Monday, March 25, 2013

Pizza, Cole slaw, Bag, Games & Tea set

Northwest Indiana can't seem to remember spring!  So homemade pizza using onions from my garden and frozen green peppers from my friend's garden!  I have finally found a recipe that we like that I can make the crust ahead, prebaking, freezing and then pulling one out of the freezer the day I make them and adding the toppings.  I used homemade pizza sauce I froze also! I added cheeses, little hamburg and pepperoni besides the onion and green pepper.  Quite proud of myself for being able to accomplish this! lol

I bought four heads of cabbage and am making freezer cole slaw for my "wonderful gardener".  He really likes it!  I use my mini Cuisinart for grating the cabbage and it takes me forever.  He is worth it!

My friend made this darling little potato bag for me to bake a potato or two in the microwave.   I like to wear a lot of pink so she chose pink to make it for me!  Thank you Anna!!!!!!!

I am not a game person!  I need to learn to play some games because I am going to start mentoring a kindergarten boy one hour a week at a public school.  I am doing it through an organization called Kids Hope ( ).  It is a wonderful organization nationwide through the churches.  We are not allowed to say anything about God or the church unless they ask a question which we can answer but I am hoping I can make a positive influence in his young life and show a little love of Jesus.

I received a couple new magazines in the mail!  I drool over some of the ideas in the Country Gardens magazine.  My "wonderful gardener" wishes I would not get new ideas!  The little one cup tea set is a gift from him.  I was heartbroken when I broke the handle off the cup!  He glued it back together but I can't use it for anything except a decoration but the tea pot I am still able to use.  Blogging is such hard work!  I think it is about time for a cup of tea.  Would you care to join me?  Pull up a chair and tell me what flavor you would like!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pie, Plants, Table Setting, Runner, Bunny Basket, & Quilt

I made another raspberry pie out of the berrys frozen from our bushes last summer.  Gardening season has not arrived yet!

This is the extent of my "in house" gardening as no more window space!  Do I get credit for trying?  Three scented geraniums started from the mommy plant and a few Morning Glory seeds and a few Basil seeds started.

I decided to change over to spring colors and hurry the season along!  I love the little brown tea pot in the middle as it was my Mom's.  I don't know if she bought it or if she inherited it.  I wish I would have asked more questions!!!!!

I put this cheery table runner on my antique sewing machine cabinet with the "little's" pictures.

My well behaved bunnies have taken up residence on my "Green Stamps" coffee table!

When it is chilly it is nice to cuddle up in this cozy quilt that I made some time ago!  How are your gardening experiences going??????

Monday, March 11, 2013


Yippee!  I had these sitting in front of our french door window!  Several of the Morning Glory have sprouted and if I look really hard I can see a couple of basil peeking through in the other tray!

Our snow has melted and we have had rain.  I went out to check the cold frame and the greens have seemed to live through the snowstorm!  I see there is a weed and a couple pieces of grass to pull out too!  I put the cover back down as it is not that warm here yet.  Last year we had a mild winter and I planted turnips, shell peas and sugar peas on March 7th!  Not this year!

I did get some cards made up!  This is one of them and I need to get  a couple different kinds done ahead.

I love this lamp.  So far it has survived the dog and grand-kids!   It was broke and given to me by my sister.  My handy hubby fixed it! Three cheers for handy hubby!

It was handy hubby's birthday celebration and the "littles" made this art work for him that I hung on the refrigerator.  "Littles" sure do brighten up one's life!

Another book checked out from our library!  Had to see if I could learn anything from it while waiting for warmer weather.  Some of you are lucky and already planting outdoors! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seeds, Orange Peels, Doves & Cards

I hope to harvest something from these seeds someday!  I planted Morning Glory Seeds in the tray on the left and Lemon Basil and Sweet Italian Basil in the tray on the right.  I don't have a good place to start seeds in the house but thought I would give it a try!  Makes spring come faster, don't you think!

I put orange peels in a jar with white vinegar over them and I have to let them set for a couple of weeks.  I'll just add some water and I will have an organic cleaning solution.  Well....not quite organic.  The oranges weren't organic.

These two doves were sitting on the edge of one of my square foot gardening boxes.  They looked so sad!

One of them moved over to the garden gate!  I wonder if he or she thought it might be warmer there? Or perhaps mad at the other?

Not much going on here this week!  I need to make up some cards and got the rubber stamps out.  That is as far as I got!  The snow is falling so pretty today.  We are suppose to get quite a lot.  I don't mind when I can stay in the house and look out at it!  Soon gardening season will be here!  Soon!!!!!!!

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