Monday, March 28, 2016


It is the time in our life when we have to downsize things to do in our backyard!  If I had energy and time I would have the whole back yard planted to veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit but I don't!  So the rose bush circle was one of the things that came out and grass seed planted.  Sue's friend and her son came over and took three of our rose bushes for her yard and helped us for awhile.  We appreciated their help!

Here is Sue hard at work digging out the flowers behind the house.  Took out part of the sidewalk also.  Grass seed planted.

Mike is working at putting in a divider where the sidewalk and flower bed ends now.

Here is our supervisor hard at work overseeing everything!  He does have an excuse as he has neuropathy and a pinched nerve.  Besides every job needs a boss!

Craig is taking some junk out in the wheelbarrow.  Looks like we have another boss on the deck but she was put to work also!

Melissa and Gracie are weeding around the peach tree.  I think I may lose my peach tree.  She found some gold gelatin type stuff at the base.  Could that be the peach tree borer??  What should I do?????

Cali is weeding around the dwarf sweet cherry tree!

The bird bath was moved over into the corner of the veggie garden by the dinner bell.  I hope to put some plants in it.

The water barrel was brought out.  This is the rose circle seeded with the grass seed.  I hope all these areas that were seeded will grow grass soon as I have to put Coco on a leash to take her out or she plods through them leaving her footprints and the dirt on her paws!  We are use to just opening the door and letting her in the back yard because we have a fence.

Sue took one of the bird houses home and one was not good enough to keep.  This one was put out in the raspberry/flower bed section .  It is white and when we replace the bird house with a new one it will be some color so that it shows up better against the white fence.

Another view of the bird house but also this shows the area left for my veggies, flowers and herbs.  I have another 4x4 box I planted new strawberries in just recently.  We sure do appreciate all our kids did for us to help with this!!

I am working at decluttering inside also.  I have a service for six set of Noritake China that I can count on one hand the number of times I have used them.  I just do not entertain fancy when I have someone over so it is going to Elizabeth when they come to visit this summer!  Well, that is the changes so far and here's hoping I can keep up to the rest!  

Saturday, March 19, 2016


 We are having a hard time keeping up these days due to Bob's pinched nerve.  I am getting things done little by little.  I planted a row of mixed lettuces in the cold frame this week!

The chives are up!  That is a sure sign of spring!

I think these bushes have grown too large and they aren't the kind we can trim back now.  I think they should be replaced!  What do you think???  I thought maybe replace with three of those big hostas.  What would your suggestions be??????

I finally finished this lap quilt!  I flipped up one corner so that you could see the back.

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