Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Variety

The peas from my garden tasted so good but they take up too much of my space growing them for what I get!

See that little bit of green in the mulch?  Coco has been enjoying my kale!  The cabbage butterflies have been at it so I don't mind if she wants to eat those holy leaves!

We bought three of these picnic covers to put over the kale to keep both the cabbage moths and Coco out.  This was not my idea but I can't remember where I saw it.

Getting a few tomatoes from my front porch pots!  Have one sun gold plant and one patio tomato plant.

Getting a few pretty blossoms on my Morning Glory.  Wishing there were more!

I was so surprised and excited to see this beautiful light pink rose blooming on the David Austin Climbing rose bush we just planted a short time ago!

We planted another rose bush at the corner of the house in the courtyard this morning.  I wonder how many more plants I can squeeze into my little courtyard yet !!?!  

I have frozen three batches of pesto from my basil so far.  I tried putting it an ice cube tray but it was so hard to get out.  Tried parchment paper and it works much better!  I love it on my sandwiches.

My zucchini is growing out of the cage in the large pot.  I don't think it will get pollinated so will have to learn how to hand pollinate it I am thinking.  Loving the wonderful weather we are having.  Thanks for visiting and hope your gardens are a success!  Would love if you feel like leaving a comment!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Strawberries, etc.

We did up six of these buckets of strawberries.  We did not pick them!  Too young for that type of work!! Some went in the freezer with sugar for eating or strawberry shortcake and would be good on ice cream!  Some went in the dehydrator for putting on my oatmeal in the mornings!

"Wonderful Gardener" always helps me!

Our friends, Debbie and Mark, brought this beautiful pink lily to me.  I think they knew I love pink!

The piano tuner came to tune my piano.  It went through two moves but seems to be just fine.

Strawberries sliced in the dehydrator ready to be dehydrated!

My rosebush in the shady alcove is bravely blooming!

Trying to protect my zucchini in the pot from Coco!

Hoping these bush cucumbers will produce some lovely cucumbers for our salads!  Would love to have enough to freeze up some dill pickles but doubt if there will be enough.

My one Roma tomato plant in the courtyard!

There are sugar peas on these vines growing up the strings on the potting bench.  I should be picking them but keep forgetting to do it when I make my salads!!

A lily I put in the courtyard.  Hemerocallis 'Daring Deception'.

The first blossoms on my sweet pepper turned tan and died.  Boo Hoo!!  I googled why and there were a number of reasons that could be the reason.  Hoping I can coax it to produce!

This pot of beans kept up on the potting bench from Coco looks amazing!  Hoping I will be picking lots of beans from it.

Two sun gold tomatoes ripe on the front porch.  We ate them in our salads today!

Picked a little chocolate mint and hung to dry.  Need to get busy picking herbs and drying them!

My attempt at making pesto with my basil!  Is this what it is suppose to look like?!?!?!  I spread some on my sandwich and I guess it tasted okay!  Happy to have you visit and I hope you enjoyed your stay!  Enjoy all your fresh veggies this summer!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer has Arrived!

Summer has arrived and Gracie, Melissa and Cali are enjoying the pool here.  It is a heated pool but still a little chilly yet.

My peas are getting lots of blossoms on them now.

What is wrong with my beans????  They get wrinkly, turn tan and then shrivel up and die!!!!!  I am not liking that!  I have to grow some beans to freeze for Coco to eat this winter!

A couple of my basil have shriveled up and died also.

I froze a small amount of  extra Kale for smoothies.  Don't laugh at how little I have because remember,  I am just a courtyard gardener!  Hoping to have more later this summer.

 Roma tomato is doing well so far in the self-watering box.

A view of the gardens on the cement patio!

A flower in bloom on the rosebush under the alcove that I thought wouldn't live!!  It has other buds on it too!  Hard to believe!  Didn't get watered all winter and hardly any sun!

We planted our David Austin climbing rose bush on the other side and it is growing!!!!  I am looking forward to having the arbor covered in pink roses!   Thank you for your visits and comments!  Have a wonderful week of gardening!

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