Monday, May 28, 2012

Spinach Harvest, Coco, Bee, Stella d Ora, Blackberry, Plants, Galardia

This is my spinach harvest.  I also harvested radishes, pak choi and lettuces.  My spinach was bolting and the radishes are about gone.  I cut all the spinach in one of the containers and plan to plant something else.  Maybe a cucumber.  I sure have enjoyed having spinach in my salads!  I did freeze just a little to try in a quiche.

This is another container of spinach that I had.  I thought maybe I could keep it longer by moving it into the shade but it is still bolting.  This is part of the harvest that I showed plus we are having a little in our salad tonight and mabe will get enough tomorrow for our salads.  I haven't decided what I will replant in this container.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Guess what Coco is doing!!!!!  I had pulled some radishes from this container and left just a few that had not matured.  She discovered them, pulled them out and ate them.  I was thinking about planting a vegetable in here but now know that it would be eaten by a little brown furbaby.  So I guess I will move my lemon balm over into this spot and try to keep it under control.  So far she has not sampled the lemon balm.

A wonderful bee on this flower is working hard for me!

The Stella d Oras are starting to bloom and bring a little sunshine to our yard.

The Blackberry bushes are blooming.  I wonder if I will get enough blackberries to make it worth the pain of the runners spreading!

I had been putting thyme around on the ground to try to keep the cabbage butterflies away but saw one land on a cabbage and a hole in the leaf.  So I laid a piece of thyme right on the top of the cabbage.  Can you see it?  I have not seen a butterfly in the cabbage area since so hoping it will work.

Red and Green Lettuces!  I think it is as pretty as any flowers!

Yippee!  See those pea pods!  The shelling peas should be ready to harvest soon.  The sugar peas should follow shortly after I hope!

My Galardia seems more vibrant this year than it has ever been.  I wonder if it is the extra heat and warm weather that we have had lately.  I am glad that I can still enjoy looking at the gardens even if I can't be out there doing much work right now.  Happy Gardening to everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pinks, Rose, Gracie, Radishes, Beans, Pak Choi, Thyme, Coco & Bob

Thought I would share a picture of my pinks.  They are so pretty but I love pink flowers anyway!

Since I have been under the weather my wonderful gardener brought me a beautiful yellow rose!!!  Love my wonderful gardener!!

Meet one of our little granddaughters.  This is Gracie and she just graduated from Nursery School.  It was a great little program they had!

My radishes I pulled today.  Produce is not only yummy but beautiful, don't you think?

I planted Organic Black-Seeded Blue Lake Snap Pole Beans to climb up this trellis.  Makes me happy to see they have sprouted and are on their way!

This is Pak Choi.  I have never grown it before but am enjoying a few leaves in my salads!

This is some of my thyme in bloom.  I enjoy going around the yard and looking at all the pretty blossoms on things.  Hope you enjoy it also.

I hope it is okay for dogs to eat bird seed because Coco is eating what fell under the bird feeder.  Why do I buy dog food when she eats bird seed and veggies!  Maybe I should plant a garden for Coco!

And this is my wonderful gardener enjoying a break! Happy Memorial Day week-end to you all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blooming Peas, Cardinal, Yarrow Blooming, Favorite picture, Chives, Potatoes & Onions

I thought my pea blossoms were so pretty but I will be happy when there are peas to pick and eat!

I climbed up on a chair and took this picture out the kitchen window above the screen.  I love to see the cardinals come to my bird feeder!

My yarrow is blooming!!!!!!

I just love this picture so had to post it.  I think it would be pretty hanging on a wall.

I made up egg salad for lunch with some of my chives cut up in it.  Yummy!

Since I didn't know what I was doing I was so happy to see all eight of the potatoes came up that I had planted!  I am having some health issues so my wonderful gardener weeded them for me today.  He doesn't like to garden but helps me a lot!  I see part of one row is getting too much shade from the flowers and that my rows are not exactly straight!

Happy to see the onions are still growing!  I love looking at the garden.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coco, Thermometer, Towels, Apple Donuts, Butterfly, Tomato plant & Cabbages

Here are my two wonderful gardeners hard at work!  One is painting and Coco is supervising.  She got into the paint and has white paint on her nose and whiskers!

It is not really a hundred here but the sun beats down on the deck.  It sure seems like a hundred degrees or hotter to me tho!! 

My allergys have wiped me out today so I have to be an armchair gardener!  These are a couple of towels I have hanging in my kitchen.

It is a good thing that I have to stay in the house once in awhile!  These are apple donuts altho they look like muffins.  They are rolled in butter, cinnamon and sugar.  Not a calorie in them!  It is a recipe passed down from my Mom.

Look close at the pink flowers on the front plant.  Right close to the sheep's nose is a butterfly!  Can you see it????

A friend gave me this tomato plant this week that she had started from seed.  It is suppose to only get 12-18 inches high and have small tomatoes.  I hope I can get it transplanted to a larger pot without killing it!  If I am lucky I want to try to bring it into the house for the winter.

I put grass clippings around my four cabbages today.  I read that they like nitrogen so hope that was a good thing to do!!  I will cut more thyme clippings and lay around them also.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sheep & Flowers, Coral Bells, Chives & Fountain Area

It is starting to have more color all the time in the yard!  I have been working hard but it doesn't look like it! lol  Planted three kinds of summer squash, cucumbers and beans this week.  Harvesting spinach, lettuces, asparagus and radishes.  Had a couple bad allergy days but the weather has been wonderful!

The top of the picture shows the beautiful pink of the Coral Bells in bloom near the deck.  Didn't do such a good job of photography that time!

The chives are blooming such a pretty lavender.  The blossoms make a pretty rose colored chive blossom vinegar.

I planted the new plants in the fountain area.  I am hoping when they fill out and bloom it will be prettier.  I need to add a few more things and replace some old plants yet.  I did add lavender, pink and yellow but they don't show up in the picture.  We are thinking about enlarging this area next year!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sue and I, Hanging Basket, Watering Can, Clematis, Peas, Calendula, Radishes, Garden Book

This is our daughter Sue and I.  She told me that if I would pose this way that it makes you look slimmer!  lol  She really spoiled me today and took me clothes shopping and out to lunch.  I hate looking for clothes but she was very patient picking things out and bringing different sizes for me to try on!

This is the beautiful hanging basket that Mike and Melissa brought over for me for Mother's Day.  I think it is very pretty and will enjoy it sooo much!


We bought this blue watering can.  I think it goes nice with my new sign!

After lunch Sue and I went to Home Depot and I bought this Clematis.  I am hoping it will grow up the side of the Pergola!

My peas are growing but not fast enough to suit me!  I think I should be called the Impatient Gardener!

This Calendula reseeded itself from last year.  I think the color is so vibrant!

This is my harvest for today!  I think there are a few more out there.  I also cut some spinach to take to Sue today and have been eating spinach in my salads every night.  I am  going out to cut a few asparagus spears to eat tonight too.

I am enjoying this garden book from the library so much!  I told my wonderful gardener that the pictures are so pretty that it would make a non-gardener want to garden!!!!  Hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful days out in their gardens!

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Sign, Asparagus Ferns, Geranium, Blue Tea Cup

My new sign I received in the mail yesterday from our son, Dan for Mother's Day!!!  What a great surprise it was!  I have been wanting one for two or three years as that is what I call our little place.  I love it!!  I am one spoiled Mom!

Another view of it!

These are my asparagus ferns that I overwintered in our garage.  A bird (sparrow) built a nest in one of them.  This morning I noticed two birds in there and they didn't seem to be fighting.  This afternoon when I was out two birds flew out and I looked and two birds were still in the nest!  How could four birds be in that one nest?  The two left in the nest did not fly off and didn't look quite as large as a mature sparrow, but it seems too soon for the birds to hatch and be that large! Anyone have any theorys?

I planted a pink geranium and some alysum around the base of it in this pot.  I have another one just like it on the other side of the deck.  Energy level low today so didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked! 

I did get some marigolds planted in my blue tea cup.  Not sure where they will be located!  It was a beautiful sunny day here a Cozy Thyme Cottage!

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