Thursday, November 17, 2016

Catch Up!

I have been neglecting to post on my blog!  Too tired or too busy it seems.  We had a couple birthdays!  This is Cali, our youngest grandchild celebrating her 7th birthday!

This is the fireplace in the new house.

Right in the middle!  2810 will be our new address.  It was exciting for me to see these go up.

Cali was a Cupcake for Halloween!

Cali and Gracie ready to head out trick-or-treating!  It was a beautiful night with no rain and no snow!

Our new kitchen.  I think the refrigerator and stove will go in this week.  The space on the right hand side is where the electronic piano with a shelf above it will go for a TV.  We could get bar stools but for now, I don't think I want them.

Kitchen sink.  There is a little design in the counter which doesn't show up here very well.

Master bedroom closet.  I will have to buy more clothes to fill it up.  More likely I will store my material and craft supplies in here!

Den carpet.  We have this carpet in the den, two bedrooms and the hallway going to the bedrooms.

This is the color of the hardwood floors.

I had a birthday too.  Gracie and Cali will assist me in blowing out the candles.

My beautiful birthday cake!!!!

The landscaping was put in.  I think a couple of the bushes are Hydrangeas and the builder thought the tree in the left hand corner was an ornamental crab apple.  He didn't know much about what kind of bushes they were as the landscaper did it.

Whew!  If you hung in there this is the last one!  Thanks for visiting!

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