Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Progress in the Courtyard!


It was so nice to look out my bedroom window this morning and see the Clematis blooming instead of a pile of snow.  It is a rainy day again but I still may stick a couple of seeds in the ground!

                                                                                      I use pots on my potting bench to add more space for growing.  There are a coupe pots of chives and soon  will be enough blossoms to  make chive blossom vinegar.  Two pots have peppers and one pot has a zucchini and the green pot has zinnia growing in it.

                                          I have two gro bags with potatoes in them.  I just added more dirt to these.  It is so exciting to see them growing!  Hoping for lots of potatoes!

The Calendula transplanted well from the milk jug sowing.  Hoping for lots of yellow blooms.

Tomato plants, Basil and Cilantro planted in these new pots.  The tomato plant on the left is a Beefsteak and the one on the right is a Paste tomato.

A coupe of the things growing in the green stalk.  Kale and pretty pink flowers.  I love those flowers and wish I would have bought a couple more of those plants!

Of course I need my supervisors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Gardening!  .....Nancy


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

May 10, 2022 Rainy to Hot!

 We have gone from lots of rain to 80 degrees but Rosie is enjoying soaking up the sun!

I was given this plant for Mother's Day!  It said Self-watering and is heavy so thought a good place for it would be the front porch so we don't have to go out and water it every day!

I was given these two hanging ferns for Mother's Day also.  My courtyard and front porch are looking so nice!

My seedlings I started were so small this year so I bought a few.  A Sungold tomato plant, Beefsteak and Roma and another pepper plant.  I will still plant a few of my small ones and hope for the best.

Planted a Greek Oregano in this pot.  Hoping to dry lots of Oregano for the winter.

I planted three of my cabbages in this little box with the fence in front to discourage Rosie from pulling them out!  Two green cabbages and one red.  I have never grown red cabbage before.

I was happy to find a Lovage plant to buy.  I will dry it to flavor my soups this winter as it gives a celery taste.

One of Rosie's ears flops back a lot.  Has anyone else noticed that about their Beagle?  It is so great to finally see things sprouting and growing in the garden.  Maybe I am impatient but it seemed to take forever!!  Have a happy week..........Nancy

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

May 3, 2022 April showers in May!


I found some beautiful hanging flowers at Menard's for $9.99 with the rebate.  Thought that was a pretty good deal.  We have had rain so they are looking a little sad now.  I will be glad to see the sunshine and wish I could give some of my rain to some of the people having a drought.

A basket of double impatience.  It said they could take afternoon sun so hoping they flourish in this spot.

Straw flowers.  I have never had them before but thought they were pretty.

My milk jug containers that I had planted were quite successful.  I do need to get them in the ground ASAP.   Rain, rain go away.

I ordered ten strawberry plants and planted them.  Four of them has no green or life on them so that is not good!

I had a few celery leaves so dried them to help flavor soups.  Waste not, want not as the saying goes!

Rosie says I am bored,  Come play with me!   See you next week.  Have a good one!.....Nancy

Progress in the Courtyard!

  It was so nice to look out my bedroom window this morning and see the Clematis blooming instead of a pile of snow.  It is a rainy day agai...