Thursday, December 24, 2015


Another Nativity Set!  We use to collect nativity sets but ran out of room to put them.  Couldn't resist buying another one!  "Wonderful Gardener" liked this one and it was on sale!  What can I say!!!!  It is from Frankenmuth, Michigan, a German tourist town.

Here is another set we bought years ago in Mexico.

Found the old sled so it sits by the front door to cheer things up a bit!

Sophia has come to visit again while her mommy goes to visit the grandchildren.  Sophia's mama's birthday is Christmas Day.  Happy birthday to Dianne!!!

Here is Jesus birthday cake!  Two candles for Gracie and Cali to blow out.   Remembering the Reason for the Season!  Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cookies, Bread, Christmas & Seed Catalogs

Christmas roll out cookies baked!  Are you wondering why they are all bells???  It is because I am lazy and it is easier to make them all one kind.  They all get frosted with red frosting too!  They taste the same as if I would have gone to more work!

Four loaves of Cranberry Bread baked.  Here are two of them.  "Wonderful Gardener" loves Cranberry Bread so almost every Christmas I try to make him some.  Coco even ate one of the cranberries.

We use to collect Nativity Scenes until we ran out of room to put them.  Isn't that the way with all collections!  This one is from Aruba. 

This Christmas tree I made years ago!!

I won't concentrate on gardening until after Christmas but two seed catalogs have already arrived.  It was so nice today that I went out and weeded a bit.  Wish I would have had energy to do more!  Thankful I could do a bit!

Progress in the Courtyard!

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