Monday, December 30, 2013

We had a great Christmas and hope all my blogger friends did also!  Below is a video of our Christmas Eve! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Variety of This and That!

No harvest!!!  Meet my two piano students standing in front of my Christmas tree!  Merry Christmas to them!

We had lunch with our first grader, Gracie!  She thought that pizza was sure good!

Time to play!  Too cold to go outside.  If only I could do the splits like that it would help me with my gardening!!!!

A couple ladies came over to quilt.  Ann had made a set of these beautiful pillow cases!!

We had some couples over for coffee and dessert after our church Christmas cantata.  I found these cute napkins to set the table with.  If only this was true!!!!!

My "Wonderful Gardener" is shoveling a path for our furbaby to go out to "potty"!  Not spoiled one bit!  
What we don't do for our dogs!

I think this means I can start my "armchair gardening"!  I have received one seed catalog in the mail so far.  I'll be back after the holidays!  Enjoy yours!!!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Is It Warm Enough to Garden??

Would you go outside to garden???????

I have been picking greens from my cold frame all along.  Today I picked a few but they were small and looked so cold and hurt!  Maybe even a little frosted.  I about froze my fingers off so have decided that I will be buying lettuce and spinach from the store for awhile!  I am a wimpy gardener but think I did well to not buy until December from the store!!!

I took Coco for a walk one nice day and a lady was bagging up leaves!  Aha!!!  I asked her if I could have a couple bags and dragged them home and put them in the garage.  Now I have some leaves to add to my compost pile next spring!

Made "Wonderful Gardener" a raspberry pie from the raspberries he had picked last summer!

My two piano students are wonderful!  The youngest made me this card and brought to me last week.

On the inside it said, "Dear Mrs, nancy,  I hope you have a great cristmas. I enjoy you take en your time to help me.  I love you like if you were in my family but you are a part of my family.  Yours Truely, Jocelyn.   Wasn't that sweet!!!  I tried to copy it like she printed it.  I am not related so not sure how she thought I was a part of her family but thought the card was precious!

Sue, Melissa and I went to see the Nutcracker on Wednesday night.  Then I had my Christmas/Winter band concert last night so it has been a busy week.  I want to leave you with a video to watch if you haven't seen it that I thought was so neat!   I hope you like it!  Enjoy!!!!!

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