Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun and Harvest!!

 My huge harvest!  Picked Oct. 21st!

Picked Raspberries today!  Pretty sad, huh!  When you consider it is Oct. 27th in Northwest Indiana I guess it is not so bad.

Still picking lettuce, kale and a little small spinach for my salads.  Will be going on vacation though and no one will be here to put the cover to the cold frame down.  Hoping for nice weather!!!!!

Poor Coco!  What is a furbaby to do when there are no more veggies out there for her to snitch!  Coco doesn't care for lettuce, kale or spinach!!!  Raspberries, tomatoes, green beans, carrots and squash are more to her liking!  Grapes too but Mom does not want her to have them!

I am drinking my elderberry/mint tea and hoping to stay healthy!

We celebrated our little four year old granddaughter's birthday Oct. 22nd!!  She likes to pretend that she is playing my electronic piano but her Mom has also started teaching her to play the piano.

I went to Gracie's first grade Halloween party!  Can you tell those girls love that cool whip on their forks!  Four grades playing games in the gym at the same time made the noise level a little high! Well, not just a little but very high you might say!  Enjoy your week!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Dehydrator, Preserving, End of Summer!

My old dehydrator bit the dust!  I have had it for years and it had no fan.  I bought this one with a fan and really like it!  It would have been nice to have an Excalibur brand but for the two of us and our age and what I dehydrate this one works great!!  This one is also more in my budget!!

We finished canning our lumpy applesauce!  We canned six pints and have a few left from last year so that should do us I hope.

Middle of October and slim picking!

Winter coat and ear muffs!!!  I tried to not let this happen!!  Didn't make it!

Pulled these few carrots out of the cold frame.

I am trying the "Garden of Eden" method on this section of the garden next year so have the wood chip mulch put on.

This Kale got eaten by some bugs but now it is thriving once again!

Huge Swiss Chard!  Can I use it in any way?

Greens growing in my cold frame!  Hoping for some winter salad making!

Some spearmint and some chives to dry.  The spearmint does not look very green and healthy.  Why do I wait till the last minute to do things!!  

Carrots harvested from another bed.  That is the end of the carrots for me.  My garden is almost ready for the winter.  I will be out with my ear muffs and winter coat again tomorrow trying to finish up!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Everything! My week's harvest, etc.

This is the last of the Asian pears!  We have some in the refrigerator to continue enjoying for a bit!

Remember my Elderberry trees my "wonderful gardener" scalped!  They must have liked it because look at all the leaves already!!

Some carrots I harvested this past week.  Have two more little patches yet to pull!

"Wonderful Gardener" getting the rain barrel ready to store in the garage for the winter months!

A couple friends came over to work on their quilts one day this week.  This is Darla's finish!  A pretty baby quilt!

I had picked anything that looked like a bean because Coco had been jumping the fence and getting into them.  Good thing I did as here she is caught in the act!

Oh, no!!!!  Mom caught me!!!

My friend Sue came from Michigan and stayed overnight.  We worked hard making lots of cards, went to the Farmers Market and looked in some little shops.

Here are some samples of some we made.  You can't see the pretend stitching but the middle represents a quilt four patch.

Here is a close up of one of them.  She has this little machine with templates that makes the beautiful dry embossed look design.

Here is another one with the dry embossing design.

Here are three more that we did up differently.

Some other ones we did.

Church this morning and the "Littles" came over this afternoon.  Here is Gracie and her Daddy canning their grape juice.

Six quarts done!  Sure look delicious, don't they!!

This cereal bowl picked full of raspberries today.  Oct. 13th and hard to believe!!  Well, this certainly has been a busy week but a nice one.  Wonderful weather we have been having.  Hope your week was wonderful also!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Small Harvest but Still Lots of Work!

 This is my Rose Atari Scented Geranium.  I kept it in a pot during the summer set partially in the ground.  I wanted to bring it in the house for the winter but it was just too large!  I clipped off some starters and stuck one in rooting powder and some just in water to root.  I hope one will work!

I picked the last of the green peppers and pulled out the plants!  Also picked a small amount of green beans that day.

We bought a bushel and a half of apples!  That means lots of working making our lumpy applesauce and dehydrating some!  Maybe I could just wiggle my nose and it would be done?

Green beans I had picked ready to flash freeze!

"Wonderful Gardener" still picking raspberries but I will say again that they are about done!  He also got three strawberries!  I had picked these beans and then picked a few more tonight.  I had to wear my winter jacket to work outside this morning and could have used my ear muffs too but it warmed up by noon time.  Ended the day by giving a couple piano lessons which I love to do and I love gardening and I love quilting and....and....and....!  Have a good week!!!

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