Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Courtyard Report

Greens for my salad.  I have started thinning out my peas and adding them to my salads.  Yum!

This is the table and chairs we chose for our covered porch.  We had a tiny table we ate our lunches on before we moved but the movers broke it!

Things growing in the covered box.  It has been nice the past couple of days and I have started leaving it open at night.  Soon I will be able to take it off!!  (Hopefully)

"Wonderful Gardener" and I got the arbor put up in the alcove.  Well, mostly "Wonderful Gardener" did it!!  He also painted an old wooden ladder and a small wheelbarrow in the different colors.  I have a chair on the front porch painted in these colors also.

The peas in the other end of the covered box I am thinning out.

The two new raspberry starters that were given to me this spring are starting to take off!

I plan to plant flowers in these pots around the sundial.  Well, I plant to put flowers in most of the pots hoping they will grow and add more color to my yard!

I love my two new pots we found at Ace Hardware.  They say Farm Fresh on them!

A close up of the ladder.

and of the wheelbarrow!  If my flowers do not grow I will still have lots of color in my little courtyard!

Coco is sporting her new collar!  Doesn't she look snazzy!  I put some food in her dish and the rest I spread out on the floor so that it takes her longer to eat it!  She gobbles her food up so fast!  Anyone else have a dog that does that?

Yep!!!  Got that squirrel cornered!

Hung my Garden Thyme sign on the side of the Strawberry bed.

I took the hummingbird feeder down and we hung up the windchimes.  I doubt that a humminbird will wander into our courtyard as we are so surrounded with houses and walls.  If one does I will have to figure something out!  I love to hear the chimes tinkling away with a gentle wind.  If it blows too hard we will bring it into the house so as not to disturb the neighbors!

Whew!  Last picture!  The landscapers planted this bush in the front yard that is now in bloom.  Could anyone tell me what kind of bush it is?  I enjoy reading your comments. Thank you if you choose to leave one.  Have a happy week!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Things Are Growing!!

I bought some herbs, garden thyme, lemon thyme, oregano and sage.  I put the lemon thyme in another one of the boxes.  It is hard narrowing my list down from what I want to plant and what I have room to plant!

Here is Coco checking the herbs out!  At least she didn't eat them!

I planted some sugar peas in pots.  I don't know where I will put them to climb but they are looking good!

Regular shelling peas growing in my covered box.  Did I plant them too close?  Should I thin them?

Some greens and radishes growing on the other side of the peas.  I even cut 3 or 4 mustard leaves for my salad today!  The tall plant on the right is a lemon balm I bought.  It will go in the ground.  Planted lettuce and waiting for it to come up!

Some kale I planted in a pot.  It doesn't seem to be growing much.  I wonder what I am doing wrong!

"Wonderful Gardener" working on the alcove area!

Mission accomplished!  We got it up!  I helped a little so I can say "we"!  Stay tuned to what else we plan to do in this area!

The two raspberry bushes I brought with me are doing so well.  If I can't grow anything else maybe I will plant the courtyard all to raspberries!  Ha!  There are two little ones, one on each side, growing that were given to me by our friends.  I originally gave them starters and now they are sharing back with me.  They have some green on them so I think they will come along.

We finally decided on a pot of flowers for the front porch!  I am not sure if "wonderful gardener" really likes them or if he just gave in!  We don't always see eye to eye on things!

I made up a new granola bar recipe.  They are very, very crunchy and I probably won't make them again!

Finished making a baby quilt finally.

A close up of the front of the quilt.  What have you all been busy doing?  If you care to leave a comment I enjoy reading them.  Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Just Waiting

Just waiting IMPATIENTLY for a little warmer weather and sunshine!!!

So far, so good! What do you think?  I will have butterflies in my courtyard one way or another!!

A closer view!

My "wonderful gardener" is helping.

Time to bring out the spring looking table runner.  Maybe it will help warmer weather to hurry along.

Thought I would post a picture of a quilt I worked on while we were full-timing.

The raspberry pies have been few and far between since we have moved here for "wonderful gardener".  It helps to "butter" up my gardener once in awhile!

I thought when making the pie why not measure out the flour and salt for two more pies!  Did it save me time????  Maybe a couple of minutes!  LOL  Thank you for visiting.  I would love it if you would leave a comment!

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