Monday, April 28, 2014

Harvesting Finally, Baker's Rack and Fence

A couple small radishes and a little spinach!  Even a little bit harvested from my garden is wonderful!!!!

My first picking of asparagus!!  Since "wonderful gardener" doesn't eat it, I have enough each year for me!!

Planted my beets.  Crazy weather.  I do hope they grow so that I can make my pickled beets again!

My new Baker's Rack.  I found one that is small and can fit in front of the french door window.  That seems to be a good place to start a few seedlings.  In the winter I can fill it up with other things!!  I closed the blinds trying to get a better picture.

"Wonderful Gardener" installing a taller fence to keep our Coco out of my garden!  The one we had was two feet tall and didn't stop her.  This one is four feet tall with five feet poles!  Do you think this will stop our 20 pound cocker!!!  Aren't we crazy?!?!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Garden, Raspberries, Dehydrator, Yard Art & Fountain

I planted 12 cabbages.  Six early and six late!

My prayers were answered!!!  The peas I was suppose to soak and didn't have come up!!  Yippee!!

Planted my potatoes!  Hoping for a great harvest from them!

I just planted the one row of the sugar peas that I didn't soak and the rest of the bed was planted with regular peas and a row of radishes along the edge of the bed.

This is the barrel that Gracie dug a hole to hide the vitamin bottle when they were playing.  I didn't replant but just kinda smoothed it up and so far this is what is growing!

Look closely and you can see asparagus popping up!  One getting quite tall towards the left top and a couple smaller ones coming up nearer the bottom.  Happy to see these!

Pruned the red raspberries!

Had to dry more apple slices for my granola mix.  I do love my dehydrator!

Our old white fountain broke.  We loved it but now I love my new one more!!

I saved this from my old fountain.  "Wonderful Gardener" is going to clean it up for me and it will be used for yard art!!!!  I am so lucky to have a "Wonderful Gardener".  It is so exciting to me to see things sprouting up and growing but he just doesn't seem to share the same enthusiasm as I do!  Hmmmmmmm!

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Only Just Begun!

Finally!  The things in my cold frame have started to grow!!

My seedlings!  I wasn't going to plant any in the house this year!  Hahaha!  Guess I got that bug that goes around this time of year!  I bought the cabbage plants Saturday.  Six early cabbage and six late cabbage.

Notice the hole in the dirt in this big barrel.  The "littles" were over again and wanted to play "hide the vitamin bottle" with each other.  Their favorite spot to hide it is in the garden!!  Sitting in the house watching out the window it did not dawn on me soon enough to realize I had already planted in this barrel!  I do want the "littles" to grow up with fond memories of Nana's garden!  Coco on the other hand has too many fond memories in her tummy already!!!

I planted three of these light green pots ouside the fence in the driveway.  The onions are growing!!  Coco can't get them and so far the bunnies have not touched them.

This next video is for my music loving friends!!  These girls are fantastic!!    The next one is a trailer for "God's Not Dead".  It is a great movie if you are interested. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Seedlings, Coco, Teapot & M&M's

This is my sorry attempt to plant some flower seeds in front of the french doors.  The seedlings on the left are cockscomb and the seed was old!  So I planted really thick and they all grew it seemed!  I have thinned out a lot and think I will have to thin out more.  The seedlings on the right are sunflower seeds.  I think I may have planted them too soon as they are already leggy and our last frost date is predicted May 17th.  Now the question is, do I try to cut the egg carton apart for each one and try to plant the whole thing deeper in a little larger pot of soil?  Other suggestion????

See that brown blob sticking up under that blue bench??  That is Coco's butt!  We moved our bird feeder out behind the garden fence because she was eating all the seeds on the ground.  Evidently a few bounced over by the fence.  I put this little bench there hoping it would stop her but as you can see..............

I thought I would cheer up my dinette table with my little tea pot again for spring.  It says "He Fills My Life with Good Things" from a Psalm.

This next video is for all my chocolate loving friends to grow their own M&M's!  If you haven't seen it I am sure you will want to go out and start planting your own M&M's to grow today!!!  Enjoy!

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