Saturday, February 27, 2016

Weather, Runner & Dogs

One fine day the weather was this!  Actually we had a couple days like this!

And......I was out weeding!  It felt so good to be outdoors!

And......then this!  I was out shoveling!  Didn't feel so good being outdoors!

I was finally able to finish the binding on one of the table runners and I have been doing some knitting.

Bob has a pinched nerve so can't do anything except mostly reading and computer work.  Sure miss his help!   Sophia came to stay a couple nights.  Do you think she is thinking that he should put that book down and pay attention to her!!!!!

You are probably wondering what these are!!  LOL  I have faith that eventually I will be able to plant carrots and these are my carrot tapes I made.  I glued carrot seeds a certain distance apart so that I don't have to thin carrots when they come up.  I will lay them down in the carrot box, sprinkle a little dirt, and water a little.   Hopefully they will come up!

Coco will be all rested up so that when the vegetables grow she can help pick!  What are you keeping busy at this winter?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Misc. and etc.

Saw my first robins February 11th!  There were four of them sitting in the Chandelier Pear tree by the deck!  Spring will soon be here!

The thermometer was registering 30 degrees that day.  The sun was shining on it.  We have had a few really cold days but it is suppose to warm up the end of next week.  Better days ahead!

Coco went to visit the groomer.  It is not her favorite thing to do, and I don't think she is very enthused about how clean and nice she looks.

Mom put this silly sweater on me.  It is more bother than what it is worth and her enthusiasm for putting it on me didn't last long!  If it is cold out I do my business and don't dawdle!   I do look kind of cute in it though....... don't you think!

I made zucchini bread again!   Will be making more of this as have more grated zucchini in the freezer from the garden.   "Wonderful Gardener"  doesn't seem to get tired of it.  Not yet anyway!

I like muffins for breakfast with some peanut spread on them so made these up today.  

My "helper" has a pinched nerve so isn't doing much these days.  Boy, I sure do miss his help too!  
Happy Valentines Day tomorrow to everyone!
We were engaged 56 years ago today.  Time sure flies by!

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