes.

I am getting more tomatoes that I thought I would!  There are two cucumbers under the tomatoes.  That pink thing on the right is a zinnia.  It got accidentally knocked over so brought it in the house and put it in a vase.  Little spinach and a kale in the bowl with the lettuce for my salad.  I am trying to stretch my lettuce as I don't have much growing and it is too hot to plant some more!

Greens, tomatoes, strawberries, couple cukes, beans and a red pepper.  I am leaving some of the green peppers on the bush and they are turning red.  Usually I pick them when they are green.  This is what I harvested on Saturday.

A beautiful pink rose.  Smells so good too.  What can I say!!!!  Guess I am spoiled!

No, this was not a bribe for the rose!  I made the blackberry pie after I received the rose!  My blackberries have done so well this year!

Made up another half batch of freezer dills.  My freezer is so full!  Guess that is nothing to complain about!

Do you think my "wonderful gardener" cut this elderberry bush back far enough???  Chuckle, chuckle!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Harvest Time and Other Events!

I still have two more cabbages to harvest!  I will not plant so many next year! LOL

See those four small tomatoes in the front?  They are suppose to be Brandywine!  Brandywine tomatoes are suppose to be huge!  What happened to mine??????  Taste great though!

A couple friends came over for quilting/visiting time again!

I finally finished one of the two Valentine table runners that I started quite some time ago!  I guess I need more quilting days with my friends.  Maybe I will get the other one done by next Valentine's Day!

I quilted this design in the middle.

Pulled three  carrots, and big harvest of beans and a cuke!  LOL

Free gloves!!!  At least they are free after I spend the money on the stamp to mail in the rebate!!!

Tomatoes, cherry and sun gold tomatoes, lettuces, couple cucumbers and a few beans.

Coco and her hair cut!!!!!  She hates going.  I have to carry her into the building!

Gracie riding her two-wheeler!  Look at that pig tail flying!

Gracie and her Daddy came over to go bike riding!

More cukes, beans and blackberries picked today!  

Picked all this the other day.  Getting a few strawberries!  Please excuse this if it appears a little jumbled as had a problem getting it all posted!  I guess it goes along with no rain and the woes of a gardener!

Every August there is a Chamber Music Festival in Michigan City, IN which is not that far from us.  We were privileged to attend a couple of these concerts!  At least I was privileged!  Wonderful Gardener doesn't think it was such a privilege but he will do most anything for his FAVORITE wife!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12th Harvest Report and Misc.

One cucumber and cherry tomatoes.  Got a few more of these potatoes this week but potatoes are all harvested now.  Didn't get a very good crop this year!

Blackberries, strawberries and my big blueberry harvest! LOL

I just love cleome and didn't know there could be this many blooms on one stalk!  So pretty in the garden!

More blackberries and strawberries.  Wish it could be the other way around!  We love strawberries but blackberries not so much!

More blackberries and getting cucumbers and tomatoes right along now.  I saw a sign on Pinterest that I liked!  It said, "Ring Doorbell, if no one answers Pull Weeds!"  I do believe that "Wonderful Gardener" should make that for me!  Don't you agree!!

I do love my lettuce for salads and able to find a little most of the time!

I was gifted with all this produce!  It looks like work and it is but this winter if prices keep going up I will be happy to have not been lazy and preserved it!  Most of the peaches went into a fresh peach pie yesterday and the tomatoes will be canned into tomato juice and the green peppers will be made into stuffed green peppers.  Any extra peppers will be cut up and frozen for pizzas or sauteing. Thank you friends Ann and Paul!

The end to a perfect day!!  I do love my ice cream cones and Bob can very seldom find orange pineapple ice cream which is his favorite.  We were in Pt. Huron, Michigan to go to a funeral and Londons dairy has orange pineapple ice cream!  Of course, I couldn't let him eat an ice cream cone without me!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gardening!!!! Bah Humbug!!!!

I dug up some of the potatoes.  Harvested one cucumber and some cherry and sungold tomatoes.  I am getting a little bit of this and that but not much extra of things for preserving! Bah humbug!

The fence we put up to keep Coco out of the green beans did not keep her out.  She kept crawling through openings that were large enough for her to get through.  I gave up and tore them all out.  I have some planted elsewhere in the garden and hope I will get a few to eat from there.  I also have a few pole and scarlet runner beans growing in the garden.  I had planted the yellow summer squash and the zuchini in 5 gallon pots.  Since I had too many growing  in the pot, I pulled out some and planted them out of the garden area thinking maybe they would be safe.  HAHAHA  I had one yellow squash I was about ready to pick and then Coco got sick about 15 to 3AM one morning.  Yep, she had eaten all of that yellow summer squash and it must have been too much for her little tummy.  I had given her a few cut up pieces of squash in the house before but this must have been overload!!  Needless to say I did not want to clean up anymore messes at 3AM so pulled all the ones outside of the fenced garden area and threw them away.  Yep! I still love my little furbaby!

I am harvesting a cuke or two right along but not enough to make any refrigerator pickles or freezer dills. Bah humbug!

A few blueberries from the one bush that is producing.  There are just a few more out there yet.  Bowl of blackberries.  The two bushes are really producing a lot this year.  Two bad we are not real fond of them!  I will probably make jam or blackberry syrup out of them.  Or a pie!

The cherry tomatoes are really producing well.  I am getting a few sungold too and I really like them.

Isn't this ugly!  The three tomatoes had these ugly spots on them.  The rest of the tomatoes seem to be okay now.  Something had eaten that hole in the green pepper too. (Wasn't Coco either!) Bah humbug!

Lettuce, two cukes and four strawberries!!!! The strawberries were a nice treat for "wonderful gardener" and I to share! 

This is a fine how do you do!!!  I have two dwarf Asian pear trees.  On one the pears seem to be fine.  On the other a lot of them are cracked like this one in the picture.  Why!!!???  We were trying to water them because we didn't get rain for quite awhile and then we did get some rain.  I wouldn't think it was from too much water but what do you think???? Bah humbug!

The Hibiscus has started to bloom.   I will end on a positive note with this picture.  Is it time to put the gardens to bed for the winter yet!

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