Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunshine today! Woo hoo!

It is 2 p.m. and 44 degrees!  I was very happy to see my Iris I planted last year is peaking through.  Also my chives in a pot are growing from last year.  Didn't know if they would come back in a pot.  Maybe nice weather will get here before long.  At least I can hope!

I am buying green beans for my dog!  Anyone else do this?   My green beans did not grow well last year so am hoping for better results this year.  Hate spending my money buying green beans for Coco!

We celebrated Papa"s 78th birthday!  It is always nice to have the help of grandkids and now Nora, the great grandkid!  I love it when all the family gets together.  13 of us
here but we miss the kids from the east coast!

What happened to the simpler days when I just pushed a button and the TV came on!  Now there are three different remotes for the same TV.  Blows my mind so "wonderful gardener" ran this helpful picture off for me of the main remote!  I think I was born in the wrong century.

Muffins made from Bob's Red Mill muffin mix.  Too sweet!  When I could bake with regular flour I was cutting down on the sugar so got use to eating less sugar.

I discovered a new tea I really enjoy.  Licorice Spice!  Try it, you'll love it!

A pot of homade vegetable soup gets more veggies down us!

I have a curtain rod above my craft counter and it is a great place to hang these strips while waiting to be sewn together.

A new cart to store some of my card making supplies!  If I am not careful I will be as organized as some of my " super organized friends"!  I won't mention names but three of them begin with  P, with a C and one begins with a K.  LOL

"Wonderful Gardener" has many talents!  He cut up cardboard for me to wrap my material on to go neatly in my baskets.

Last but not least the thermometer in my cold frame read 90 degrees yesterday and the soil is warming up.  Soon I will plant a few seeds and see how they will do.  Have a sunshiny kind of day and it would please me if you could leave a comment!

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