Thursday, August 22, 2019

Another Setback!! 8/22/19

Isn't this just the prettiest little bouquet!  The pot says Bee Well Soon.  I had a toothache start Friday.  By Monday my chin and jaw were badly swollen.  Had it fixed but by the third day I was red down into my chest with blood infection so was admitted to the hospital for five days on an IV and home on oral antibiotic for 10 days. Many prayers were sent up on my behalf.

Sue also brought me a half dozen beautiful pink roses after I was home.  She knows I love PINK!

Got my gluten free sourdough starter out of the refrigerator and started feeding it again and made up sourdough pancakes for a month and froze and the last batch of gf sourdough muffins will come out of the oven soon.  Then back into the refrigerator the gf sourdough starter will go for another month!

Not the best looking cucumbers but I wondered at one point if I would get any.  So far no zucchini and I doubt I will.  I thought zucchini was suppose to be easy to grow!

I am not too impressed with growing Amaranth so will probably plant fewer next year.  As you can guess not much accomplished around my little homestead lately!  Thank you for visiting and please come back again!  Nancy  

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