Sunday, September 27, 2015

Will this be the last harvest?

Every week I keep thinking I won't get much more from the garden and every week I seem to pick something!  More beans!  But I really do think this is about it!

Picking fewer and fewer raspberries.   Ground is dry and no rain lately so they are probably about done.

Making fresh cole slaw from the cabbage.  Might have one more tiny one out there yet.  Found a few strawberries and picking a little lettuce for our sandwiches.

Asian pears from our little pear trees.  Some are good and some are not but the ones that are good are soooo delicious!

Now what does Coco have in her mouth????  Three guesses!  I didn't shut the garden gate tight and my vegetarian dog snuck in and snitched a green tomato!  And yes, she ate it!!

"Wonderful Gardener" is tearing out my pole beans for me.  Coco knows she is not suppose to go in the garden so is waiting and hoping he will throw her a bean!

One more picture!  I had not made granola in a long time.  So many things do not sound good to me so thought I would try granola for breakfast again!  Thanks for visiting!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Produce and Pie!

I still picked a few beans this past week and one sad looking tomato!!

 Still being blessed with raspberries.  That is one crop that we really love and depend on.  A lot goes into the freezer for pies!

My little 4x4 strawberry bed needs redoing but found a few stragglers!  Taste so good with chocolate chips!  LOL

Used my energy Saturday to make "wonderful gardener" a raspberry pie!  Had not done that for quite awhile.  He helps me so much for which I am thankful.

This rose atari scented geranium has done well out on the deck.  I had two scented geraniums at the beginning of summer.  I think the other one was a snowflake scented geranium.  They both were pretty sad looking and I through the snowflake one out.  This one really came back so maybe I should have kept both!!  Oh, well!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

What a change!!

What a change in the weather we have had!  It feels like fall now and I got out a few fall decorations.  Soon it will be time to get the Christmas ones out!!!  Suppose to get back in the 80's the middle of the week.  Not too bad but I prefer 75 degree weather.  I don't always get what I want!!

What a surprise that the lettuce survived that heat!  Since I have had the Lyme my appetite has changed at times.  Right now lettuce does not sound appetizing!  Wouldn't you know it!

This big picking of beans came from the two pots in the driveway that I planted after harvesting the onions.  I was concerned I would not have enough beans in the freezer for the two of us and Coco but think I have plenty now with this and some other ones I picked.

And raspberries!  I wonder how much longer and they will say "I quit!"  I am not complaining though.

Does anyone remember this material I posted quite awhile ago?  I finally got it out and started on the quilt.  Not much done yet and it will take me awhile but if I sew a seam every now and then I will get it done!  Slow and steady wins the race!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I think this says it all for this senior citizen!  I am becoming ungrateful for my produce because it is so hot that I don't want to go out to pick it!!!  Bad senior citizen!!!

Never the less we are blessed!  This basket looks like last week's picture but this week's is from my garden!!!!  Last week's was from a friend's garden!

And how about this!  A few strawberries to enjoy!

Still harvesting beans from different areas.  Coco is happy about that.  One of her favorite veggies!  Gotta grow a garden for my dog!

Pulled out the other box of carrots on the deck.  Another of Coco's 
favorite veggies!  I don't do so well growing carrots.  Thinking about using that space for something else!

My dwarf peach tree has peach rot and something else this year.  So I was happy to find a couple that were delicious.  Hoping for a couple more!  We will have to do a better job of spraying copper fungicide and horticultural oil.  Just learning how to care for our trees!

It rained a lot of the day on Saturday so I took that opportunity to make up a few note cards.

A closer view of three of them.  It says "a little note on the bottom".

Two more!

And two more!  The end!  Have a good week!

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