Monday, March 27, 2017


We received some cold weather!  I didn't want to take any chances with my strawberries or covered box so out came the sheets!

We have gotten a lot of rain lately too.  Some of my new strawberries have gotten green leaves but now I have to worry about them getting too much water!  Always something for this gardener to worry about!!

I made a few bars of hand lotion for the first time.  
Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Lavender Oil. I didn't know if it would turn out or not!

The lotion bars did turn out well so I will be making more!  Easy to do too!  Now to find some oval containers to put them in.  Any suggestions??

Did you know if you turn your Greek yogurt upside down in the refrigerator that it will keep longer?   I am the only one eating it here and it lasts me a long time.  Try it!

My friend Ann came over for another quilting day.   Good thing she comes every once in awhile so that I will get some done on mine!

I like to have homemade mixes on hand to use.  Here is a ranch dressing mix, an onion soup mix and a taco mix.  Does anyone have any mix recipes to share?

Sometimes one has to make a BIG MESS to be creative.  Sounds like a good excuse anyway!!

Can't resist including a picture of my favorite little "buddy" Coco!  Hope to visit with you again next time!

Monday, March 20, 2017


We have been eating a lot of soup lately.  So yummy on cold days and gets more veggies into us!

Coco knows just where to snuggle in on cold days!  My Mom made that quilt.  It is out of polyester.  Remember those days!!

My new garden gadget!  Will it be useful??  Does anyone else use one?

My patient son-in-law Craig, digging dirt out of the strawberry bed to move it where I think it will get more sun.  Remember - I do not plan ahead when gardening!  Guess I had better work at that fault!

Grandson Travis came over and helped Craig move it to where I think the strawberries will get a little more sun.

I laid the strawberries all out ready to plant this morning.  They have been in the crisper a couple of days.  I think maybe they sent them a little too early for our zone 5B.

They are planted!  Hope I got them just right!  Can't be too deep and can't be too high!  Fussy!!  Guess I have to cut the first blossoms off until August.  Will be so hard waiting!  Sure is nice to have a raised bed and not have to get down on my hands and knees to plant them.  You might say I am a spoiled gardener!

Dan and Elizabeth gave me this beautiful spade years ago.  I thought it was too pretty to use so it has been hanging on my wall!  I decided to use it this year.  Do you think planting with it will help my strawberries to grow better!

Two beautiful pink flannel pieces to make up hopefully before too long!

My two new magazines to read.  I love my garden and farm magazines!  Would you believe I married a city slicker!  This is the first day of spring.  Yippee!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Woe is me!

I was anxious to get the soil in my strawberry bed so Sue helped us get it in.  It was so cold I wore my ear muffs!  WOE IS ME!

The snow is falling!  WOE IS ME!!!!!!

This is my strawberry bed.  I read that strawberries can get by with less sunshine but now I think I should probably move it over by my cold frame so that it would get a little more sun!  That means we have to dig the dirt all out and move it.  Why don't I think ahead!!!!!!  I ordered my strawberries and the tentative shipping date is March 16th!  This is March 15th.  I think maybe I should call them.  It doesn't look like too good of planting weather!  WOE IS ME!

I have planted a few seeds of greens in my cold frame.  Now I don't want to walk out in the snow to see if anything has germinated.  WOE IS ME!

My miniature rose bush is dying!  Did I water too much or too little?  WOE IS ME!

We traveled to New Jersey for my nephew's funeral.  We had planned to leave to come home Tuesday morning but with the snowstorm predicted out there we left Monday right after the funeral.  Got through the PA mountains before the snow and thank the Lord the roads were pretty good all the way home.  This picture are things I did to occupy myself while riding!  Hopefully we will all be gardening and enjoying the sunshine soon!  Thanks for visiting!

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything

These plants just jumped into my cart!  Can you believe what plants do now-a-days!  A miniature rose and an ivy.

A new look for my table!  Blue and green to get in the mood for St. Patrick's Day and an herb tea pot!

Another birthday celebrated.  So glad our table extends to a large size when we have family over.  There were 10 of us.

The "birthday boy"!  Do I see a slight smile?

German Chocolate Cake!  The "birthday boy's" very favorite!

 What do you think this is going to be???!???  Stay tuned!

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