Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept. 29 Harvest and Downsizing

This assortment is what our little garden is still producing!  A few small tomatoes left yet too.

We have been busy canning applesauce.  Love our thick lumpy applesauce!  36 pints are done and now we have to do apple crisp for the freezer and dehydrated apples.  The honey is what I buy from a man around the corner from us.  Yum!

"Wonderful Gardener" is removing this area along the fence to make his life easier!  He is tired of pulling weeds!

"Wonderful Gardener" and Mike moved this barrel over near the deck from that area being removed.  It has spearmint and lemon balm in it.

Plants and a few small bushes were removed from around the fountain area and grass planted.  We are leaving a little circle for flowers around the fountain and I will have to redo the flowers next spring so that it will be prettier.  This has been the life at Cozy Thyme Cottage lately besides doctor appointments.  "Wonderful Gardener" says we wouldn't have a social life if it wasn't for our doctor appointments!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Harvest, Vacation and Coco

I have not been faithful in taking pictures of the produce I have picked but here is a sample including what I harvested today.  I will be glad when the garden work is done for this year but not happy when I don't have anymore veggies and raspberries from our yard!

We were all out of jam and jelly so I made some freezer raspberry jam and threw a few blackberries in with it.  Yummy!  I need to find some smaller freezer containers as we don't eat that much jam at a time.

Coco snitched my only yellow tomato left and ate the whole thing! I was not too happy about that!  She said it was really yummy!  

This is the new raised bed "wonderful gardener" made to make my life easier next year!

This beautiful Cleome is growing in one of the cement blocks around the compost pile.  It adds a lot of color to the garden this time of year!

We went on a short vacation to TN.  Stayed overnight in Frankfort, KY one night.  These are the beautiful gardens in front of the governor's mansion.

There was also a beautiful floral clock in Frankfort.

Thoughts turn toward quilting this time of year.  This is just a scrap quilt I am making out of material I had.  Pinning the back and batting to it.  When the garden work slows down what hobby do you like to do???????

Monday, September 8, 2014

Flowers, Veggies, Change & Coco

  I think this is an Obedient plant.  "Wonderful Gardener" thought it was so pretty with the sun shining on it but the picture does not do it justice!

A nice big vegetable bowl full of raspberries!

More raspberries, yellow squash, cucumber and a couple little carrots.  Have not harvested very many carrots yet but I think most of them are small this year.

The mama squash and baby squash grew together.  I have never had that happen before!

There is "change" going on in our backyard this summer!!!!

My raspberry picker hard at work!

Can you see Coco back there to the left?  The Raspberry Picker's helper hard at work also!!!

Done picking raspberries!  Hmmmm.  Wonder if there is anything on the other side of this fence for me to help with!!!!  If they would only let me in to check it out!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Report!!

Here it is Sept. 1st!  Beginning to feel like fall but we are still getting lots of rain and humidity.  Here is an assortment of veggies picked.

And some more picked!  I really think the garden is about done!

Vegetable bowl of raspberries.  So happy to have them still producing!!

We hosted our Bible Study.  I am not a flower arranger but it was so nice to go out in the yard and pick these and stick in a sundae glass!  Happy  Labor Day!

Progress in the Courtyard!

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