Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Flurries

We woke up to a little snow one morning!  I guess we should expect it this time of year in our area but it was great to enjoy the nice weather we were blessed with.  It may have spoiled me a bit.

Good thing we put straw on the strawberry bed and winterized it the best we could.  Hoping the plants will make it.

My cold frame cover came to late to plant this year but I ordered seeds yesterday and will be ready when the time comes!

 It is 8 foot long and 2 foot wide but sure looks long here!

And then we received more snow!  How many days till spring?

I bought a couple more cabbages and made up more freezer cole slaw in my bread bowl!  LOL  Sure miss my home made whole wheat bread on this gluten free diet!

I bought the Udi's brand of gluten free breakfast sandwich.  It was expensive and I liked mine that I make just as well so made up more and froze.

Of course I save all those egg shells for my garden and crush them with a rolling pen.

I am thrilled to see my Christmas Cactus blooming!  What a cheery sight when I walk by.  Thanks for visiting!  Stay warm and dream about your gardens!!!

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