Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's going on!

The sugar peas are done now but I enjoyed them while they lasted!

Enjoying the lettuce and kale being picked from the garden now!

A friend gifted me with a jar of her homemade mayo made from her organic eggs to try.  She used some chive blossom vinegar in it that I had given to her.

Gracie enjoying s'mores made in the microwave!  Almost as good as over a campfire!

Cali is enjoying her s'mores also.  Doesn't that just make you want one!!  I had one and it was soooo yummy!

This was taken of the lavender a few days ago.  I think it is even prettier now.  The bees seem to love it too!

My sheep had to be moved over to the rose circle as it was getting too crowded in the flower bed.  They don't seem to mind!

The flower bed has too much yellow in it and I have yellow other places in my yard too!  Need more pink!!!!  Time to do rearranging this fall!  Love the pink and purple colors.

Coco is taking care of  "Wonderful Gardener" who had arthroscopic surgery on his knee.  She takes her job seriously and no one know what a hard life she has!!!!

There must be a bunny or a bird the other side of the fence. Coco likes to dig under it which is a no no!  There was a bunny that got  in our yard one time.  She was chasing the bunny around the yard and I was chasing her.  What a laugh the neighbors must have had!  I hope they weren't watching!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Harvesting and Coco

We are now harvesting some strawberries from our own yard!

We also bought 5 buckets which is about 20 pounds because our yard does not produce enough to freeze for the winter.  Sue helped us get them done up.  Here are a few of the containers ready to go into the freezer!  Yum this winter!

I am trying to like and use kale as I know it is so good for you.  So far I have not succeeded in loving it but use a little.  I planted four different kinds.  Froze this up for greens to steam or to put in smoothies in the winter.

I cut some chive blossoms and made up a lot of chive blossom vinegar.

This is my clematis.  I have a lot of blooms towards the bottom but just buds yet towards the top.  Is that the way it is suppose to be?  I have quite a few toads in the yard this year.  I guess that is a good thing.  Do toads pee???  I was out in the flowers and one stopped near me and peed or at least a lot of water came out of him/her!

Sue brought Marley over one day.  She is Travis dog but Sue loves her.  She is looking in the french door.  Look at the next picture and see Coco's reaction!

 This is our brave Coco.  She is peeking under the kitchen chair out the door at Marley.  She is afraid of big dogs!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Garden Progress May/June

I cut some parsley to dry.  Have been eating lettuce and radishes from the garden.  Cut some kale to eat and to freeze and froze up some spinach.  Enjoyed the asparagus but that is about done now. The season has begun!  

It all started a few months ago when I tried to grow some things from seed.  Hauled them out here for a few days to harden them off.

The Brunnera and Daffodils are among my first things to bloom and always brightens the day.

The money plant and these Iris were so pretty a bit ago.

A prettier picture of the Iris.

We redid our fountain area and made it smaller.  I think I chose the wrong flowers as it doesn't look so pretty now!  You win some and you lose some!

This is the pot of flowers I made up for the deck.

Carrots growing in one of the carrot boxes on the deck.  I have thinned them some but may have to do a little more.

Bee Balm growing by one deck steps to attract the hummingbirds to watch while I eat in the pergola.

Color is coming in the flower bed!

My cabbages and Kale growing under this cover.

Beets and tomato plants.  Three of the tomato plants I started from seed and none of them look too great yet but still green so there is hope!

Sugar peas growing up the trellis.  Can't wait!

My bed of potato plants look great!  Sure hope they are developing potatoes underneath those plants!!!

Some lettuces but wanting it to get larger although am using some of it now!

My first strawberry almost ripe enough to pick!  Sure hope Coco doesn't snitch it on me!!

Growing dill and cleome in the holes in the cement blocks in the back of the compost pile!

Zucchini growing here.  Should I pull one or two of the plants out or leave them????

Planted Provider Beans in this barrel.

On the left is a Sungold cherry tomato that I bought and on the right is a red cherry tomato that I started from seed.

My poor little lone green pepper plant!

The entrance to my veggie garden!  Come and visit!

Most of the lavender bed made it through the winter.  Will see how well they bloom this year!  This is what all I have been busy doing among other things!  Hope all you gardeners out there are enjoying this garden season!!!

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