Monday, June 30, 2014

End of June Harvest and New Plant

Peas and strawberries seem to be done!

I was surprised to see a hummingbird sitting on my fence!  It seems like they are always in motion!

A quart of lovage all dried to use in my winter soups!

My huge blueberry harvest!  Bet you can't top that!  LOL

Another huge blueberry harvest!  I just can't seem to grow blueberries.  My bushes do not grow much.  I think I must not have acidic soil!  We added special dirt to plant them and I was adding coffee grounds until I thought maybe Coco was eating the coffee grounds.  Coco certainly does not need caffeine!  Now I just dump the diluted coffee on them and put the grounds in the compost pile!!

I made two of these runners for July 4th.  One for the kitchen table and one to go on my antique sewing machine.

Harvested my first pepper but something had eaten a little hole in the end!

First zucchini!!!!

I had a 30 percent off coupon and bought this pretty plant!  Of course I could not waste the coupon!!  It is a Baby Breathe I believe.  Summer Sparkles Gypsophila!  I am hoping the Purple Coneflower behind it will bloom soon!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lettuce, berries, peas,compost, vinegar & cabbage

I am still harvesting lettuces.  In fact, I am getting tired of salads!!

We picked strawberries from our own patches.  We have ever-baring but have gotten so much rain that they haven't been good lately.  Hope they straighten up.

We don't have a very large patch of strawberries so bought five buckets from a local farm.  It was a job getting them all put up in the freezer but after they were done we were glad that we had did them!  Isn't that always the way!

I wanted lots of sugar peas to put in the freezer for this winter and I am getting them.  These are ready to be flash frozen!

I am amazed!!!  Five buckets of compost from our compost pile!  These are five gallon buckets.  We have never gotten this much before.  I must be learning how to do it!

Chive blossom vinegar!  I was a little slow in harvesting my chive blossoms but did get a little vinegar made up.  Isn't it pretty!!!!

Shelling peas!  So good harvested from the garden but I think maybe they are not worth my time or space.  I may not grow them next year.

My first cabbage harvested tonight!!  Isn't it great to be picking more than just a few lettuce leaves!  How are your gardens doing?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Garden, Us and Family!

We are happy to be eating strawberries now from our own patches!

And more strawberries picked another day!

Finally got to harvest some sugar peas!!  Love my sugar peas.

But oh my!!!  What a mess my pea patch is!

I bought this plant this spring.  I love it but the only name the tag said was Osteospermum and I can't find that in my perennial book.  Can anyone tell me another name I should look under for it?

A family get together this week-end!  Son and family from VA, two of our families from here, aunt and uncle, cousins from Michigan.  what a crazy lot!!

We also visited in Michigan and met my brother and sister for lunch!

We celebrated our 54th anniversary which is next week and visited the Heavenly Scent Herb Farm.  I love walking around this place and had visited it about 25 years ago!  I bought a new plant called Snowflake Rose which is a scented geranium.

So many lovely things to look at that it was hard choosing which pictures to post!  I bought this jean skirt for traveling, comfortable but not too flattering!

Dream on!

Oh, how I would like one of these bottle trees!

Wish my hanging baskets looked like these!

Green with envy!!!

Different and so pretty!

"Wonderful gardener" went to this herb farm for me!  Isn't he precious!

Our first "selfie" picture!  It rained off and on so it was a good thing we took our rain jackets.

What do you think?  Would this be a tree trunk?

Another view!

How did they make this??????

Do you think "wonderful gardener" could keep up to the weeding?

I think they use this place for weddings.

Another waterfalls.  I love this statue of the little girl.  Now who wouldn't want to visit this place!!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

June Harvest, Helpers, Color and Friend

I fixed a bag of Pak Choi and a little lettuce for Sue to take home.

Hung more Lovage to dry for soups this winter!

Not having to buy lettuce now is wonderful!!

Dehydrated more apples for my granola.  I had to buy these as I don't have an apple tree!

I have other amazing garden helpers beside "wonderful gardener"!  Here is Sue weeding for me.

And Mike is mowing.  It is very hard to mow in that area as the turns are not wide enough!  Someone didn't plan very well! LOL

The fountain area has a lot of lavender color right now and is looking rather pretty!

I reconnected with a friend from a long time ago when we lived in Michigan.  I had a wonderful time visiting with her and her daughter.

We went for a walk in beautiful relaxing Coffee Creek Preserves.
I love spending time in this area!  Another week flew by!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Same Harvest Mostly, Carrots, Cabbage & Flowers

This will probably be the last week that I will harvest the asparagus.  Time to let it go to seed for next year!  I have even had enough to freeze a little for this winter even though Coco ate one little patch.  Will be harvesting lettuce for awhile, not many radishes and a few green onions yet to harvest.  Lots of Pak Choi which my daughter loves.

The carrots in the carrot boxes on the deck are growing nicely!  These are from the seed tape that I made last winter!  Can't believe they grew!  Think I will do that again next year.

The cabbages are getting huge.  I planted less than last year but still having a hard time getting the cover back on!

I just love all the colors now in this bed!  I couldn't decide which pictures that I wanted to post so there are four of them!

My sheep are in their pasture!

Just bought the red lily this year and love it!


I have lots of lambs ear.  Will probably have to corral it soon!  I hope you enjoyed looking at these half as much as I do!  Thanks for visiting!

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