Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sure wish my Mom would stop taking pictures of me!  I have to be patient with her because she is elderly!

Cement poured in the driveway!

Nice to see the brick is on!

Ceramic tile by the front door.  Grout has to be put in yet.

Michael had a birthday!!

Birthdays are more fun with kids!!

Our kitchen cabinets stored in the garage waiting to be put up.

 My egg lady's chickens are laying again so I was able to get these pretty, yummy eggs!

Beautiful rose from my sweet husband!  I am so lucky!

I cut these flannel squares out and sewed together in rows for a lap quilt before we moved.  By working away at it a little at a time I finally got the rows sewed together.  It will have to wait till we move to get finished so that I will have more room and hopefully more energy to work.  Thanks for visiting!

Progress in the Courtyard!

  It was so nice to look out my bedroom window this morning and see the Clematis blooming instead of a pile of snow.  It is a rainy day agai...