Thursday, July 21, 2016

Produce and Moving!

Amy's organic eggs are so pretty!  And tasty too!  Lovely dark yellow yolks.

Beautiful pot of  zinnias grown from seed.

At least it seems that hot!  I wilt!

Not the best color combinations but still pretty!

Wish I could take starters of these with me!

The monarda by the deck is so pretty.  I thought I would see more hummingbirds on it.

A days picking from the garden!  Yum!

The empty shelves look lonely!

Some boxes already taken to storage and more to go.  Movers come a week from today!!  Will we be ready!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lots of things!

I didn't realize I had accumulated so many pictures but here goes!  This bird was in the peach tree one day and sat there all day even when I came near.

The next day there were two sitting there even when I came near and the next day they were both gone!  What kind were they?  Thanks!

I made up chive blossom vinegar from my garden.  I love the pretty pink color.

They will be gifts so I added my chive blossom vinegar dressing on a recipe card.

I made up a raspberry pie for hubby.  We will sure miss our raspberry patch when we move.  I will also miss my asparagus!

The sky was this gorgeous pink.  I am not a photographer but couldn't resist clicking this picture.  God must know that I love pink!

I am picking a few strawberries from my new strawberry bed.  So far I am not real pleased with them.

My carrots will not be very big by the time we move probably so I have been pulling a few and cutting them up for Coco.  She gets green beans with her breakfast dog food and cut up carrots with her evening dog food.  What a spoiled dog!

Time to pick raspberries from our patch!  It has been so hot and muggy I have been neglecting them.

The pot of scarlet runner beans on the deck is doing well growing up the pergola now that I have figured out how to keep Coco from eating them.  Thank you for visiting once again!

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