Monday, March 30, 2015

Sandwich filling, Cockscomb, Anemone and Quilt

I used my Mom's old meat grinder and ground up some leftover steak of some kind.  Then I mixed mayo and mustard, chives I had dried from the garden, dilly carrot that I had canned, cut up freezer dills from either my garden or a friends that I had frozen, celery and radish.  Added seasonings.  It makes a healthy delicious sandwich filling!!  Much healthier too than the lunch meat you can buy.

I planted some of those cockscomb seeds that grow tall and are so pretty!  They seem to be doing well.  I have thinned some but will have to thin more.  Thinning is sometimes painful!

I walked past this beautiful Pandora Double Blue Anemone and it was screaming at me to buy it!  Couldn't resist!  I have never had an Anemone plant before!

Scrap quilt finished!!!!  The only thing I bought for it was the DMC floss to tie it with.  Used a sheet I had and material I had.  It is a single bed size.  I think in the old days they didn't go out and buy all their material to match to make their quilts but used whatever they had.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Still using a little lettuce from what I grew under the Gro Light Kit so I guess that will have to count for my harvest!!!

Cabbage was 19 cents a pound so I made up some freezer cole slaw  for "wonderful gardener" to eat this coming winter!

Well, it looks like a little spinach, parsley and red lettuce made it through the winter in the cold frame!  I have recently planted more lettuce, spinach and radishes in the other spots.  The lettuce is up although you can't see it in the picture.

Pruning the raspberries is done!!  My "little helper" Coco says I did a good job!  I am glad I have her approval!  She is looking forward to eating the ones on the lower branches again this year!

The daffodils (in the middle in the back) and a few other perennials were brave and started growing.

Did I put my Gardening Angel out in the garden too soon??  She looked happy at the time!

My blogging friend and penpal Connie made this beautiful spring banner for me!  Doesn't it look like spring hanging from the mantel!  Thank you Connie!

Disappointed!!!!  Got up to this beautiful sight this morning and more is coming down!  I think someone forgot to tell the weather man that it is spring!!!  Quick!  Send him a message for me!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Lettuce, Pruning, Birthday & Coffee Grounds

This will be the second cutting of this Cut and Come again lettuce.  It had to be moved out from under the Grow Lights to make room for newly planted seeds to go out in the garden.

Hmmmm.  Let me think!  How should I do this??  "Wonderful Gardener" pruned our fruit trees.  Sprayed them with Horticultural Oil today.  Hoping for some fruit this summer!!

"Wonderful Gardener" celebrated another birthday!  We are both older than dirt now!!!  Love the expression on Gracie's face.

And guess what this might be!  Coffee and tea grounds for my compost pile that I have been saving.  Grounds from one cup of coffee every morning does not add up very fast but waste not, want not!  Or so I have heard!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Beautiful Day! There is Hope!!!

Pie baked again from the raspberries frozen grown in our yard!  Are you tired of seeing pictures of my pies!  "Wonderful Gardener" doesn't seem to get tired of eating them!!!!

I think there was a small critter that came up under the garden fence that Coco tried to find!!  She says, "no veggies so what else am I suppose to do!"

This beautiful rose from "my secret admirer" does make it seem like spring, don't you think?

I have been working on a couple things waiting for gardening time.  This is a single size scrap quilt just waiting to have the binding sewn on.

Also knitting the usual dish cloths!  What have ya'll been up to?  Did I do that right?  My southern daughter-in-law has been trying to teach this yankee ya'll.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this happy little bird perched on the birdhouse singing away on this beautiful day!  There is hope all you gardeners!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Baking, Company, Sweater & Honey

Sweets sure sound good when it is cold out!  Well, they sound good anytime to me!  I made pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips in them.  Healthy don't you think!  They have pumpkin in them so let's agree on this one!

The peach pie I made from canned peaches is healthy too.  Had fruit in it!!!!!!

Now in case that was not enough sweets I bought 2 quarts of local honey from the man around the corner!

It is nice to share sweets with a friend over a cup of tea.  Dianne came over with her darling furbaby and she is holding her along with Coco.  Notice Coco's paw in the plate.  She has her priorities right!

Coco got groomed and it was bitter cold out.  I felt sorry for her and bought a doggie sweater.  I am not sure she is too enthused about it though!!

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