Thursday, November 29, 2018

Blogging Again November 2018

Blogger is working now and I am going to try blogging again.  I have missed my blogging friends.  Winter time in the courtyard!  I bought a winter cover to go over the cold frame to keep my greens as long as possible.  We have had a couple of really cold night temperatures and I checked today and almost everything survived.  The Marigolds and just a very few leaves of lettuce did not look good but otherwise I am pleased.

I made this Christmas tree years ago and dragged it from house to house as we moved.  It is sitting on our dining room/kitchen table this year.

We are expecting our second great grandbaby next month.  I made this quilt for her.  They have picked out the name, Claire.

I had someone machine quilt it for me.  First time I have ever had someone do that.

Also made some other things for Clairee such as this flannel blanket.

Another flannel blanket.  This one says I Love Grandma with a pink and white polka dot back.

Burp clothes to put over your shoulder to burp the baby made out of left over flannel.

Sue is showing the mother-to-be how to use a sewing machine.

Hubby loves his little cart.  He uses it to load the groceries in from the car to wheel into the kitchen.

Two gluten free meat loaves ready to pop in the oven.  Part of it will be frozen after being baked and will make us four meals.  Still using my Mom's meat loaf recipe except for using gluten free oats

I love this gingerbread scene that hubby made a few years ago.  It sits on the electronic piano this year.

My poor Christmas cactus!  It only bloomed on one side.  I have turned it around so the non blooming side gets some sun now but maybe it is too late.  Thank you for visiting and I would like it if you would leave a comment.  Have a good week-end!

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