Thursday, June 21, 2012

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We are back from our vacation.  Here is the cabin we stayed in.  It was called Bird's Nest and is in Oak Beach Resort in Michigan.

This is the way one wall inside was decorated.

The water was about 10 feet from the cabin door.

My Wonderful Gardener picked these peas today.  I was surprised to get these but think this is the last of them. 

Here is my one lonely sunflower!!!!!

Too much Borage but it is flowering and the bees love it.

This is suppose to be the path through the two trellises.  Some Cleome reseeded here, and we didn't have the heart to pull it out!  It is shorter than what I had planted last year but still pretty.

My Pak Choi really went to seed while we were gone.  I noticed this afternoon that the beetles have arrived also and have started eating everything.  Ugh!

I am so happy with how big the potato plants are getting!  My mouth is watering already!

Some pretty dill along the back fence.

The first cucumbers I planted are getting too much shade from the sugar peas so I planted some in this white box.

The Butternut squash is growing well in this container now.  I did plant radishes in with them.

Yippee!!!  Can you see the little tomatoes and the blossoms on this Cherry Tomato plant?  Some of the leaves were sun scalded and I thought the sun was too bright for them.  I took a piece of cardboard and used clothespins to clip across the top to give it some shade.  It seems to be doing well now.

My expanded flower/raspberry bed looks a little like a jungle now.  Some of the plants have blocked the path through to the raspberrys but I so enjoy seeing all the pretty colors.  Hope you have enjoyed looking at it too.


~~Melissa said...

Welcome home! I hope you had a good time. Your garden is flourishiing. Let's hope the pests take their own holiday!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Melissa, Thanks for visiting! Is there a dislike button for the beetles?! lol Nancy

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

Your gardens look lovely. Hope you win the battle with the beetles!
Thanks for visiting me! I'm following you now :)

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Dewdrop Gardens, That is a neat name for a blog. Thanks for adding me to your blog list and for visiting. Probably the beetles will win the battle but I can try! Still want to find that end table! lol Nancy

Akannie said...

I'm just in from my garden and indeed, the beetles have arrived and are starting in. I knock them off the plants into a plastic bag and throw them in to my chickens, who for some reason, love the nasty things! lol

Glad you had a good vacation...

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Akannie, I usually knock the beetles off in soap water but this year don't know if I will have the energy to keep up. Hope my health is better soon. This is not in my plans!!! Thanks for visiting again! Nancy

langela said...

Love your flowers! They look so nice. Our dog keeps using all our nice ones for a bed. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

nutmeg gardener said...

Very nice! I like your flowers too; they add so much to the vegetable garden. Glad you had a good vacation.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi langela, Thanks so much for stopping by. Our dog as been pretty good this year about not ruining the flowers! I enjoy the flowers so much. Come again! Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Nutmeg gardener, I like to plant flowers in the veggie beds to help control the bugs but I also enjoy looking at them very much! Please come again. Nancy

Cheryl said...

What a nice place to go to. Not sure if I have been through that area of Michigan. We used to go back every summer when I was growing up. I had grandparents in Big Rapids and grandparents in Caro. Many fond memories of Michigan.

Your flowers and vegetables are looking good. We are enjoying our raspberries now.

I responded to your comment about canning raspberries. I just follow what is in the Ball book. I do make a slight change as I don't make a syrup. I just add a scant 1/4 cup sugar to the jar of berries and then add water to the appropriate head space. I then water bath the berries for 10 minutes.

Have a wonderful evening.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Cheryl, Thanks a lot for the info on canning raspberries! My problem is picking enough to get a canner full. I would like to make another raspberry bed but will have to see what my Wonderful Gardener says! lol We use to live about 2 hours from Caro in Pt. Huron, MI. My sister lives in Vassar so maybe you have heard of those places. Please come again. Nancy

Cheryl said...

Those names sound very familiar. My grandparents had a Centenial Farm on Van Giessen Road.

The raspberry canes will spread. We started out with several canes and last year we picked 32 flats of raspberries. We pick into pint cups in flats.

Have a wonderful evening.


Gardeningbren said...

Wow, your garden has really taken off!! So much produce..wonderful. It's nice to have a vacation once in a while heh!!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi gardeningbren, Glad you stopped by! So much fun to see the garden when it is filled out. My problem is when it is first planted that in my imptience I plant things too close! Come again!

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