Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Must be Winter

It is that time of year again in Northwest Indiana!  Coco gets a path shoveled for her to go out to potty.  Similar to trudging to the outhouse!

Our courtyard looks like this.  Hubby pushed some of the snow off the cold frame but not off the protective cover so you can see how much we got.  I know others received lots more than we did.

Another picture of the small raised bed and strawberry bed.  Hubby pushed some snow off the one end.  I wonder if my strawberries will make it.  We have had some bitter cold weather.

Gluten free chicken pot pie tastes really good in the winter.  Let's face it, I think it tastes good year round!

I have been sick with the "yuck", cough and cold, so have sewed more.  Made a few of these little kleenex covers to carry in one's purse.  I don't know how practical they are but they do look girlie!! 

These are flannel hankies!  I learned about making them from the Bluebirds Are Nesting and Garden Pat blogs.  They are soft on the nose when it is sore from a cold!  Thank you for visiting and try to stay well!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bit of Everything

The weather has been bitter cold and I don't think I will be able to do any gardening soon!

I did order and receive seeds and Trifecta fertilizer from MIgardener.  From MI of course and in the area we use to live!  I am trying a couple new things and would like to grow lots of greens for our salads.

My huge carrot harvest!  LOL  My carrots did not do well at all this year.  These were left in the raised bed with the protective cover but the top of the dirt was frozen so decided I would just pull them out.  Better luck next year!

We had a wonderful Christmas!  All our kids were home and also our grandson and his new wife from China.  It is a rare occasion when everyone can come at once!

Coco enjoys her treats from her stocking every year.  She gets a WHOLE carrot and a couple treats.  As you know she loves her veggies and remembers the stocking as soon as I bring it out.

I did finally finish the flannel lap quilt.  It took me forever!

And this is the material on the back of the quilt.

And I got some more garden books from the library to read.  Even though I have lots of my own I can't resist them when we visit there. 

I baked this gluten free apple crisp from the freezer that I made last fall and it is delicious!

So many fun things to do!  I need a housekeeper!  I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Please leave a comment so I will know you have been here and it will brighten my day being cooped up in the house!  No walks with Coco in this weather!!

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