Monday, August 31, 2015

We have been still enjoying raspberries!

Along with some other veggies!

Even had a few small strawberries!  Guess I need to replace my plants next spring!

We sure do enjoy fresh coleslaw!  Hoping to harvest another couple of these.

I was gifted a half bushel of tomatoes.  Thought some of them looked so pretty in the basket that I just had to take a picture!

Canned up 14 quarts of tomato juice.  Here are a few of them.

Coco was jumping the little picket fence and eating my carrots so had to pull them out of there and took the picket fence down.  She is now checking to make sure I got them all and wondering how she can get over to the next box to pull them out!

We had a little visitor.  Sophia came to stay overnight while her mommy went away.

We went to a family reunion this past week-end.  Then we stopped to have lunch with my brother and sister on the way home.  Guess I did too much partying as I am wiped out tonight.  See you next week!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Is it fall time??

Does it seem like we are having fall nights to anyone else?  Seems like I have not gotten an abundance of any one thing this summer.

Some of this and some of that!

The raspberries are producing more and more again.

Ugh and double Ugh!  The squash bugs arrived!

After the onions I decided to plant this pot with cucumbers in the driveway.  They look good here but are starting to yellow.  Looking doubtful.......

The other two pots that had onions I planted to beans.  They do look hopeful..........

At first glance I thought more bugs!!  Nope!  These are dill seeds that I am saving for next year.  Not that I will probably need them.  They usually reseed all over by themselves!!

I am not growing this one but she does look healthy!!  Coco loves to clean out whatever is left in the peanut butter bottle!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My tomatoes are starting to ripen!  Except for the Brandywine they are not very large.  Why is that???

Picked a few cucumbers.  The one in the middle got away on me!  Some are fat and squatty this year!

A few beans are scraggling in!

Starting to pick a few fall raspberries.  I am liking that!!

How dare this bunny eat my lettuce like that!  This is the fourth one we have chased out of the yard.  Now this afternoon I saw another one in our yard.  I wonder how many more!  Hoping the same one is not getting back in but that there must be a nest under our deck! My friend and I were just saying we had never saw a bunny eating our lettuce and that must be a myth when I saw this one enjoying herself in my patch!!! So the fact that bunnies like lettuce is not a myth!  

I just recently bought these three adorable little watering can solar lights.  They each turn different colors.  Of course that is Coco in the corner hoping to see a bunny in the garden!

Here is a close up of one.  I just love them!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week's Harvest, Sheep & Towels

I am harvesting a variety of things.  A little of this and a little of that!

My big blueberry harvest!  I am giving up growing blueberries and giving Mike my two bushes.  Maybe he will have better luck than I have had!

A yellow summer squash and a stripe zucchini.  This is my first stripe zucchini ever.  I am wondering why when all the rest are plain green!

Dug up another cabbage.  They sure do make delicious cole slaw!

It seems that there are more hibiscus flowers this year than last.  Gorgeous!

Gracie decided to give my sheep a bath.  Funny!  I grew up on a farm with sheep and we never gave our sheep a bath!!!!!

I decided even with fatigue I should sew a seam now and then and satisfy my creativity.  Here are a couple towels to button over the stove handle.  I will not be making any more because my sewing machine cannot handle the thickness.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thyme, Peaches & Lyme

I cut a little more thyme to dry.  I have not harvested a lot of things and I have not taken pictures of the things I did pick.  A few cherry and sungold tomatoes, another cabbage, a couple summer squash and a couple nice cucumbers and now a couple fat short ones.  I wonder why they are like that?

Woe is me!!!!  My peaches have Peach Scab and Brown rot!  I am so disappointed!  I had hoped we would get some nice peaches after "wonderful gardener" pruned and sprayed them this spring.  I guess we are not very good at growing fruit trees!

The hibiscus has started blooming.  It does brighten one's day to look out the window in the morning and see this.  I just wish the blooms would last longer!

This is the view looking out the kitchen window over the sink.  That black thing hanging is a parrot that we bought in Cancun.   The curtains are blue.

Here is a little different view.

This picture and the next is an article that was in the South Bend Tribune today.  South Bend, Indiana is about a 45 minute drive from us.  I have Lyme disease but I had never given it much thought until I developed it.  This article and the next picture tells a little about it and what a couple people have gone through.  

I never developed a bullet rash.  Be careful blogging friends and check for ticks.  Thanks for visiting!

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