Tuesday, February 20, 2018

January 20th 2018

Fifty dollars worth of gluten free mixes from Bob's Red Mill!  I dislike not being able to have wheat, barley and rye but......it could be worse!!

I made up one of the chocolate chip cookie mixes.  Here they are minus one!  A baker always has to sample whatever they bake!  They are pretty tasty but can't measure up to the ones that I use to make in Michigan when the kids were growing up!  

Our little sweetheart, Nora, came for a visit.  Look at that!  Standing up to the couch already!  She will be a year old in April.  Time goes by so quickly.

Another matching pot holder and dish cloth finished.

I saw instructions of how to make cloth bookmarks so thought I would give it a try.  I had cut out three.  Not sure how practical these are but there are still some people that would rather have a book in their hand than read it on a kindle.  That happens to be me although I do read them on my kindle too.

I am reading "Powerless The Year The Lights Went out". 
  Here's the synopsis that Amazon gives for the book:
A nationwide power cut sends the UK into darkness and the lights are going to be off for a long time. There is no mains water, no petrol and no news. Towns and cities are chaotic and dangerous. Who will survive the months ahead without electricity? But out in the country, Sandra is determined to keep going. Can she keep her family healthy through the long, wet winter? And can they all adapt to life without power?
   We have electricity but I sure miss getting outdoors with all this rain we have been having!  Hopefully soon!  Have a great week!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb. 11, 2018

We were blessed with a couple of nice days...........

And now we are blessed with this!

Coco needs a path shoveled to go out for her daily duties!  She has a nice "daddy" that shovels one for her!

My Christmas cactus must be preparing early for next Christmas!  It bloomed on one side before and it looks like it will only bloom on one side again.  Can anyone tell me why that is?

Nora, our great grandbaby, came for a visit!  Do you think she may become a chef?!  Or maybe she will excel at being a "taste tester"!

Have been working on this "couch" quilt made from scraps.  Need to buy some batting and backing yet.

Made this flannel baby blanket for the gift cupboard.  It is plain pink on one side and pink with white polka dots on the other.  I am hoping for more great grandbabies someday!

Just slivers left of my lotion bar so had to make up more.  I really like using these!

Why is it that my music area seems to get as messy and disorganized as my craft area!  Thank you if you visited or left a comment.  I always enjoy reading the comments and also meeting new bloggers!


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