Monday, July 16, 2012

Tomatoes, Blalckberrys, Echinacea, Zinnias, Feeder, Nest, Hat, Littles, Supper & Art

My gardens are not doing well this year!  I guess some others are having problems too.  Here is my little tomato harvest.  The first two were little and had blossom end rot.  This one does not have blossom end rot but is still small and cracked.  The little cherry tomatoes seem to be doing okay.  Once you become a gardener you are abdicted.  You are hooked!  I will be planning again for next year!!!

We are starting to get a few blackberries.  Quite a few unripe ones yet on the bushes.

They are thornless and Cali is trying to pick one!

The Echinacea is one thing that is doing well this year.

I planted a few zinnias in a pot by the fountain.  I love zinnias but this is all I have this year.

We moved the bird feeder from where we had it to back behind the fence in the garden area.  I don't have as close a view of the birds but Coco was eating too much of the bird seed that fell on the ground.  We can't have our furbaby getting sick!!!

As I looked at the grapes yesterday I startled a Robin and she startled me!  Aren't these eggs just the prettiest!!!!

Future gardeners I hope!  Maybe they will inherit the love of gardening from their Nana!

Gracie is modeling my hat! Since I have had skin cancer on my nose this is good for shading it for gardening.  I am not sure what my neighbors think tho!!  lol

Our Daughter-in-love made us supper last night!  Aren't I the lucky one! So blessed I would say.

After supper the future gardeners turned into artists!  They made pictures to hang on my refrigerator.  Rays of sunshine!!!!   Wishing you a better harvest than I for this season!!!


Robin said...

Those tomatoes look yummy!

You are so lucky to have your little garden helpers around! Mine in is Florida now and I sure do miss him in the garden!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Robin, Yes, I really appreciate having the little girls live near us. At one time we had no little grands living near so know how you feel. Thanks so much for visiting! Nancy

Cheryl said...

What lovely future gardeners. I so agree with you, gardening is addicting. Our blackberries have just started. Not sure I am ready for them yet.

Have a wonderful evening.


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I am glad to see you back in the garden after you fall. Looks like you are having a successful year. Next year we are definitely going to have the blackberries again but this time they will be thornless.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Cheryl, With your busy schedule and what all you can I freeze I can see where you might not be ready for blackberrys!! Thanks for visiting! Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi growitathome. Actually I am not out in the garden much. It is too hot for me. I pick what little produce is ready and take pictures!! Thornless blackberrys is the way to go!!!! I found out that the hard way! Come again! Nancy

Stoney Acres said...

I love your black berries. They have been on my list to plant for several years but I never seem to get them in. Oh well, maybe next year!! Your flowers are looking wonderful.

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

I'm having problems with my tomatoes this year too. They started out great, lots of blossoms and now lots of tomatoes, but I'm getting cracks, blossom end rot, curling leaves, yellow spots and all the new blossoms are dying off. I'm wondering if it is the heat we've suffered through for the last month?? I don't know...I'm using calcium (dried hen manure) which is suppose to help with the end rot.
Your granddaughters are so cute, great they like helping Nana in the gardens.
Debbie :)

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Stoney Acres, Hope you get to plant your blackberrys! Do we ever get done with what we would like to grow! lol I have not been successful so far growing fruit trees but seem to be able to grow a few berries! Hope you'll visit again! Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Thanks Dewdrop Gardens, I got blossom end rot last year too but after the first few tomatoes it went away. Perhaps I sprayed them but I don' remember. This year only one or two with it but the tomatoes are little and the one we had today the skin was tough. Also the two little ones I picked today seem hard altho very red. What a puzzle. Must be te weather! Hope you'll come again. Any advice about tomatoes will be welcome! Nancy

Mary Hysong said...

mmm black berries. I had half an acre of trailing black berries when I lived in TX. With big tall ones out in the woods. Once I didn't do something right when I made jelly and I ended up with boysenberry syrup! I need to get some planted here. You had a great harvest. Just keep those 'maters watered and taken care of, they should produce good when the weather cools off a bit.

Lisa said...

Boy you've got a lot going on! I completely agree that gardening is addicting. Each year there's always something new to learn or try... and what beautiful blackberries you've got. How nice to pick in 'thornless' and with such cute helpers! A treasure in discovering those beautiful Robin's eggs. That's a great photo and what great memories you're making with your sweet little granddaughters in the garden. Is that a cabbage behind the little blue bench? Last, but not least, I LOVED that you called your 'Daughter-in-love! I wrote a post last year you might be interested in reading, along that line... You've got a terrific, caring, loving, supportive family. You're so blessed.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Mary, We have been trying to water but it has been so hot and dry here. Neither I or my husband can stand to be out much in it so haven't been able to keep up like I would like! A gardener always keeps trying tho! Glad you could visit! Nancy

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Lisa, I read your daughter-in-law daughter by law post. That is sweet. Is granny doing okay now? I feel bad that I can't spend as much time as I would like with the "littles" lately because of having some health issues. Hope to get them resolved soon! I do have a wonderful family and my husband is the best!!! Yes, that is a cabbage behind the fence. The moths shredded them pretty good but I am still salvaging some for cole slaw! Thanks for visiting!! Nancy

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