Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day, Harvest, Coco & Flowers

Memorial Day!  I am thankful for all the people that have protected our country!  I am proud of our son who is currently serving in the Navy!

I have been picking asparagus but not taking pictures of it!  Here is some parsley and lovage that I hung to dry.

Sue came over several mornings last week to help us weed!  Boy, we sure appreciated it as these youngsters are having a hard time keeping up lately!!!

OH, OH!!  BUSTED!!!  Mom has this little asparagus patch outside of her big garden fence.  I thought I would just help myself and pick my own.

Shhhhh!  Don't tell Mom and Dad how I sneak in and out!

Coco said:  "I left this hole in the little asparagus patch because I had to dig down so far to get it all out!  You would think they could make it a little easier for me!"

A pretty pinkish salvia!!  I love pink in my yard.

The dark purple Iris are done blooming but now the lavender and white ones are so pretty!

And the yellow and lavender ones!!  I love Iris and wish I could have some blooming all summer.  Hope you had a wonderful day!

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th Harvest and Gardens

Asparagus, spinach, lettuces and one green onion.  The asparagus harvest will soon be over!

Some of my cabbages are doing quite well and some are still small!  I am not getting as much gardening done as I would like as my allergies are very bad this year.

  This strawberry bed surprised me with loads of blossoms!  A pleasant surprise indeed!

Look closely and you will see one sweet pepper in the middle of the marigolds!!!  I am trying to discourage the bugs plus make it pretty!

I am finally getting some color in the yard after the seemingly never ending winter we had!

This little bird was either singing his song to me or scolding me good and proper!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Veggies, Flowers and Disaster

Greens and a couple radishes!

Still more asparagus growing!  I even had a little extra to freeze!

This is my disaster!  Or I should say Coco's disaster!  I had rigged a fence around this one little patch of asparagus but it didn't keep her out as you can see!  She eats the asparagus right to the ground and as far down the nubs as she can!  "Wonderful Gardener's" toe is starting to feel a little better so he will definitely have to put a better fence around it for protection!

This Brunnera was so full of pretty blooms I just could not resist taking another picture of it!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

It was time to bring the hat out with the bird and nest for the front door!  I think warmer weather is here although we had quite a storm last night.

And here are my beautiful Mother's Day plants to cheer up the front steps!  Coco is guarding them!  If this was the real Coco she would more likely be eating the flowers off!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Still Harvesting, Brunnera, Minion and Mask

I am still harvesting a little spinach and a small radish.  Why aren't my radishes doing well this year?  Usually the beginning of spring I can grow radishes!

I am thankful for more asparagus!!  Am I harvesting it too short or should I let it grow some?

This Brunnera that a friend's daughter from Michigan gave me as a starter looks so cheery in the spring!  Enough to brighten anyone's day!

More spinach, few greens, couple little more radish and a couple more asparagus in the bottom.

The "littles" brought me this!  Gracie said it was a Minion!  Now what in the world is a Minion??  Is it from a movie?  This Nana never had a Minion when she was little.

This rose that "wonderful gardener" brought me is one of the prettiest!!  Life is a little discouraging now and we can't accomplish much outdoors because I have allergys and oral lichen plantus and he had a toenail removed!  Life will get better!  Who knew growing younger would be so challenging!

"Wonderful Gardener" has sleep apnea.  Here he is learning how to use the mask.

The onions I planted in pots in the driveway are doing well!!

"Wonderful Gardener" will not be too happy about this but I am!  New growth on the Elderberry bush that he scalloped last fall!  What should I do to make it look a little better?

This little clump of violets were in a starter of Shasta Daisy that a friend gave me.  I think they are pretty but if I remember correctly they spread!!  How can I keep it in this nice little clump or can't I????  I am full of questions today for my wonderful gardener friends!!!  Thanks!!

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