Monday, July 30, 2012

Week's Harvest, Blackberry question & Littles

Another week has flew by and I was able to harvest a little more than last week.  On Monday I picked a zuchini, cucumber, one early girl tomato and three cherry tomatoes.

This was Tuesday's harvest.  That is one sad looking pepper and that is the best one! lol  Better luck next year!

Wednesday's harvest was not too bad.  Dug up the last of the cabbage and it was tiny but still tasted good, one cucumber, one cherry tomato and six others. 

Thursday was kind of slim picking. Few blackberries, one cherry and one regular tomato and the yellow squash in the following picture.  Missed that one the first time around!

Picked on Thursday also.

Chopped up the previously picked little cabbage and pulled a carrot to add to it.  We are going to miss the cabbages now.

Friday was one cucumber, a couple lettuce leaves I thought might still be okay and a few tomatoes.

A lot of my blackberries are starting to look like this! Ugly!  I think the light part then turns to seeds.  Does anyone know why and what I should do about it?

Saturday had a couple cherry tomatoes, one cucumber and some blackberries.

Sunday picked the biggest tomato yet!!! Also some cherry tomatoes and a couple yellow squash.  Then wait till the next picture..........

POTATOES!  My first time growing them.  This is two plants and I had already snitched a few from one of the plants previously.  Not a great harvest but our soil is hard clay so it is exciting to get a few and more plants to be dug! The black spots on them is dirt.

The "Littles" came to visit us yesterday! Hope you all had a great harvest week!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Juice, Coco, Thyme, Hibiscus, Garden, & Anise Hyssop

Another blogger posted she made Blackberry-Lemonade Concentrate so thought I would try it with some of my blackberries.  You can can it but I froze mine.  You add half water, carbonated water or ginger ale to it to drink.  I only had water so added that.  It is okay but I think would be better with carbonated water or ginger ale instead of plain water. 

Coco would really like to get into the garden area with us to help!  Some help she would be! lol  The only thing she is good for is loving and she gets lots of that!

Here is some more thyme waiting for me to take off the stems.  A tedious job that I dislike!  Oh, well, maybe it will build character.  My husband would probably agree that I already am a character!

We planted a Hibiscus and this is our very first bloom!  We were so excited to see this bloom today.  I love them.

The Pole Beans are over the top!  No beans yet.  Just blossoms.  Can't wait but will have to be careful picking as the Cleome is mixed in with them, and  hope we don't accidentally eat those seeds!

I planted this little patch of lettuce awhile back.  So far it has survived the terrible heat we have had.  I need to get another patch started real quick like.  Love my salads!

This is Pak Choi.  The last planting of it did not turn out so I am hoping for better results this time!

The lavender flowered Anise Hyssop turned out very pretty afterall.  At first I didn't think it would show up well on the white fence.  It must have grown some more also as at first the Monarda was almost as tall as the Anise Hyssop.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Harvest, Peaches, Parsley, Zuchini & Rose

I am starting to harvest a little more!  It is not a lot but it helps out with meals for just the two of us.  I picked more blackberries and things later in the week.

We bought peaches.  Whew!  They sure were expensive but we will enjoy them this winter with our lunches.  We did up 15 of these containers.

Another cabbage harvested.  I got more out of them than I thought I would!  Sure does make good cole slaw!

My boxes of carrots on the deck do come in handy to pull for the cole slaw!!!

Here is another mixture of things that I picked.  Finally cucumbers!

I planted flat leaf parsley this year and decided to cut some to dry!

Onions drying on the lawn mower in the garage! lol  Not sure what I am doing with growing onions.  I pulled them and left them in the sun to dry for most of the day.  I don't really have a good place to hang them and didn't want them to get rained on so hung them in the garage.  Over the lawn mower, over the ladder, over some lattice and over the bushel basket!  If our car smells like an onion this would probably be why!

And my husband still loves me!  Even after having to weed and hanging onions in his garage!  Wonders will never cease!

Three more zuchinias.  Sometimes they get away from me and get larger than what I like.  Seems like you look at them one minute and almost the next minute they have grown.   This is it for today.  Hope you have enjoyed looking at my little harvest.  We sure do enjoy eating it!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wind, Cuke, Squash, Bird nest, Sad flowers

We had a storm last night and the wind knocked a few things over.  Our electricity went off from 11p.m. until 7a.m.  Whew!  Sure glad it came back on!  A couple of the cleome got knocked down.

Some of the potato plants were knocked over also.

I first cucumber!!!!!

I planted a few more in another bed at a later date.  Hoping to extend the harvest for a longer period.

Two Butternut squash growing!  I hope they make it.  Love them.

Quite a few tomatoes growing on this plant.  Sure hope they don't get blossom end rot!

No blue eggs in this nest anymore!  Not even any of the shells around.  So sad!

Aren't these a mess!  I didn't keep up to deadheading.  Remind me next year not to plant big pots of petunias!  What annuals do you like to put in pots that are easy care?

It has been too hot even for the cactus!!!!!  lol  Us gardeners just have to hang in there!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tomatoes, Blalckberrys, Echinacea, Zinnias, Feeder, Nest, Hat, Littles, Supper & Art

My gardens are not doing well this year!  I guess some others are having problems too.  Here is my little tomato harvest.  The first two were little and had blossom end rot.  This one does not have blossom end rot but is still small and cracked.  The little cherry tomatoes seem to be doing okay.  Once you become a gardener you are abdicted.  You are hooked!  I will be planning again for next year!!!

We are starting to get a few blackberries.  Quite a few unripe ones yet on the bushes.

They are thornless and Cali is trying to pick one!

The Echinacea is one thing that is doing well this year.

I planted a few zinnias in a pot by the fountain.  I love zinnias but this is all I have this year.

We moved the bird feeder from where we had it to back behind the fence in the garden area.  I don't have as close a view of the birds but Coco was eating too much of the bird seed that fell on the ground.  We can't have our furbaby getting sick!!!

As I looked at the grapes yesterday I startled a Robin and she startled me!  Aren't these eggs just the prettiest!!!!

Future gardeners I hope!  Maybe they will inherit the love of gardening from their Nana!

Gracie is modeling my hat! Since I have had skin cancer on my nose this is good for shading it for gardening.  I am not sure what my neighbors think tho!!  lol

Our Daughter-in-love made us supper last night!  Aren't I the lucky one! So blessed I would say.

After supper the future gardeners turned into artists!  They made pictures to hang on my refrigerator.  Rays of sunshine!!!!   Wishing you a better harvest than I for this season!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gardening is dangerous indeed!!!!  I took a bad fall when I went out to plant my beans and hit my head and arm on the square foot garden box.  My wonderful gardener transported me to the emergency room where I had five stitches put over my eye.

The beans did NOT get planted! While I was bleeding and crying my wonderful gardener went out and rescued my broken glasses and then went back out again to find the lense.  I INSISTED that he find them rather than take care of me much to his dissatisfaction.

My dear wonderful gardener thinks I should wear my bike helmet when gardening now! lol

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