Monday, October 27, 2014

Misc. post for Oct. 27th!

There is not much to brag about from the garden this post!  I think the raspberries have petered out!  We will be using them out of the freezer now plus eating the yummy raspberry freezer jam!

A miscellaneous harvest from the garden one day.  Small kale on the left and parsley on the right.  Couple lettuce leaves.

I love the color of the little blueberry bushes this time of year!

Please, open that door!  The "princess" is waiting for her mother to let her out!

Chicken pot pie ready to pop in the oven.  I am trying to be healthier so made the crust out of coconut oil.

I sewed up this Barbie doll sleeping bag and pillow.  What talent!!! LOL

Monday, October 20, 2014

Still hanging in there and Cali's Birthday!

A little bit of the garden still hanging in there!!  Greens and small tomatoes!

Two strawberries and more raspberries!  I'll take it!!  More greens and a few of my carrots that didn't do well this year!

Beggars can't be choosers now can they!  Don't want to lose a single berry!  Has anyone noticed the price of raspberries in the stores lately??  Whew!

Cali is turning five this month!  How can that be!  She had a "Frozen" birthday party.  What fun she had.

Here is a picture of her "Frozen" cake!

And here is a picture of them eating their pizza.  Cali is in the middle and Gracie on the right.  Cali went to nursery school with the little girl on the left last year.  I am afraid my "littles" are growing up!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct. 19th Harvest, Book, Coco, Dehydrating & Reading

Still got a couple things from the garden this week to harvest!  That is lemon verbena on the right to dry.

Bread baked again and a few more raspberries gathered!  

A couple more strawberries!  I don't like to waste anything!

After our applesauce was canned we bought another half bushel of Delicious apples and have been dehydrating them.  My "wonderful gardener" has been helping me and what a big help he is!!

Do you read the Jan Karon books??  I checked this out from the library and read it.  It is her latest one.

The "littles" love to feed Coco.  Here they are giving her cut up carrots!  Is she spoiled or not.  She only has to be in the kennel when she is too excited or someone comes that doesn't care for dogs.  Mike and Melissa have a student living with them from Kuwait who is attending Valparaiso  University  that is afraid of dogs so she was put in her kennel.  I am hoping after being around Coco enough that he will get over that fear.  

Gracie is reading to Cali.  She is in second grade now and I am so proud at how well she can read!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Day Late and a Dollar Short!

Here I am a day late posting my Monday Harvest!  Better late than never they say!

The garden will soon be history for 2014!  I pulled out my one green pepper plant and gave the peppers to our daughter.  Still have a few more yellow squash, one zucchini on the vine yet and maybe a few sungold tomatoes if they ripen!  A few greens growing in the cold frame.

A few raspberries are still hanging on.  Picking a few every other day and the pickings are getting slimmer now.  These needed picking the other day so I went out in my winter jacket with two sweatshirts under it and one of the hoods over my head to get the job done.  "Wonderful Gardener" has taken down the rain barrel and fountain and put in the garage.  Getting ready for the bad winter that some have predicted!!!!  Hope their wrong!

We celebrated our youngest son's birthday.  How did he grow up so fast with two children of his own now!  The two cards were made by the "littles".  Homade is best, don't you think!!!!

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